How to Use Adobe InDesign Online

How to Use InDesign Online

Before we delve into the heavy stuff of how to use Adobe InDesign online, it is probably best to fully explain what InDesign is.

Adobe InDesign is a proprietary document format, owned by Adobe that cannot be opened by any other applications. This fact alone is enough to make the entire use of Adobe InDesign stressful, as users often run into serious compatibility issues.

Developed by Adobe Systems, this is a publishing software that is mainly usable from a desktop. For the most part, people use InDesign to create flyers, newspapers, magazines, eBooks, brochures, posters, leaflets and general marketing materials.

InDesign is much loved by most organizations because of how useful it is for exporting designs as PDF, PNG, GIF, and JPEG, to name but a few.

However, the flaw, as previously mentioned, is when people are unwilling to purchase the expensive licensing fees from Adobe, to view or edit a small few designs. If you attempt to open your design in another software, then the fonts you used to create the document will not look correct and will be replaced without your permission or intention.

It’s because of these complications that we know how useful it can be to be able to edit our InDesign documents – which is precisely what we want to offer you.

Edit Adobe InDesign Documents Online – without Hassle

Here at Tweak, we decided to come up with an easy means of editing your Adobe InDesign files.

Previously, Adobe’s way of allowing people to extend the abilities of InDesign was to implement the use of plug-ins. Sometimes, these plug-ins are brilliant – but other times they can edit features which you never wanted to be changed.

However, editing Adobe InDesign files no longer has to be filled with those pesky and irritating features. For example, Tweak has created an Adobe InDesign plug-in, which allows users to upload their InDesign documents and their fonts and features to Tweak Brand.

Tweak Brand makes it possible to decide what features of the documents can be edited – from any web browser – once the document has been uploaded. Users can be given editing rights to view, edit and make PDF files, JPEGs or to directly share online, through social media.

Once the document has been placed and moved to a Tweak Brand portal, you will be given access to edit and create new folders or share and sent to print.

Tweak Brand also has a feature with Adobe InDesign where they allow a library of images to be shared and edited for any set of files.

Tweak Brand gives its’ users access to over a million agency-standard designs for different marketing materials and has a multi-lingual user interface that is ideal for businesses across the globe.

Automatically populate designs with data, text, and images if you want to streamline your workflow and speed up your marketing campaign design process.

Visit our homepage for more information and to sign up for a free demo of how you can edit Adobe InDesign documents online.

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