Top 5 Best Free PDF Editors

It's not always easy to find a free, brilliant PDF editor that lets you use a bunch of different features without putting a limit on your uploads or files sizes! That's why we made a list of our favorite free PDF Editors.
Even though they are all online PDF editors, they don't all support the same range of features. That's why some are better than others, depending on your needs!
Without further ado, here is our list of the best free PDF editors available at the moment – in no particular order!

Best Free PDF Editors


Smallpdf is a handy, online PDF editor that offers all of their features for free. You can easily upload a PDF to the website, make your changes to your document and just download the new version.
No tricks, no games, you don't have to sign up to a newsletter or anything promotional to gain from Smallpdf's great PDF editing tools.
In addition to all of the other pros of using a free, online editing tool, Smallpdf allows you to add text to the PDF document's original content which not many free, online PDF editors offer.


PDFzorro is the definition of easy to use with its fast upload times and free editing tools. Like Smallpdf, everything is online and you don't end up nearly selling your soul to a subscription to a newsletter or email just to use the editor.
PDFzorro also has a Google Chrome app that lets you open your PDF in Google Drive and use the PDF editing tool there, saving you even more time and desktop space!


PDFescape has made this list because of the less common features that it has, while still maintaining its status as a free, online PDF editing tool.
Some of the usual features that we would expect to find typical online editing tools are features such as PDF merging, splitting or compressing. PDFescape, however, some very different but equally as useful ones!
PDFescape allows you to annotate PDF files, create new PDF forms, editing PDF files, fill out PDF forms and password protect your PDF files.


Sejda is a pleasant experience as a handy PDF editing tool. Sejda works on all platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux and works to a limited degree on most phones and tablets.
What Sejda does, it does well. However, it does not compare to many other PDF editing tools regarding the number of features available.
There is a decent range of PDF management tools, which function quickly and effectively. If that's all you require in a PDF editing tool, then Sejda will definitely go a long way with you.

Tweak PDF Manager

Tweak PDF Manager is a PDF editing tool entirely based around user experience. The application itself is free, and also ad-free which offers a range of seven editing features.
Tweak PDF Manager offers the basic features of merging, splitting, compressing, converting, rotating and adding page numbers and watermarks. What makes Tweak stand apart, however, is the depth of choice within each feature that helps you customize your document.
For example, the extensive editing options for adding a watermark to your document means that every change you make to your PDF when using Tweak PDF Manager makes your document more and more personal.
If you want to personalize your document and add your own flare to it, Tweak PDF Manager might just be the editing tool for you.