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3 reasons to not underestimate point of sale marketing

3 reasons to not underestimate point of sale marketing

Point of sale is the ‘last mile’ for retail marketing. Brands invest vast sums of money marketing to customers, but the prize can often go to the brand that wins the point of sale marketing war. Consumers are ad-weary and may have forgotten much of what has been pushed in their direction previously. Point of sale, while shopping baskets and credit cards are close at hand, is the final frontier in the battle for transactions!

1. It’s Visual

Point of sale marketing using rich design and powerful imagery is such a powerful tool in a store environment. 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. Images are processed by the brain in only thirteen milliseconds. People remember eighty percent of what they see, versus ten percent of what they hear and twenty percent of what they read.

2. Goldfish Syndrome

Goldfish are rumored to have memory retention as short as three seconds. With thousands of advertising messages hitting consumers every day, the lifespan of those messages is likely to be short too. So, powerful point of sale, where the product is presented in a way that makes a strong emotional and aspirational connection can have a strong impact. Particularly when a shopper is armed with a trolley or basket, ready to make that vital purchasing decision.

3. Consumers are there to buy

Shoppers in the retail environment have intent. Assuming that the product you’re offering is targeting the correct demographic, that it’s competitive and good value, there’s no reason why shoppers who are there to buy, shouldn’t be influenced by high-quality point of sale marketing materials which engages cleverly with them.

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