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Are PDF Files Compressed?

Are PDF Files Compressed?

Have your ever caught yourself wondering are PDF files compressed or not? Well we’ve got the answers here for you! In general, compression is used to reduce the size of the PDF file to make it easier to share across emails or different platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Compressing your PDF files is also really handy for saving disc space on your computer. In this article, you can discover are PDF files compressed or not, how to compress your PDF files, and if your PDF files are already compressed. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of PDF compression!

How to Tell if Your PDF File is Compressed

Sadly, there is no one way of knowing if your file has already been compressed. However, there are a few different aspects of your PDF file that you can look at to see if it has been compressed.

If you have identified the file you would like to check the compression on, it is best to first check the name of the PDF files. Often, the name of the file will be formatted once compression has happened.

Before your file might have had a name ending in ‘.pdf’, it may now end in ‘compress.pdf’ where the rest of the name might not have changed.

Often, a zip file will download in the place of your PDF file and when opened, your PDF file will be contained within the zip file.

Another handy trick to figuring out if your PDF file has been compressed or not is to use a free online PDF compressor.

If you upload your file to the online PDF compressor and the file is rejected and unchanged, it is fair to presume that your file has already been compressed and the online compressor can’t do what has already been done.

Are All PDF Files Compressed?

There are quite a lot of people on the internet asking if all PDF files are compressed. In short, the answer is that some PDF files do use a form of internal compression for some sections of their content such as images.

What decides if a form of internal compression is used is the PDF producing software that was used in the beginning.

Some software types will compress aspects of different images, but some software won’t compress any parts of the document when the PDF is created.

If you have any more PDF related questions, don’t hesitate to check out our other blog posts for more information!

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