Photography Brochures to Capture Attention

Photography Brochure to Capture Attention

Perhaps it's time you realized it’s time to add a new marketing piece to your company’s repertoire. Perhaps you’ve considered multiple options, a brochure being one of them. Having worked in the advertising business for many years, we are strong supporters of the good old-fashioned brochure. They have stood the test of time as a go-to marketing tool—and for good reason.

Compared to postcards and other forms of print materials, brochures can be mailed, used in-person or placed on location, or handed out at events. They are multi-functional and ideal for an on-the-go profession like photography. 

These multi-purpose features makes the decision to print a larger number of brochures fairly simple, since you know you will be able to use them in a wide variety of ways in the future for repeat occasions.

Whether it’s at a large event or distributing them in-person or at people's doors, another one of the advantages of a brochure is that they are a simple but effective way to target a specific group of people. This method is especially useful for local businesses or small franchises.

Get Control Over Marketing Material Templates with Tweak Cloud

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 17.02.05Tweak Cloud is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, which allows users to have complete control of marketing material templates in an online environment - straight from a web browser.

Users don’t need to have a previous software knowledge or licenses for Adobe applications – just a web browser. Using Tweak Cloud, Brand Managers can decide if users can make changes to marketing material templates just by giving them restricted access or whether approval is required from head office before a print ready PDF or digital design file is produced.

Every version of a design is saved and can be seen to the Tweak Cloud team manager.

It’s possible to automatically send customized files to the appropriate printer, using Tweak Cloud’s simple interface. Printers can use the technology to share progress on the production and delivery of marketing collateral and provide tracking links to courier companies.

Using Tweak Cloud’s automated personalization allows marketing material templates to be customized with the user’s information, logo or images on the fly, making the process even simpler. It’s a real evolution of the marketing template, which has had huge positive benefits for brands, and end users of design assets throughout the world.

Online Retail Business Ideas That Leave an Impact

If you want to start a business where you offer finished products directly to consumers, then retail is definitely the direction you should be looking. There are plenty of different types of retail businesses. But some are more expensive than others to get up and running.

Regardless of your type of retail business, marketing is an essential skill that a business must employ.

Due to this, we've decided to put together a list of online marketing ideals for retail business that will aid any digital marketing manager or brand manager.

In this consumer-driven world we live in, where relationships are vital, there are messages always trying to convince us to buy one product or another or try out some service. This is what makes retail marketing so extremely challenging. Retailers are often fighting for attention to get prospects to hit the 'check-out' button or come to their storefront eagerly and swipe their cards. 

No matter the goal, online marketing is an exceptional asset that a business can benefit from hugely.

Write a Blog

Blog posts provide a powerful addition to a retail businesses website and help establish two things with relative ease; relationship building and Search Engine Optimization.

In short, Search Engine Optimization increases the likelihood of a customer reaching your site through organic search - as your business improves in search engine rankings. The more you write, the greater the likelihood of being found. Like social media, blogging is a form of advertising that is entirely free and hugely beneficial.

Set Clear Goals

Even the marketing professional will tell you that placing a deadline on garnering a specific amount of followers and generating a profit from that is almost impossible. The internet is vast and your efforts can easily be lost in the shuffle of other businesses.

Today it could be smooth sailing and the next it could bring choppy winds and high waves. Even if you don’t meet the numbers you were expecting, that doesn’t mean you failed, it just means you need to compensate for where you fell short in your other markting efforts. Find your niche that suits your business and attack it like you would your problems.

Search Engine Optimization

As we've previously mention, having a great looking website is all well and good. Creating useful, compelling, actionable content is also beneficial for improving your brand awareness. You might also have some amazing products or services on your site that people really need and love.

However, none of those triumphs matter if no one can find it.

Here’s a website marketing strategy you can’t ignore. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short - improve your search engine rankings and improve your visibility. 

Social Media Marketing

Using social media is a basic piece of advice, but you'd be surprised how often businesses ignore this key area of advice. 

You can’t really ignore social media in this digital age -  it’s not going to go anywhere fast soon and you can probably remember a handful of ads you've seen scrolling your own Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline. Social media is here to stay for a very long time.

And, as more people flock to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you need to start thinking of new ways to get your business noticed, and in front of your target audience, using social media.

The key aim with social media is choose and focus your efforts on the platforms that give you the most level of interaction.

10 Creative Spa Advertising Ideas

Undeniably, marketing is one of the most important things that businesses can do to increase traffic – whether in person or online.

Spa businesses are no different. Having a consistent number of customers and clients coming in the door can make a huge difference to your overall bottom line.

Marketing involves advertising and advertising aims to inform your potential customers about the benefits of your service. Not only that, but good advertising reminds your customers of your services in equal manner to your competition – advertising equalizes the game.

With that in mind, we've come up with our top ten spa advertising ideas for your business. Please your customers and increase your profit – a win-win situation for everyone!

Our Top Ten Spa Advertising Ideas to Increase Clients


These are our top picks for spa advertising ideas to bring your business to the next level! Happy advertising!

Social Media Giveaways

There is nothing that people like quite as much as free stuff and a giveaway is just the right away to get the attention of your customers.

Make your giveaway widely known to your audience through social media. Offer products related to your spa business such as essential oils, moisturizers, and other self-care items. 

Make sure to make your competition very easy to enter into.

Host an Event

Having in-house events is a very beneficial means of drawing foot traffic into your spa business who will then be able to glance at the full range of treatments and services you offer.

Share Social Media Photos

If you’re not doing this already, you really need to be because the benefits know no bounds. Social media pages give spa owners a free opportunity to promote their business through words and pictures. It's all about show, don't tell. Try out Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with images and see how your following grows.

Offer Monthly Specials

Every new month comes with the opportunity to freshen things up at your spa. Consider creating a new monthly special at your every month - perhaps one month you will focus your efforts on essential oils where as another may be scented candles.

These specials don't have to be anything expensive, the point here is just to generate a little buzz, and give clients something to talk about to their friends. 

Give out Sample Gifts with Purchases


Consider giving away a free sample gift with purchases from time to time. This marketing idea works to benefit both you and your clients.

Everyone loves getting free stuff. This makes clients feel like you’re treating them to something special and will respond to your generosity with loyal re-bookings.

Giving away samples are the perfect way for you to test out new products with your clients. If clients enjoy the new product then you can consider stocking your shelves with it.

Start Up a Monthly Newsletter

Emailing your clients a monthly newsletter is the perfect way for your spa to stay on your clients' mind and remind clients to come to your spa once more.

In your monthly newsletter, you should try to include testimonials and reviews which will speak volumes for what you have on offer.


High-quality service creates happy customers. A practice you should adopt and will benefit from doing so is to firmly stick to is to follow-up protocol with every spa-goer after each visit.

This will reinforce the respectful and authentic quality of your company, and prove to the clients that you are in it for them. 

Rental Property Marketing Ideas

7 Rental Property Marketing Ideas

It is no secret that the rental property market is full of ups and downs, which businesses can struggle to strive through and overcome.

Housing crises come and go, but rental property businesses need to survive. What's the best step to help aid this?

Well, revitalizing your marketing ideas and campaigns are a great way to start. Right now, you might do a little bit of print marketing and a touch of social media. Well, nowadays, you need much, much more to outlast your competitors, which is extremely possible thanks to the number of new and easy tools realtors have to choose from.

With this in mind, we've put together our top seven rental property marketing ideas to help boost business and grow your client list in a sustainable manner!

Our Top 7 Rental Property Marketing Ideas to Boost Business

1. Kickstart Your Social

Having a healthy online presence isn't exactly a revolutionary suggestion in a world in which most of our consumers are deeply affected by what they see online.

Instead, you should tackle your social media campaigns with a combination of high-quality images of the properties on offer and adverts. Advertising your properties through Facebook or Instagram is an inexpensive means of reaching the right target audience.

Your images and photos ought to represent a clean, streamlined view of your properties. This is especially important as they reflect on your business. If your properties are well represented, your prospective clients will feel like they will be too.

2. Invest in Business Cards

When clients are investing in your business to represent them or their property, they are doing this largely because of who you are.

A capable and professional representative is exactly what people want to experience when entrusting a real estate agent with their dreams of renting a property. A business card is an easy and relatively inexpensive means of showcasing your capabilities.

If someone expresses interest in your services, having a business card that will represent what you believe will offer your clients a great first impression. You can design agency-standard, high-quality business cards with Tweak Cloud in keeping with your business logo and color palette. Visit our homepage for more information.

3. Invest in Video & Share It

While having high-quality images of your rental properties is hugely beneficial and can work wonders for the impression your business offers, it is not the only avenue to explore. Giving the video a chance to showcase your business to its highest standard will give clients a more inclusive feel for the property.

This can be easily uploaded to your company's YouTube channel and shared across different social media channels without much hassle.

4. Have a Clear Value Proposition

This may not sound like this is particularly related to marketing but having the right value proposition will trickle into the general running of the business as this value proposition becomes your ethos.

What does your business stand for? If you know this clearly, display this message on your website, social media channels and printed marketing materials.

5. Revisit Clients

You might have heard from your clients. Are they still looking to rent or have they changed their minds and need help buying? The only way you'll know the answer is if you stay in touch with your clients.

Reach out and contact your clients and find out where they stand. With this, you may well learn how you can improve your service for the future.

6. Define a Brand

Your brand is what potential clients will begin to associate with you and needs to be designed carefully. Think hard about the color palette, typography, and copy-writing that reflects accurately on your business.

If possible, try your best not to change this once it is decided.

7. Advertise Local

Advertising online is great, but printed marketing within the locality of your business is also essential to grab the attention of locals who want to relocate to an area they know.

Think hard about where your prospective clients spend their time. Everywhere from coffee shops and supermarkets are ideal spots to hang up posters and leave brochures of your current properties on the countertop.

Using your new brand awareness, create marketing materials that pack a punch when they are first seen. Once again, this is possible with Tweak Cloud, which gives users access to over a million different design templates.

Good luck and happy marketing!

Which PDF Editor is Best for You

Which PDF Manager is Best for You?

Imagine this: It's late, the office is emptying out and you're getting ready to leave the business for the evening when you realize that you have a PDF file that needs editing and no editing software.

It is a relief to everyone that you no longer have to download and install expensive PDF editing software just to make a single edit that would take mere seconds of your time. Tweak PDF Manager is a free PDF editor that has seven = tools – all are completely free and secure to use from a web browser.

There are so many online PDF editing tools cropping up out of nowhere. It can be hard to know which websites are safe and secure to use – and how many hold on to your PDF documents, without your knowledge. If this is company business, it can be highly important to know how to keep your precious information under lock and key.

That’s where Tweak PDF Manager comes in. Our software deletes your PDF documents quickly and is entirely secure to use - we won’t hold onto your information unnecessarily.

Keep reading to find out more about the services offered by Tweak PDF Manager.

Features of Tweak PDF Manager

You've probably seen a countless number of adverts online for free PDF editing tools that you feel like rolling your eyes seeing another. We don't blame you and totally understand. In the world of highly confusing mixed messages, you just want to edit your PDF.

So, here are the facts that you need to know about Tweak PDF Manager.

Tweak PDF Manager is a free, online service. It is secure because there is no retention of your information after you upload your files for editing.

This layout of this suite of tools is entirely user-friendly and comprehensive. You can navigate the tool by using the colored blocks and each tool has a useful drag-and-drop feature to organize the uploading of files.

Below are the seven available editing tools, outlined in a clear manner.

Merge PDF

Tweak PDF Manager knows that combining your PDF files is a key priority. After all, imagine that you have an important document to send on to your colleagues but the information is all separate - merging can entirely solve your problem. That’s why our PDF merger allows you to join your PDF files for free.

You can upload multiple PDF files at once and edit your files rotations before you finally merge your documents together.

Compress PDF

You can compress your PDF files without losing any quality. With Tweak, choose between three different levels of compression.

Extreme compression – less quality, high compression.

Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.

Less compression – high quality, less compression.

Convert Files to PDF

PDF files are the perfectly secure document. If you send a Word document to a colleague and they make edits you didn’t approve, then you’ll wish you had a PDF file.

Upload your Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and images to Tweak and download a fully converted PDF file.

Split and Separate PDF Files

Splitting PDF files is the exact same as merging, you can easily upload your files and choose how to split.

Would you like to split your files by range or into individual pages? Whichever you prefer, you can do.

PDF Rotator

If your file began as a Microsoft Word document, the formatting of the document might have changed slightly due to a minor problem throughout conversion to a PDF file.

One of the common formatting errors is pages being flipped incorrectly.

Tweak PDF Manager offers a quick and easy way of fixing this problem by rotating the PDF files. Once you've uploaded your files, you can flip them any way you want with a handy button and before you know it, your files will be ready for download!

Adding Page Numbers and Watermarks

Giving you a whole new level of personalization, adding page numbers and watermarks to your PDF file with specific formatting is a whole new world.

When adding page numbers, you can edit the position, font size, typography and layout of your page numbers.

Watermarking with Tweak is no different. Take the page number features and add page layering, opacity, and rotation, and you've got a recipe for success!

Direct Sales Ideas to Attract Attention

Direct Sales Ideas to Attract Attention

In this day and age of competitive business, having the right marketing techniques can make a huge impact on a business's success. But in order for this to happen, we need to consistently find new and exciting direct sales ideas to attract the attention of potential customers.

Customers and clients make or break businesses daily. To understand what they need, we have to know exactly how to reach them.

In this article, we're going to explain some of the best direct sales ideas for marketing your business in the best light. Get ready to be eye-catching, exciting and stimulating in comparison to your competitors.

But first, let's talk about what exactly direct sales are – and why they're a priority.

What is Direct Sales?

As a business person, the likelihood is that if you don't know what direct sales are, you're not doing your job very well. Or selling your product or service as effectively as possible for maximum profit.

Direct sales or the process of direct selling is the means of selling a product or service to a customer without the medium of a retail environment. In short, sales can take place in work, online or at home – just anywhere that isn't a shop-like environment.

Generally, the products sold in direct sales transactions are not typically found in a retail environment. After all, if they were customers would simply find them at their local shopping center.

Many businesses that sell to other businesses practice direct selling (B2B). For example, advertising or marketing solutions are often sold from companies to sales and marketing representatives in other businesses, without the presence of a retail setting.

In direct sales, individuals reach out to customers directly and can be the bread and butter of many businesses when it comes to tallying up their end of year profit.

Types of Direct Sales

There are different types of direct selling which suit some situations more than others, undoubtedly. Typically, there are three different types of direct sales.

These include:

Party Plan – This kind of sales is done in a group setting in which a representative might work with others in a fixed location.

Multilevel Marketing – Direct selling in multi-level marketing can be done in a variety of ways, including single or party presentations. This is often called network marketing too. This type of direct selling can include online stores and catalogs.

Single-Level – Single-level direct sales is one-on-one through in-person or door-to-door sales. Sales can also be done online too.

Direct Sales Ideas & Advice

There are a variety of different options for direct sales marketing that you can do to get attention to your business.

  • Set up an online party or host an event in which you can share the link to your Facebook and network with your customer list. Share any advice you have and receive advice from others.
  • Appear at events to showcase your talents and what you can do for businesses. Look up vendor events and meet people and market your business.
  • Hold a fundraiser event locally. This will help you to gain customers who can work off of sales commission.

Open InDesign Files Online

Lower Your Marketing Department Bill

It is no secret that any business that doesn't budget tend to be entirely set up for a whole host of financial problems down the line. This is true for all businesses, regardless of size.

Creating a business plan and budget is an essential part of maintaining a business on a successful financial venture.

Well, how do businesses begin to lower their marketing department bill? Especially without damaging the quality of their marketing materials and campaigns.

This is entirely doable with the right automation services, planning and budgeting. These changes won't impact the business's ability to make investments – but enrichen them, by increasing the available funds.

Here is our best advice for lowering your marketing department bill and budget, while maintaining quality.

Lower Marketing Department Budget and Save on Costs

It is possible to cut down your marketing budget without sacrificing the quality of your marketing initiatives. These are our clear strategic steps for means of lowering a marketing budget with ease.

Make Simple Cuts

Making any cuts can be a challenge, but it can be effective to select the easiest areas are under-performing and redefine where this money could be used.

Use Google Analytics or any of the platform-specific analytics programs to determine which marketing schemes are low producers so that they can be the first to go. You’ll be better off making the easy cut firsts and using this money for other areas of your business, such as inventory, bills and other necessities.

Create Reusable Content

Making the most of existing content is one of the best means of using marketing materials. This is easily done by creating versatile content that can be used and reused for long periods on various projects.

Tweak Cloud is one of the easiest means to do this as it is a technology that makes edits and re-edits simple.

When using services like Tweak Cloud, it is possible to select from hundreds of attractive pre-designed brochures, which include premium quality photography, professionally written copy, which can be customized to the needs of the business.

This design and the creative assets associated with it will be included in the cost of printing the brochures which substantially reduces the cost of ‘starting from scratch’ with a blank page and paying for every minute of time which is being spent on the project.

You can visit our homepage for more information on Tweak Cloud and sign up for a free demo.

Optimize on Your Ability

A good way to cut your marketing budget, without getting rid of profitable marketing ideas, is to do what you can yourself.

You can also hire interns for areas such as marketing, SEO and technical support. Remember, once you start generating a lot of revenue, you can always return to an outside agency or other paid help.

We hope these tips help you with your business and lower your marketing department budget. By redirecting your funds, your business is more likely to succeed with attention on areas that truly need funds.


Lower Design and Printing Spend in Your Company

Lower Design and Printing Spend in Your Company

It is the aspiration of many – if not most – businesses and companies to lower their design and printing spend and to save their marketing budget. After all, who doesn't want to know how to save money and while avoiding losing any kind of quality?

But how does one even begin to do this?

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways in which businesses can begin to reduce their design and printing costs and expenditure. In this article, we're going to go through some of the most effective ways to preserve as much of your marketing budget as possible.

Why Design and Printing is so Expensive

The procurement, printing, and design costs of a company can vary hugely from company to company depending on multiple different reasons. Understanding your buying, designing and printing costs is the first step to readjusting where your money is going from the beginning.

Design and printing costs are mostly so high because they are done separately. Often companies hire an individual designer who creates a design once and then source a printing service separately.

Not only does this slow down the timeline between the time of production and when the end product is received, this also costs a lot more. 

So, logically, the only way to improve this is by streamlining the entire process under one, solid workflow that works seamlessly, with ease.

That is precisely where Tweak Cloud comes to play.

Streamlining Workflow & Lowering Design & Printing Costs

Using services like Tweak Cloud gives companies the opportunity to select templates from over a million different designs of marketing materials. These include brochures, leaflets, flyers, and much more, specific to over 350 different business types.

These designs can then be easily edited and customized without hassle. This entirely removes the problem of having to start from scratch each time a small detail on a design has to be changed. This substantially reduces the cost of production as you are never beginning with a blank page again.

Thankfully, you don't have to compromise on a professional design as all of the designs for Tweak Cloud are of agency-standard and include premium photography that can be edited simply and easily.

You can also easily design a logo with your business color palette and design. Team leaders can also lock down particular features of each design that need to stay unchanged for the preservation of brand identity.

Designs are always approved before being sent to a printing service. With live reporting on the printing process, you will always be aware of the location of your designs.

Tweak Cloud is also a multi-lingual user interface with seven different languages supporting. These include English, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

Visit our homepage for more information on Tweak Cloud and to sign up for a free demo. Our sales team would love to hear from you.

marketing to realtors

Marketing for Realtors - Unique Ideas

If you are a real estate agent or a realtor then you will know all too well the challenges that your business can face with the wealth of stiff competition out there.

Having a defined, but regularly changing, marketing campaign can be incredibly beneficial to change up your targets for marketing and finding new clients and prospective clients.

Coming up with new marketing ideas for realtors can be simple, with brand new ideas cropping up left and right. That's what we've aspired to do today, for you.

We're going to give you some tips for the complex world of marketing for realtors with the goal of helping you to increase your client list and boost your profits by showcasing the natural quality of your business!

Why Marketing Matters So Much

It would be the most groundbreaking fact that you will read today to realize that marketing is one of the most important ventures your business can take. Marketing builds brand awareness and has the direct result of increasing sales and engaging customers – when done correctly.

Marketing is primarily essential because it has never been easier than it is now. Social media has equalized the businesses that can market online in the most finance-friendly way. Regardless of business size, marketing is now on an even playing field.

There is no doubt that sales of anything – including properties and services – that is not based on the maintenance of healthy, happy relationships with customers and clients. Customer engagement in the realtor business is so exceptionally important. Marketing is a medium of keeping customers and clients engaged with relevant content – beyond the hours of work.

Marketing also has the potential to continue growing upon itself in a large way. Marketing successfully targets current clients – while also targeting new clients at the same time. Little efforts such as social media can help existing or past clients to pass on the knowledge of the quality of your service.

In short, marketing grows your business's future while maintaining the business's present health.

Creative Advice Marketing for Realtors

In this competitive marketing environment for realtors, defining creative advice is hard to come by. Here are our unique ideas to help boost your real estate business:

Boost Your Image Quality

When it comes to selling properties by any means, photo quality is everything. Any client can look an image on a website or in a printed marketing material and know if the image used is of high or low quality. 

Chances are if your image quality is low, your first impression will be damaged with your clients. Invest, where possible, in a professional photographer who will make your potential homeowners stop and take notice.

Become Active Online

Pretty much everyone who is looking for a home is active online – either on social media or scouring websites of local realtors and real estate agents. Well, just like a garden, nurturing an online presence can truly have fruitful results.

Post online about more than just properties listings and your valuable content will gain traffic and qualified engagements from potential customers.

Speak with Past Clients

One of the most untapped sources of quality marketing comes in the form of our past clients. Having positive referrals as testimonials on your website and marketing materials can truly benefit your business.

People will always trust the recommendation from their friends and family over all of the other marketing formats that come directly from a business.

Advertise Locally

Think long and hard about your target audience. Where do they spend time? Design brochure, flyers and printed marketing materials that are ideal for targeting their attention and showcasing the properties you have on show – and the service you offer through consultation.

Design thought-provoking, eye-catching brand assets with the help of a streamlined automation system that can be changed and updated constantly with new asking prices and images.

You can check out Tweak Cloud – a dynamic design solution that offers you over a million different design templates for business types such as real estate. Input images, prices and information swiftly and easily while locking down your brand colors and fonts.

Create, edit and design in a portal where your team leader can decide what features of a brand asset can be changed and what needs to be preserved.

Visit our homepage for more information and to sign up for a free demo.

: Edit PDF without Adobe

View & Edit PDF without Adobe

Adobe were truly incredibly when they decided to make a means of editing and opening creative files with Adobe InDesign.

This is all well and good, but how does one open those files online?

Adobe InDesign is a proprietary document format of Adobe that is a desktop application and is single handedly the most popular layout program available for different marketing materials, eBooks, books, newspapers and magazines.

Ever wondered how to edit PDF documents without having to go back to the source documents to get the correct fonts and images?

Thankfully, there is another solution. With online PDF editing tools, it's easy to find the ideal tool - once it is safe to use. That is what we strive to offer users with Tweak PDF Manager.

Edit Adobe InDesign Documents Online – without Hassle

Here at Tweak, we decided to come up with an easy means of editing your Adobe InDesign files.

Previously, Adobe's way of allowing people to extend the abilities of InDesign was to implement the use of plug-ins. Sometimes, these plug-ins are brilliant – but other times they can edit features which you never wanted to be  changed.

However, editing Adobe InDesign files no longer has to be filled with those pesky and irritating features. For example, Tweak has created an Adobe InDesign plug-in, which allows users to upload their InDesign documents and their fonts and features to Tweak Cloud.

Tweak Cloud makes it possible to decide what features of the documents can be edited – from any web browser – once the document has been uploaded. Users can be given editing rights to view, edit and make PDF files, JPEGs or to directly share online, through social media.

Once the document has been placed and moved to a Tweak Cloud portal, you will be given access to edit and create new folders or share and sent to print.

Tweak Cloud also has a feature with Adobe InDesign where they allow a library of images to be shared and edited for any set of files.

Tweak Cloud gives its' users access to over a million agency-standard designs for different marketing materials and has a multi-lingual user interface that is ideal for businesses across the globe.

Automatically populate designs with data, text, and images if you want to streamline your workflow and speed up your marketing campaign design process.

Visit our homepage for more information and to sign up for a free demo of how you can edit Adobe InDesign documents online.