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Automation Marketing Ideas: Realtors

Marketing can be a time-consuming task that often needs a lot of attention. In the beginning at least, it can be hard to know how many resources to give to marketing. That’s where automation comes in.

Real estate marketing automation tools can improve your overall service by improving how much time you dedicate to designing marketing campaigns.

Tweak is an obvious marketing automation idea that will save your real estate agent a huge amount of time. In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about automated marketing with Tweak. In short, Tweak is a new way to manage all of your real estate agency’s creative files – using established and stable technology. Whether your organization is a large international real estate agency or a smaller, local organization, you can upload your marketing material design files to one safe platform with Tweak.

Whether you choose to advertise your listings through flyers, newspaper inserts, or brochures, they will be the center of your marketing campaigns. With Tweak, you don’t have to store them in a personal hard drive and risk losing them. Instead, they are in a cloud account, where every version is available at all times. Share your brand files with your team members within seconds. Anyone in your team can find any file they need and make the necessary edits. Who is making edits are easily monitored, and a team leader can approve their authorized edits?

Realtors often have enough expenses without adding expensive agency costs that come with working exclusively with designers. Without needing designer impute on every stage, you can save your agency hundreds of dollars on every version. With this, you never lose control of your edits. With every flyer your prospective clients see and every business card they take, your brand’s theme will be sold. This means that every little detail from coloring to font and type face is vital. National and international marketing teams work on one platform to ensure consistency in designs that are produced. Totally remove the need to riffle through any folders, and have everything utterly streamlined. Once you click ‘approve’ on a customized design, it can be delivered to your printer provider with the Tweak dashboard. Live reporting is available on production and printing by your printer. This radically reduces the turn-around time for your designs. Work with a client and show their property in your next listing campaign in no time at all.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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