Bernd Zipper & the Future of the Printing Industry

Bernd Zipper, CEO, Zipcon Consulting GmbH, a renowned blogger and online print consultant shared his views on the way forward for the printing industry with Tweak at Drupa 2016, the world printing fair in Düsseldorf, Germany today. Bernd is also the author of a highly respected blog, and a founder of the Online Print Symposium.



The signal from Drupa 2016 is that the world goes online and even print goes online and even the print industry goes online and so we see a lot of online services over here like Tweak for example or other vendors presenting their solutions and in my option it’s the right way because the printing industry has to change and they have to be where the customers are. These customers, the new customers are mobile and online and this is what we can see here at Drupa 2016.



A lot of customers are expecting the universal recipe to be a successful online print business, but this is nothing you can reach in a trade show. This is nothing you can reach in a business either. It is up to you to make your own personal recipe to set up your business in the future. What you can get at Drupa, what you can get from all the vendors at Drupa is an idea in what direction you can move your business, in what direction your business can grow, but it’s still in the beginning and it’s up to you to develop the right recipe.



Print is not dead. Print has to be where the customers are. If the customers are online, you have to move online. If your business is growing more and more in the direction of connectivity to your customer via ERP systems via online activity, you have to move in that direction, but it’s also very important that you automate your production, you automate all of the different approaches in your company, but you’re really going online. One email address is not enough for the whole company; you have to transform your business.



Automation is a goal we all have to reach. That means you have to automate your organization. You automate invoicing, automate payment, automate production and even automate layout production. So it’s very important that if you give your customer the right platform for that, you really have to realize that if you don’t automate your production, your print, you’re lost.



You know, any cloud service gives the freedom to develop your business. That means if you set up a business with a cloud service together, you’re open to concentrate on your main business and step by step grow into an online business. If you start over with your own application, maybe with your own web server, you have such a huge investment, so starting over with a cloud service, or cloud services, it’s not only about Tweak, it’s all about all these applications we have on the web, it’s very important that you can really can concentrate on your main business and grow with their cloud services. It’s the best, and also reasonable, and most affordable solution to start over an online business.



I think for Tweak it’s very important that Tweak get it’s nose a little bit more in the wind than others. Tweak did understand very early that we can automate graphic design, that we can automate creativity, a little bit, not all. So bringing up all these new services, Tweak has a very good chance of being up the race for these cloud solutions.