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Can PDF Files be Converted to JPEG?

Can PDF Files be Converted to JPEG?

The short answer is yes. Your PDF files can be converted to JPEG files – and answering how is just as easy. PDF files are not built to be edited, but with certain converters, PDF files can be changed in JPEG files with ease and in a matter of moments.

Sadly, there is no inbuilt way to convert PDF files to JPEG on Windows. Apple Mac users, on the other hand, can use the Preview Program to convert their PDFs to JPEGs. Thankfully, however, there are a few different ways to convert PDF files, without a Mac.

Keep reading to found out some of the best PDF to JPEG converters that you can use – all of which are free!

How to Convert PDF Files to JPEG

There are many great PDF to JPEG converters that are online, free and easy-to-use. Below we have listed some of the online websites that will let you convert PDF files to JPEG files.

I Love PDF (

Software such as ‘I Love PDF’ lets you convert each PDF page into a JPEG or extract all images contained in a PDF.

‘I Love PDF’ only requires you to click one or two buttons before your PDF files will be converted to JPEG.

A major benefit of I Love PDF is that it’s free, while still being user-friendly and not too full of ads, as a website. is another classically simple way to transform your PDF files into JPEGs. With this particular server, you have a few more choices available to you. knows that the quality of your JPEG is important, and lets you choose between different levels of quality: Average, good, excellent.

You are also given recommendations for the levels of quality to use for average PDF files with text, PDF files with illustrations and rich illustrations. This makes choosing what level of quality to pick all the easier.

Smallpdf (

Smallpdf is another extremely useful PDF to JPEG converter. Smallpdf is also free and has a simple interface that is designed for easy use.

One of the reasons we love Smallpdf so much is because of its handy drag-and-drop feature that helps you to simply drag your document into the center of the yellow bar at the top of your screen. Once you’ve done that, your files are uploaded straight away.

Smallpdf is also really useful if you want to upload from Dropbox or Google and afterward, you can pick the pictures you want and save them to your computer.

While it is free, you are given the opportunity to upgrade to Smallpdf Pro, which removes ads from your screen!

Conclusion: Can PDF Files be Converted to JPEG

The only possible conclusion of our original question is this – yes, your files can be converted to JPEG. As we’ve shown here, it’s actually very easy to do with free, online PDF converters that support JPEG creation!

I Love PDF, PDF2JPG, and Smallpdf are just a small selection of the free PDF converters on offer. Do yourself the favor of googling some of the PDF converters out there and you’d be surprised what you might find!

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