Which PDF Editor is Best for You

Which PDF Manager is Best for You?

Imagine this: It's late, the office is emptying out and you're getting ready to leave the business for the evening when you realize that you have a PDF file that needs editing and no editing software.

It is a relief to everyone that you no longer have to download and install expensive PDF editing software just to make a single edit that would take mere seconds of your time. Tweak PDF Manager is a free PDF editor that has seven = tools – all are completely free and secure to use from a web browser.

There are so many online PDF editing tools cropping up out of nowhere. It can be hard to know which websites are safe and secure to use – and how many hold on to your PDF documents, without your knowledge. If this is company business, it can be highly important to know how to keep your precious information under lock and key.

That’s where Tweak PDF Manager comes in. Our software deletes your PDF documents quickly and is entirely secure to use - we won’t hold onto your information unnecessarily.

Keep reading to find out more about the services offered by Tweak PDF Manager.

Features of Tweak PDF Manager

You've probably seen a countless number of adverts online for free PDF editing tools that you feel like rolling your eyes seeing another. We don't blame you and totally understand. In the world of highly confusing mixed messages, you just want to edit your PDF.

So, here are the facts that you need to know about Tweak PDF Manager.

Tweak PDF Manager is a free, online service. It is secure because there is no retention of your information after you upload your files for editing.

This layout of this suite of tools is entirely user-friendly and comprehensive. You can navigate the tool by using the colored blocks and each tool has a useful drag-and-drop feature to organize the uploading of files.

Below are the seven available editing tools, outlined in a clear manner.

Merge PDF

Tweak PDF Manager knows that combining your PDF files is a key priority. After all, imagine that you have an important document to send on to your colleagues but the information is all separate - merging can entirely solve your problem. That’s why our PDF merger allows you to join your PDF files for free.

You can upload multiple PDF files at once and edit your files rotations before you finally merge your documents together.

Compress PDF

You can compress your PDF files without losing any quality. With Tweak, choose between three different levels of compression.

Extreme compression – less quality, high compression.

Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.

Less compression – high quality, less compression.

Convert Files to PDF

PDF files are the perfectly secure document. If you send a Word document to a colleague and they make edits you didn’t approve, then you’ll wish you had a PDF file.

Upload your Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and images to Tweak and download a fully converted PDF file.

Split and Separate PDF Files

Splitting PDF files is the exact same as merging, you can easily upload your files and choose how to split.

Would you like to split your files by range or into individual pages? Whichever you prefer, you can do.

PDF Rotator

If your file began as a Microsoft Word document, the formatting of the document might have changed slightly due to a minor problem throughout conversion to a PDF file.

One of the common formatting errors is pages being flipped incorrectly.

Tweak PDF Manager offers a quick and easy way of fixing this problem by rotating the PDF files. Once you've uploaded your files, you can flip them any way you want with a handy button and before you know it, your files will be ready for download!

Adding Page Numbers and Watermarks

Giving you a whole new level of personalization, adding page numbers and watermarks to your PDF file with specific formatting is a whole new world.

When adding page numbers, you can edit the position, font size, typography and layout of your page numbers.

Watermarking with Tweak is no different. Take the page number features and add page layering, opacity, and rotation, and you've got a recipe for success!

: Edit PDF without Adobe

View & Edit PDF without Adobe

Adobe were truly incredibly when they decided to make a means of editing and opening creative files with Adobe InDesign.

This is all well and good, but how does one open those files online?

Adobe InDesign is a proprietary document format of Adobe that is a desktop application and is single handedly the most popular layout program available for different marketing materials, eBooks, books, newspapers and magazines.

Ever wondered how to edit PDF documents without having to go back to the source documents to get the correct fonts and images?

Thankfully, there is another solution. With online PDF editing tools, it's easy to find the ideal tool - once it is safe to use. That is what we strive to offer users with Tweak PDF Manager.

Edit Adobe InDesign Documents Online – without Hassle

Here at Tweak, we decided to come up with an easy means of editing your Adobe InDesign files.

Previously, Adobe's way of allowing people to extend the abilities of InDesign was to implement the use of plug-ins. Sometimes, these plug-ins are brilliant – but other times they can edit features which you never wanted to be  changed.

However, editing Adobe InDesign files no longer has to be filled with those pesky and irritating features. For example, Tweak has created an Adobe InDesign plug-in, which allows users to upload their InDesign documents and their fonts and features to Tweak Cloud.

Tweak Cloud makes it possible to decide what features of the documents can be edited – from any web browser – once the document has been uploaded. Users can be given editing rights to view, edit and make PDF files, JPEGs or to directly share online, through social media.

Once the document has been placed and moved to a Tweak Cloud portal, you will be given access to edit and create new folders or share and sent to print.

Tweak Cloud also has a feature with Adobe InDesign where they allow a library of images to be shared and edited for any set of files.

Tweak Cloud gives its' users access to over a million agency-standard designs for different marketing materials and has a multi-lingual user interface that is ideal for businesses across the globe.

Automatically populate designs with data, text, and images if you want to streamline your workflow and speed up your marketing campaign design process.

Visit our homepage for more information and to sign up for a free demo of how you can edit Adobe InDesign documents online.

PDF Editor without Login

Free PDF Editor without Login - Free, Secure & Online

Finding the perfect PDF editor that has a complete suite of editing and creative tools can be a challenge in this day and age of online programs that are cropping up online!

However, finding a PDF editor without a login that does not require you to hand over personal information you may not want to give is even trickier. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for you, at Tweak! Our PDF Manager will allow you to make those last-minute changes you need to – from the rotation and merging to splitting and add page numbers.

Imagine you need to send a PDF file to a work colleague last minute – but you forgot to add the company watermark. No, that's no longer an issue. Tweak PDF Manager is a PDF editor without login that is easily accessible from any web browser – better still, it's for free!

pdf editor without login

Why PDF Files Are Hard to Edit

It often seems as if there is no way to get around having desktop software to edit PDF files. Unfortunately, desktop programmes are expensive and hard to use with complex layouts and are often not considered user-friendly.

PDF files are often hard to edit because of their 'flattened' nature, where all objects are on a single layer. Desktop PDF editing programs can struggle to tell the difference between the objects in the PDF file.

Online PDF editors work by editing objects on top of an existing PDF, rather than editing direct objects. Many PDF files are beneficial for carrying out direct tasks, such as merging, rotating, splitting, converting or adding page numbers and watermarks.

It is key when using online PDF managers to check the safety regulations of the tool being offered to you. If you are converting, rotating, or compressing private files for work or legal matters, it may be in your interest to make sure that your information is not retained, without your knowledge.

By checking the safety regulations of the online PDF tool before use, you can ensure safety of your information!

Tweak PDF Manager – A PDF Editor without Login

Tweak PDF Manager strives to include every PDF editing tool that you could need, for free and without any required login. These features include tools to help you merge, split, compress, rotate, convert and add page numbers and watermarks to PDF files. Here are some of the features for you to check out and use for free.

PDF Merging and Splitting

Tweak PDF Manager aims to do exactly what you need. You can split and merge PDF files and documents without logging into to any website. What makes this different other PDF mergers and splitters, is that Tweak makes sure you choose how you want your pages split. You can choose a range of pages that you would like to split your pages by, or you can extract all of your pages individually. When merging, you can upload multiple files at a time and can be rotated before you finally download your files.


pdf editor without login

PDF Rotating

Have you ever needed just a simple PDF rotating system? Upload your files, click in the right-hand corner of the file and you can rotate your files as you need.

Add Page Numbers and Watermarks

Adding page numbers and watermarks to PDF files are a really handy feature to be able to introduce to your PDF files. This gives you a new level of personalization, with specific formatting for each feature. When adding page numbers, you can edit the position, font size, typography and layout of your page numbers. Watermarking with Tweak is no different. Take the page number features and add page layering, opacity, and rotation, and you've got a recipe for success!

pdf editor without loginCompressing and Converting

Sometimes, it's all about the space that matters on our disc spaces. To do that, compressing your PDF files can be entirely beneficial. With three different options to choose from, you can perfect your compressed file to fit your available disc space and your quality needs.

Converting your files is no joke – often it's tedious, difficult and boring.

At Tweak, we wanted to make this necessary task all the easier for you, by helping you to convert multiple files of different formats at the same time. Convert Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents into PDF files within seconds!

Visit our sidebar to try out our PDF Manager and PDF editor without login, today. Your information is secure and automatically deleted after use, so you never have to worry about your private information.

Unique PDF Editor with Font Choices

PDF files are an extremely common file type and one that is undoubtedly incredibly popular for businesses and organizations. The fundamental reasoning for this is because PDF files are very difficult to edit, so if you send information to another person, you can be sure that they cannot edit your original document.

However, that being said, every now and then you need to edit a PDF file. This can be pretty tricky to do without Adobe Acrobat or the equivalent – especially if you want to edit your fonts.

Fonts are not necessarily universal. Oftentimes, we open PDF files in different applications than they were originally created. These different applications have different versions of fonts to others and this can affect the overall appearance of the file.

Font types are also very important when attempting to add in page numbers, watermarks, and other additional features.

That's where Tweak PDF Manager comes in to save the day – as this is fitted with different font and typography choices.

Tweak PDF Manager and Different Font Choices

To cut straight to the chase – Tweak PDF Manager is a free, online PDF managing suite. Usable from your web browser, entirely for free and with seven different tools, this is the ideal PDF manager.

Where editing fonts comes into the picture, is when you want to add features to your document.

The features that are free to use with Tweak PDF Manager include merging, splitting, compressing, adding page number, adding watermarks, converting and rotating.

However, when you are adding features such as adding a page number or watermark, you can personalize your watermarks and page numbers with specific fonts that you choose.

You can fully personalize your typography fonts and positioning to suit your own needs and anything else you might require.

Add Watermark

Tweak PDF Manager knows that security is extremely important when it comes to sharing your PDF files via email or internet. One way to know that your document is visibly secure is to add a watermark with your own specifications.

You can add an image as a watermark or a text-based watermark too, to your file.

You can also choose just how visible you want your watermark to be by choosing the opacity, position, typography, page layering and rotation.

Add Page Numbers

Page numbers are a simple, yet effective way of maintaining organization over your document. However, PDFs were not designed to be edited so adding page numbers is a challenge.

Tweak PDF Manager helps you to add the page numbers you want by giving you a choice of positioning, typography and format.

PDF Editor for Free

High-Quality PDF Editor - for Free

Free software for editing PDF files can be a challenge to find, but incredibly useful. Nowadays paid PDF editing tools can be expensive for one-off and recreational users, so finding the right free tool is vital.

We have exactly that tool.

PDF files are designed to look the exact same on any web browser or device. They are uniform and perfectly uneditable at times – which is ideal for sharing. However, there are times when you need to make big edits to your document and fast.

There aren't many PDF editing tools for free and even less that don't leave watermarks on your documents, which is why we've created a tool that doesn’t leave your design with any unwanted extras.

Keep reading to find out how to use Tweak PDF Manager for free, in no time at all.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 17.00.32The Features You Need to Know About

Tweak PDF Manager is a single suite of features for all of your PDF editing needs. For example, you can merge, split, compress and covert with this PDF manager.

Alongside this, you can also rotate your PDF files and add page numbers and watermarks to files – personalizing them even further.

Read about all of the features here.

Merge and Combine PDF Files

With Tweak PDF Manager, you can upload your files easily and merge them.

The easiest way to do this is to use the handy drag-and-drop feature and simply pull in your files to the web page, where they will upload straight away.

You can also upload directly from Dropbox. With a single click of a button, you can download your merged files.

Split and Separate PDF Files

Splitting PDF files is the exact same as merging, you can easily upload your files and choose how to split.

Would you like to split your files by range or into individual pages? Whichever you prefer, you can do.

Compress and Reduce PDF Files

Compressing PDF files has any number of excellent benefits, besides simply taking up less space and making your information easier to send. The best ways to do this with Tweak PDF Manager is to upload your files and choose your compression type.

We understand that through compression, you can sometimes lose out on quality. We want you to avoid this entirely and choose from three different compression types; extreme compression, recommended compression, less compression.

Each compression type has a different level of quality attached to it, making your file compression personalized.

Add Page Number

Adding page numbers to your PDF files is extremely useful for organizations but also a vital component of personalization.

Choosing the position and type of page number you want is a real advantage and with Tweak PDF Manager, you can do just that.

Add Watermarks to PDF Files

Adding watermarks with Tweak is entirely customizable. If you'd prefer to have a watermark that's an image or text, you can choose.

With text watermarks, you can choose your font type and size, completing your personalized typography. You can also rotate your watermark and choose its exact position.

Convert Files to PDF

PDF files are the perfectly secure document. If you send a Word document to a colleague and they make edits you didn't approve, then you'll wish you had a PDF file.

Upload your Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and images to Tweak and download a fully converted PDF file.

Rotate PDF

Often, when you convert a Word document to a PDF file it can be a real challenge if your documents are rotated incorrectly.

You can fix this with Tweak by rotated your document to four different angles.

To use Tweak PDF Manager, you can click on our sidebar.

Learn how can PDF be converted to Word online and offline! Free, secure and simple, there are many PDF tools to transform your PDF files with ease

Can PDF be Converted to Word?

Have you ever needed to share a document easily, without any hassle but found that its PDF format was just too large to send over email?

Or have you ever needed to edit a file in its original format, only the discover that there was no easy way to convert a PDF back into a Microsoft Word document?

Well, then we are here to answer your question: can PDF be converted to Word documents?

With the sheer variety of online PDF converters PDF files can be converted to Word documents within seconds!

Keep reading to discover our step-by-step guide on just how to upload your PDF files and download your brand-new Word documents from several different online converters and how to convert your PDF files even when you're offline!


Can PDF be Converted to Word Online?

The many new online PDF converters strive to offer you the best possible service that we can and when it comes to conversions, that means speed, quality, and security.

If you are looking for a free, online PDF converter, then there are many to choose from – so here are a few that we recommend.



SmallPDF aims to bring you the highest quality Word documents after your conversion, whilst keeping your information entirely safe! To do this, they use a drag and drop feature that helps you to upload your documents easily where they are deleted from the server after an hour.

You are free to upload your documents from Dropbox or Google Drive also, which is sure to save you time.


If you are looking for a simplistic converter with no frills or anything over the top – ILovePDF is probably the website for you.

While the website doesn't have any of the fancy extras now common with free PDF converters, you can still drag and drop your files into the center of the screen and watch them convert very swiftly.


PDF2DOC helps you to upload up to twenty different PDF files and convert them into Word documents in an easy to use interface.

This website is also very useful because while your PDF files are converting, you can browse all of the other additional conversion services they offer. In total there are nine other services on offer.

Offline PDF to Word Conversion

If you are not too sure about the safety of using a PDF to Word converter online, we understand where you're coming from.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution – use Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is the official PDF editing tool offered by Adobe that works straight from your desktop and doesn't rely on an internet connection to get all of your conversions.

Once you open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, you can choose to export it in the right pane and you can then select the resulting format you want. In this case, you can choose Microsoft Word document.

And just as quickly as you started, your task is done and you are finished! Now you'll always know how to convert PDF documents into Word documents when both online and offline.

You can click on our sidebar to use our Tweak PDF Manager, for different conversion pathways. Thank you for checking out our blog!

PDF and Word Converter

PDF and Word Converter

There are times when we need either a Word document or a PDF file – sometimes, we need both. But what happens when you have an hour left of your work day and you need to edit that really important PDF file?

Well, you need a quality converter –  a converter that can convert your PDF files to Word documents and vice versa.

In this article, we're going to put together all of the converters that you need to achieve just that.

When you need a converter, you need to choose one that is 100% safe for you to use and won't retain any of your information after you upload a file.

Convert Word to PDF

Sometimes, Word documents can feel a little insecure. After all, no matter you share them with, they can be edited.

It can also be hard to share Word documents with people who may not have Microsoft software installed on their computer. PDF is a format that can be viewed by anyone, without needing particular software to open it.

PDF is also a compact format that doesn't have to always rely on the fonts and settings installed on one's computer to view them, making them perfect to share with friends and colleagues.

Tweak PDF Manager

To convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF, you should check out Tweak PDF Manager. This is an entirely secure manager that automatically cleans your documents easily.

When you reach the homepage, you can click on the convert icon that will direct you straight away to where you can drag-and-drop your Word document in online.

Your newly converted PDF file will be available to download instantly.

Convert PDF to Word

Converting your secure PDF file to an editable Word document can be extremely useful if you have information you need to extract and reuse. This is especially important with images because with PDF files images are embedded.

With PDF files, there are very limited editing strategies available. Often, you can only edit two or three words at a time, so Word makes much more sense for longer pieces.


Cloud Convert has a number of great features, one of which is undoubtedly an intuitive PDF to Word converter. You can convert more than one file at a time and is entirely available from your web browser.

You can check out our PDF manager at our sidebar and visit the rest of our blog for more information.

Marketing Materials Cost Control

How to Use a PDF Size Reducer

Have you ever had a last-minute Skype meeting with your boss who has just asked you for all too important PDF files – only to discover that they are too large to send?

If the answer is yes, then you need to look into compressing your PDF files!

Learning how to use a PDF size reducer can help you greatly reduce the space taken up by documents on your desktop. PDF compression also helps to make your PDF documents easier to send via email.

Tweak PDF Manager is a PDF editing tool that is both free and online. With Tweak, there are seven different features – including a PDF compressor.

If you want to optimize a PDF file, you should condense the file size of PDF document with either an online or offline PDF compressor.

How to Use an Online PDF Compressor for Quality

There are many great PDF compressors out there. We have many to choose that will help us to reduce the files we need to.

The key question we need to ask ourselves is what kind of compressor we are looking for.

Many people are very concerned with the quality we might be sacrificing when compressing PDF files.

That is where Tweak PDF Manager comes in. With our compression tool you can choose different levels of compression and because we know how important quality is, we recommend that people search for a PDF compressing tool that will allow them to customize their own level of quality.

 Tweak PDF Manager's Compressor

From the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, you can select the 'Compress' button.

From this point, you are free to upload your PDF files.

Tweak uses a really useful drag and drop feature that will help you to upload within seconds. If you need to, you can upload manually by clicking on the PDF page icon.

You can also directly link your PDF files to be compressed from Dropbox.

Once your PDF is uploaded, you can choose between three different levels of compression and quality.

  • Extreme compression – less quality, high compression.
  • Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.
  • Less compression – high quality, less compression.

With a huge amount of speed, you can compress your file to the level you want.

All that's left is for you to click on the 'Download PDF' button or wait for it to download automatically, depending on your web browser.

So, there you have it, now you know how to use an online PDF reducer!

Are PDF safe to open

Are PDF Safe to Open?

There is no simple answer to the all too important question, are PDF safe to open? Some PDF files are safe to open, whereas others might not be. But how can you tell the difference? After all, making the right choice might mean that the health of your computer is maintained. 

What is important to learn and understand is where you are opening your PDF files from and if that website or application could be infected with some malicious software that could damage your computer, most often, without you even realizing.

To find out how to know if each individual PDF file you want to open is safe and some important tips and tricks for being safe when using PDF files, keep reading!

We decided to make sure that you know the difference between safe and unsafe PDF files by giving you our tops tips below.

How to Know Are PDF Safe to Open

pexels-photo-735911There are a few very general rules of thumb to use when trying to decide if a particular PDF file is safe to open.

For example, you should be safe opening a PDF file directly with an Adobe application, such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Applications like these have security features that you can customize to suit your own needs and the level of protection you think you need.

When downloading a random PDF file from the internet or from an email, you should always be careful. PDF files from unknown sources might contain malicious software embedded into them that are not obvious straight away.

Even if you receive an email from a family member or a friend with a PDF attached, you should still be really careful when opening it. It only takes a few seconds to make sure that they meant to send you a PDF, whereas it can take a long time to undo any of the damage a virus might do.

Tips to Stay Safe When Using PDF Files

pexels-photo-1011329One of the most useful pieces of advice that can ever be given for using PDF files is to reduce the number of plugins downloaded onto your browser. When using Google Chrome or Firefox's internal PDF readers, you should disable any plugins that come with them.

Plugins like JavaScript can be edited by any hackers to add malicious code when you open them in your browser. By disabling plugins like JavaScript or Flash you are going to reduce the risk to your computer of becoming infected when viewing pages that have malware.

PDF readers such as Adobe Reader are not entirely fail-proof against PDF files, but they do have some security features that can really help keep you safe.

For example, if you use Adobe Reader's Protected View, you can still view and read the PDF files you want, but in a 'sandbox' meaning that access to some application features are limited in order to keep you safe.

In Adobe Reader this means that in Protected View, you cannot use printing, file saving or full-screen viewing but you are a lot less vulnerable to malware attacks. Unless you really need to use any of these features, it is definitely worth giving Protected View a go.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that anyone could get if they want to reduce the risk of their computer being infected by PDF files is to keep your PDF Reader software up-to-date. This can't be stressed enough. While is can be annoying, it is definitely worth keeping your PDF Reader on an auto-update function. Be careful about downloading any updates from unknown sites, as frequently these appear to be malicious.

Make sure to download any updates straight from the developer's website and not from any obscure website.

While no advice is entirely fail-proof, this advice will definitely keep your risk of infection as low as possible.

PDF readers also usually feature a setting for protections against these malicious attacks. Other readers will also have similar features to improve security. You can always enquire about further features if you would like to increase your security.

You can pay our Tweak PDF Manager - our free, 100% secure PDF editing tool that has a total of seven key features. These features include; rotating, converting, merging, splitting, adding watermarks and page numbers, and compressing.


edit pdf without acrobat

How to Edit PDFs without Adobe Acrobat

Sometimes you just need a quick, once off edit of your PDF file - whether you want to merge, split, convert, compress or edit text in your document, it can be handy to have a quick solution.

These quick edits can make a paid subscription to a version of Adobe Acrobat can seem unnecessary. But is there a way to edit PDF without Acrobat, or is forking over some cash your only option?

Thankfully, it is entirely doable. There are many different ways of editing your PDF files without having to use Adobe Acrobat.

In this article, we're going to talk you through all of the different edits you can do to your PDF file with Tweak PDF Manager!

Edit PDF without Acrobat with Tweak

Tweak PDF Manager is an online, entirely free PDF management tool that has seven different editing tool features. Within each feature, you can customize your edits even more.

This tool also uses a server that automatically deletes your PDF files after a very short space of time, so your files are 100% secure.

Editing Text in PDF

If you want to add or remove some text from your PDF file, one of the best ways to do this is to return your PDF file to a Microsoft Word document.

In Word, you can make all of the formatting choices to text that you want to before you convert your file back to a PDF document where your changes are safely locked in place.

With a website such as ILovePDF.com, you can convert your PDF files into Word documents and with Tweak PDF Manager, you can return them to an easy to read PDF document. Both websites use a drag and drop feature that helps you upload easily.

Merge and Split PDF

Merging multiple PDF files can be a really handy way to get all of the information you need for a meeting or presentation into one handy document.

Splitting your PDF files can be equally as handy, that's why Tweak PDF Manager gives you the option to split your PDF pages by range or to split them all into separate pages.

Compress and Convert PDF

Tweak PDF Manager wants you to be able to have the quality of a document that you want, without hogging too much of your computer drive's space. That's why you can compress your PDF files to three different levels of compression and quality, depending on what you want your file to look like!

We also know that PDF files are one of the easiest to read formats for a document to be in. So, now you can convert your images, Word documents, Excel files and PowerPoint presentations into PDF files within seconds.

Rotate PDF

Sometimes, after a conversion, your file might not be rotated to the correct angle. But instead of having to convert your files back to the original format just to change a rotation, it's easier to do it all when they're in PDF format.

Choose between four different rotations with Tweak's PDF rotation service.

Add Page Numbers and Watermarks to PDF

Personalizing your PDF files can really set them about from the others and help the organization of your file. The easiest way to do this is to add page numbers and watermarks.

You can customize everything about your PDF's page numbers and watermarks including the typography, the positioning, and the rotation.

Check out the link to the right to edit your PDF files without any hassle!