Are PDF safe to open

Are PDF Safe to Open?

There is no simple answer to the all too important question – are PDF safe to open? Some PDF files are safe to open, whereas others might not be. But how can you tell the difference?

What is important to learn and understand is where you are opening your PDF files from and if that website or application could be infected with some malicious software that could damage your computer, most often, without you even realising.

To find out how to know if each individual PDF file you want to open is safe and some important tips and tricks for being safe when using PDF files, keep reading!


How to Know Are PDF Safe to Open

There are a few very general rules of thumb to use when trying to decide if a particular PDF file is safe to open.

For example, you should be safe opening a PDF file directly with an Adobe application, such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Applications like these have security features that you can customize to suit your own needs and the level of protection you think you need.

When downloading a random PDF file from the internet or from an email, you should always be careful. PDF files from unknown sources might contain malicious software embedded into them that are not obvious straight away.

Even if you receive an email from a family member or a friend with a PDF attached, you should still be really careful when opening it. It only takes a few seconds to make sure that they meant to send you a PDF, whereas it can take a long time to undo any of the damage a virus might do.

Tips to Stay Safe When Using PDF Files

One of the most useful pieces of advice that can ever be given for using PDF files is to reduce the number of plugins downloaded onto your browser. When using Google Chrome or Firefox's internal PDF readers, you should disable any plugins that come with them.

Plugins like JavaScript can be edited by any hackers to add malicious code when you open them in your browser. By disabling plugins like JavaScript or Flash you are going to reduce the risk to your computer of becoming infected when viewing pages that have malware.

PDF readers such as Adobe Reader are not entirely fail-proof against PDF files, but they do have some security features that can really help keep you safe.

For example, if you use Adobe Reader's Protected View, you can still view and read the PDF files you want, but in a 'sandbox' meaning that access to some application features are limited in order to keep you safe.

In Adobe Reader this means that in Protected View, you cannot use printing, file saving or full screen viewing but you are a lot less vulnerable to malware attacks. Unless you really need to use any of these features, it is definitely worth giving Protected View a go.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that anyone could get if they want to reduce the risk of their computer being infected by PDF files is to keep your PDF Reader software up-to-date. While is can be annoying, it is definitely worth keeping your PDF Reader on an auto-update function.

Make sure to download any updates straight from the developer's website and not from any obscure website.

While no advice is entirely fail-proof, this advice will definitely keep your risk of infection as low as possible.

edit pdf without acrobat

How to Edit PDFs without Adobe Acrobat

Sometimes you just need a quick, once off edit of your PDF file - whether you want to merge, split, convert, compress or edit text in your document, it can be handy to have a quick solution.

These quick edits can make a paid subscription to a version of Adobe Acrobat can seem unnecessary. But is there a way to edit PDF without Acrobat, or is forking over some cash your only option?

Thankfully, it is entirely doable. There are many different ways of editing your PDF files without having to use Adobe Acrobat.

In this article we're going to talk you through all of the different edits you can do to your PDF file with Tweak PDF Manager!

Edit PDF without Acrobat with Tweak

Tweak PDF Manager is an online, entirely free PDF management tool that has seven different editing tool features. Within each feature you can customize your edits even more.

This tool also uses a server that automatically deletes your PDF files after a very short space of time, so your files are 100% secure.

Editing Text in PDF

If you want to add or remove some text from your PDF file, one of the best ways to do this is to return your PDF file to a Microsoft Word document.

In Word you can make all of the formatting choices to text that you want to before you convert your file back to a PDF document where your changes are safely locked in place.

With a website such as, you can convert your PDF files into Word documents and with Tweak PDF Manager, you can return them to an easy to read PDF document. Both websites use a drag and drop feature that helps you upload easily.

Merge and Split PDF

Merging multiple PDF files can be a really handy way to get all of the information you need for a meeting or presentation into one handy document.

Splitting your PDF files can be equally as handy, that's why Tweak PDF Manager gives you the option to split your PDF pages by range or to split them all into separate pages.

Compress and Convert PDF

Tweak PDF Manager wants you to be able to have the quality of a document that you want, without hogging too much of your computer drive's space. That's why you can compress your PDF files to three different levels of compression and quality, depending on what you want your file to look like!

We also know that PDF files are one of the easiest to read formats for a document to be in. So, now you can convert your images, Word documents, Excel files and PowerPoint presentations into PDF files within seconds.

Rotate PDF

Sometimes, after a conversion, your file might not be rotated to the correct angle. But instead of having to convert your files back to the original format just to change a rotation, it's easier to do it all when they're in PDF format.

Choose between four different rotations with Tweak's PDF rotation service.

Add Page Numbers and Watermarks to PDF

Personalizing your PDF files can really set them about from the others and help the organization of your file. The easiest way to do this is to add page numbers and watermarks.

You can customize everything about your PDF's page numbers and watermarks including the typography, the positioning and the rotation.

Check out the link to the right to edit your PDF files without any hassle!

are pdf files safe to download

Are PDF Files Safe to Download?

This seems to be a question of our times, as we all begin to use PDF files more and more in our everyday lives.

So, how hard is it to decide are PDF files safe to download or not? Well, like most situations in life it seems to be a bit of both.

PDF files are prone to attack from multiple malware sites and because of their popularity that can be very hard to notice before it's too late. Because of this it's even more important than usual to learn how to protect yourself before you download any PDF files.

In this article we're going to give you a few different tips and tricks to figure out if PDF files are safe to download and how to protect your computer from any malicious threats!


How to Know if PDF Files Are Safe to Download

The rule of thumb with PDF files and staying safe, is that prevention is always better than cure. PDF files can be safe to download and at first glance, you will never know if your PDF file is even safe to open online – let alone download!

To sort the dangerous from the safe, Google have a useful website called VirusTotal, that helps you identify if a PDF downloaded from a website is malicious. You can easily drag and drop your files into the center of the page and receive a report on if the PDF contained malicious content.

Additionally, you can also integrate VirusTotal into your browser which allows you to right click any link you come across in the internet and get a full report on whether it is safe for you to click to download its content or not.

Another handy rule of thumb to go by when deciding if a PDF file is safe or not, is to keep your PDF viewer or reader up-to-date. Sometimes actually listening to those sometimes tedious update reminders can be what's best for your computer.

Those updates often continue important additions to security features that are vital for protecting you against possible malware or spyware hiding in your PDF file's images or graphics.

It is also a good idea never to open up PDF files that have come in through emails. Even if these PDF files have come from friends or family, you should always take care not to open them. Often, your email contacts could have been infected and a legitimate looking email containing malware sent without their knowledge.

It's always worth disabling any excess plugins that you might have on your browser also, because they can often encourage malware to settle in any graphics or images in your file. Disabling these plugins might mean that you lose some functions of your browser, but for everyday use you're likely to not even notice.

Whilst no method of protection is fail proof, these simple ideas combined they might just help you know when your PDF files are safe to download or not! 


pdf attachments safe

Are PDF Attachments Safe?

Think about the sheer number of times you have read or shared a document as a PDF? Probably more times than you can count, right?

PDF files are one of the universally most used document formats that almost every website has a few of. With the age of emailing when links are being shared constantly, it's more important than ever to decide if PDF files are truly safe to open.

Cyber-attacks usually try their hardest to trick people into opening PDF files and attachments in exchange for information.

The real problem is it can be super hard to know if a PDF document or attachment is dangerous just by looking it. That's because they attach a code that can compromise your whole computer by taking down your security system without you even knowing.

So, in short, the answer to the question are PDF attachments safe to open is double-side. Not always, but they can be and you can learn to protect yourself. Keep reading to find out how!

Are PDF Attachments Safe to Open: Our Tips

Update Your Software

One of the most often repeated pieces of advice that everyone is sick of hearing, but is true all the same, is that you need to keep your PDF reader software up to date.

More often than not we ignore the updates of our security features and readers because of the time they take to download and they often ask us to restart the computer.

Well, this may not entirely save you from all other PDF related problems, but it can certainly help to avoid viruses. Just make sure to download the update straight from the reader's website – working from the source is always best.

If you use Adobe Acrobat you can also use their Protected Mode, which will help you to open the PDF document in a sandbox. This means that your file will be opened in an isolated way, keeping it away from any kind of malicious software.

Reduce Plugins

Nowadays, many of us have a PDF reader plugin that allows us to open PDF files straight in the web browser, saving us time. Sadly, this comes with a major downside as it makes you more vulnerable to malicious software.

It's a much safer option to use the browser's built-in plugin that will open the PDF for you in a sandbox, so that you're secure.

We recommend that you should disable any plugins that might have been downloaded separately and are easily targeted by attackers, though it has been thought by experts for a long time that one of the best ways to prevent against PDF attacks is to remove you PDF reader from the web browser.

As they said, prevention is better than a cure.

Check Your Reader Settings

Another way of editing your PDF files is also to check the settings of your reader, and to make sure that your security settings on are on a maximum.

Unfortunately, if you turn up security features, this can sometimes take from other features. For example, using Adobe Acrobat's Protected Mode, you are definitely safer when opening PDF attachments, but you are no longer able to use features like printing or full screen mode.

Even though no advice is going to make you or your computer 100% secure, we hope these tips help you as they decrease your vulnerability.

are pdf smaller than word

Are PDF Files Smaller than Word Documents?

One of the most important quests of this new internet and computer age seems to be saving space on our disc drives. Naturally, one of the best ways to do this is to decrease the size of our files.

Here at Tweak, we're going to help you shrink your file size in the most effective way we can and answer the most important question: Are PDF files smaller than Word documents?

Keep reading to find out the key differences between PDF files and Word documents that decide the big file size difference!


How to Make PDF Files Smaller than Word Documents


Typically speaking, Microsoft Word documents are actually a lot smaller than PDF files. This is because of the amount of information they store. 

PDF files contain a lot more information than Word documents. For example, when you open a Word document you are replying on having the application (whatever version of Microsoft Word you use) to open the fonts, colors etc.

If you don’t have Microsoft Word downloaded as an application, the fonts, typography and colors will be substituted by something else.

This is a key difference with PDF files because PDF files have fonts and other text features embedded into them, which makes the file larger than the original. PDF files are like a freezeframe of your document with every feature from fonts to page numbers frozen exactly as they were upon creating the PDF file.

Thankfully, there are few different ways to try to reduce the size of your PDF files to smaller or equal to a Word document.


Sometimes, PDF files can be reduced in size straight from their Adobe application and this can help you to save space on your computer files.

For example, if you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI you can reduce the size of some of the embedded features in your PDF file by optimizing your PDF. This can be done by selecting 'File' and then 'Save as Other -> Optimized PDF'.

If you have converted your Word document to a PDF, it might be worth checking if that original Word document is embedded in the new PDF file. You can do this by looking at the embedded files. If the Word document file is there, that might explain to you why your PDF file size is a bit larger than you would have thought.

Another way of making sure that your PDF files are the same size as a Word document is to convert your PDF file back to a Word document.

It is recommended only to do this if you don't mind having your content accessible and editable by anyone who opens it. You may also have to check that none of your images, charts or graphics moved slightly during formatting which can occur with several online PDF converters.

Even though there are many online PDF converters that are free and secure to use, you can simply convert your PDF file to a Word document in Adobe Acrobat by selecting on the 'Export PDF file'.

We hope this helped you figure out if PDF files or Word documents are smaller in size and how to reduce your PDF file size. If you have any more PDF related questions, you should check out the rest of our posts on our blog!

top 10 pdf editing tool

Top 10 PDF Editing Tools

Finding the perfect PDF editing tool has never been easier. In this article, you will find five offline PDF editing tools and five online PDF editing tools, catering for all needs and budgets.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top ten PDF editing tools available to download or use straight from your web browser!


Top 5 PDF Tools for Offline Editing

PDFedit – PDFedit is a free, offline PDF editing software that helps you to manipulate PDF documents. You can download the software straight to your desktop and use a complete set of editing tools that help you to read, change and extract information from a PDF file.

PDFTK Builder – PDFTK Builder is another free PDF editing software. This program helps you to make changes and amendments to your document when you're offline. This program focuses more so on helping you to merge, split and rotate your documents if you need to. It's especially handy because it helps you to separate each page of the PDF document into a single file of its own.

PDFill PDF Tools – This program is one of the best overall PDF editing tools for offline use because of the number of features available – for free! PDFill PDF Tools has over ten features available, such as merging, splitting, deleting, encrypting, cropping and adding headers, footers and watermarks.

Adobe Acrobat – Adobe Acrobat is one of the best-known tools for PDF editing. To view PDF files for free you can use Acrobat Reader, but the other editing tools require a monthly subscription fee. Despite not being free, it has a good navigation key that is easy to use and helps you to editing your PDF documents to your exact needs.

Classic PDF Editor – As one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, Classic PDF Editor has many PDF editing features and downloads quickly to your desktop. It also has a comprehensive PDF converter for images, Word documents and Excel files. This offline PDF Editor also requires a monthly subscription with a free three-day trial.

Top 5 PDF Tools for Online Editing

Online PDF editors can also be incredibly useful because you can avoid getting any nasty viruses on your computer from any bad downloads or installations. So, here at Tweak we've compiled a list of some of the best PDF editing tools that you can use in your web browser!

Smallpdf – Smallpdf is a PDF editing tool that are many available features, including both common and uncommon features. Like many online editing tools, smallpdf can merge and compress your PDF files. But it also will help you to sign your PDF, personalizing it fully. Most features only take minutes to use and are free!

PDFescape – PDFescape is another example of a free, online PDF editor with a variety of features. With PDFescape, you can create new PDF forms, annotate PDF files and edit PDF forms. PDFescape is always really good for security reasons because you can password protect your PDF files.

Sejda – Sejda is probably one of the most popular PDF for adding links, text, images and shapes to your PDF files. What's special about Sejda is that it offers the same features in both online and offline version – so you can choose what suits your needs best! With Sejda you can split, merge, compress and crop your PDF files.

PDF Pro - PDF Pro is a great tool to help you to edit and review your PDF files. PDF Pro shares details of its incredible security system. It is available from any web browser and has no nagging sign-up requests once you stay under the 3 exports per month limit.

Tweak PDF Manager – Our easy to use tool has no ads, no installations and has seven of the most popular PDF editing tools. With Tweak you can merge, split, compress, convert, rotate and add page numbers and watermarks to your files. In addition to these, within each of the seven features, there are more personalization features available. For example, when adding your watermark, you can choose the opacity, page layering, typography, rotation and position.

And that ends our list of the top 10 PDF tools for both online and offline use. We hope you found out some interesting information and now know how best to decide what are the PDF editors for you!

edit pdf like word document

Can You Edit a PDF Like a Word Document?

Edit PDF like Word Document

There are two very simple ways that you can edit your PDF like a Word document and we're going to teach them to you now!

To be able to edit your PDF file as though it was a Microsoft word document means that you have to be able to edit the content and text itself along with other features, like adding page numbers.

There are two main options for you to use – Adobe Acrobat or a PDF editor like Word.

Edit PDF like Word with Adobe Acrobat

One of the first ways to do this is to purchase a Pro version of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat has a free download that helps you to reader PDF documents, but not edit them. To be able to edit them, you have to download and pay for a subscription to a Pro version of either Acrobat DC or Acrobat XI.

With these programs, you will be able to edit your PDF files using the navigation tools that are unique to Adobe. You can edit text as though you were using Microsoft Word.

Of course, the obvious downside to this is that you have to pay a subscription fee which can be quite hefty if you're not planning on using it regularly!

Online PDF Editor

It sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to edit a PDF file as if it was a Word document is to convert it into a Word document and then back into a PDF File.

There are so many great, online PDF editing tools that will have this done for you in time.

To convert your PDF file back into a Microsoft Word document, you can use a website called PDF2DOC ( There you can upload your PDF (or multiple PDF files) into the center of the webpage and your files will convert straight away and be ready for download!

You can then edit your Word document to suit what you need and when you're done you can simply convert it back to a PDF file with all of your new changes!

To convert your document back into a PDF file you can use Tweak PDF Manager ( Using Tweak's drag and drop feature, you can drop your Word document into the center of the page and watch it convert in less than five seconds!

The Verdict

So, there you have it – two fail proof ways to edit your PDF documents as if they were Word documents.

It's hard to decide which option is best for you. We'd recommend that you consider value for money, time consumed and ease of use in order to decide for yourself! Or you could always just try out both!


Can PDF Files be Converted to JPEG?

The short answer is yes. Your PDF files can be converted to JPEG files - and answering how is just as easy. PDF files are not built to be edited, but with certain converters, PDF files can be changed in JPEG files with ease and in a matter of moments.

Sadly, there is no inbuilt way to convert PDF files to JPEG on Windows. Apple Mac users, on the other hand, can use the Preview Program to convert their PDFs to JPEGs. Thankfully, however, there are a few different ways to convert PDF files, without a Mac.

Keep reading to found out some of the best PDF to JPEG converters that you can use – all of which are free!

How to Convert PDF Files to JPEG

There are many great PDF to JPEG converters that are online, free and easy-to-use. Below we have listed some of the online websites that will let you convert PDF files to JPEG files.

I Love PDF (

Software such as 'I Love PDF' let's you convert each PDF page into a JPEG or extract all images contained in a PDF.

'I Love PDF' only requires you to click one or two buttons, before your PDF files will be converted to JPEG.

A major benefit of I Love PDF is that it's free, while still being user-friendly and not too full of ads, as a website. is another classically simple way to transform your PDF files into JPEGs. With this particular server, you have a few more choices available to you. knows that the quality of your JPEG is important, and lets you choose between different levels of quality: Average, good, excellent.

You are also give recommendations of the levels of quality to use for average PDF files with text, PDF files with illustrations and rich illustrations. This makes choosing what level of quality to pick all the easier.

Smallpdf (

Smallpdf is another extremely useful PDF to JPEG converter. Smallpdf is also free and has a simple interface that is designed for easy use.

One of the reasons we love Smallpdf so much is because of its handy drag-and-drop feature that helps you to simple drag your document into the center of the yellow bar at the top of your screen. Once you've done that, your files are uploaded straight away.

Smallpdf is also really useful if you want to upload from Dropbox or Google and afterwards, you can pick the pictures you want and save them to your computer.

While it is free, you are given the opportunity to upgrade to Smallpdf Pro, which removes ads from your screen!

Conclusion: Can PDF Files be Converted to JPEG

The only possible conclusion of our original question is this – yes, your files can be converted to JPEG. As we've shown here, it's actually very easy to do with free, online PDF converters that support JPEG creation!

I Love PDF, PDF2JPG and Smallpdf are just a small selection of the free PDF converters on offer. Do yourself the favor of googling some of the PDF converters out there and you'd be surprised what you might find!

PDF editor and adobe acrobat

PDF Editor vs Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat feels as though it's been in our lives for a long, long time. And in a way, it has.

Its lengthy lifespan is part of the reason it has amassed such a following of loyal PDF managers, who use its service to edit PDF files daily.

Yet recently, more and more independent PDF editors have been crawling out of the woodwork and have also become very popular.

Many of these PDF editors are free, online and relatively secure, which makes it understandable as to why some people prefer it to the paid versions of Acrobat.

We're here today to put this debate to bed – which is better, PDF editor or Acrobat?

Read on to find out our pros and cons in the age old question - PDF editor vs Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat: Pros and Cons

Adobe Acrobat has many pros and sadly, some cons. Here is the most comprehensive list of both for Adobe Acrobat.


Easy to use – Adobe Acrobat makes PDF files very easy to view, share and print regardless of the operating system. The software can be installed onto any computer.

Navigation – Acrobat has its own navigation system with keywords. In a different layout but similarly to Word document, you can use bookmarks, hypertext links and thumbnails.

Magnification – Adobe Acrobat also helps you to get the best possible display on any document because of its magnification features of up to 800%. 

Compression – with Acrobat, you can compress documents without difficulty including JPEG file. This will save you file space on your computer.

Copy/paste - By using the copy and paste feature, you can transfer text from one PDF file to the next.

Edit text – This is a big difference between Acrobat and many other PDF editors. With Acrobat you edit the text you have written, as if you were using Word.

Multi-functional – With Adobe Acrobat there are many features that you can choose from. Some need payment, and some don't. Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC both need subscriptions. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, but that doesn’t allow you to use any of the PDF editing tools.


Navigation – while this was listed as a pro, it is also, a con. Many people complain that the Adobe Acrobat's navigation because it is unlike any other navigation tool and can be hard to understand because of the toolbar system.

Bugs – like most software, Acrobat has some bugs which can be quite frustrating for users. To remedy this, many users have gone back to using Acrobat XI as opposed to the Acrobat DC, which is usually preferred by users for PDF editing.

Poor interface – the Adobe Acrobat DC's interface is not all that easy to use. Some of the tools appear only some of the time, and not always when you need them. These problems haven't been updated recently.

PDF Editor: Pros and Cons


Cost-effective – using an online PDF editor is cheaper than buying any new desktop software such as Adobe Acrobat. Most online PDF are free or have a very minimal charge.

Mobile device friendly – if the software is online then it should be able to work on any mobile device or tablet which means you can edit PDF documents at any time.

Speed – generally speaking, online PDF editors are faster than most downloadable software because you don't have to waste time or computer space on a document.

Many features – most online PDF editing tools have quite a few editing features, so you shouldn’t feel as though you're missing out by not paying bigger bucks.


No direct text edits – one of the big flaws of these online PDF editing tools is that you can't directly edit text in them. This happens mostly because that level of editing is not available in a web browser.

Privacy – for some online PDF editing tools, the privacy policies aren't exactly confidential. If large companies use them, they might be afraid of who could read content that they would rather keep private.

Personal information – a percentage of online PDF editing tools ask for personal information, in exchange for allowing you to edit your PDF. This might be something simple like an email. If you don't want unwarranted emails, these are better avoided.

We hope this post helped you to decide whether you need to use a PDF editor or a program like Adobe!

compress without losing quality

Compress PDF Files without Losing Quality

It can be hard to find the perfect way to save space on your disc drive. Sure, we could always compress our PDF files, but what about quality?

What's the point in having PDF files if they're such bad quality that we can't even read them?

Well, now there is a way to compress and reduce your PDF files without losing quality, straight from your web browser.

Tweak PDF Manager is an online PDF editing tool with seven different features for PDF management and thankfully, it has a PDF compressor!

One of the main benefits of Tweak's PDF compressor is that it allows you to choose the level of compression that you want – never making the choice for you.

Entirely safe and free to use, keep reading to find out how to compress PDF files without losing quality with Tweak!

Reduce PDF Files without Losing Quality: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tweak PDF Manager's homepage will show you all seven different options of tools available to use. You can begin compressing your PDF files by clicking on the 'Compress' button!

This tool is pretty handy because it allows you to use a very handy drag and drop service that uploads your PDF documents straight from your desktop.

If you'd prefer you can upload your files manually by clicking on the PDF page icon, or you can upload straight from Dropbox.

When your file is uploaded, you can hover your mouse over the uploaded file and a curved arrow icon will appear in the top right-hand icon of the document. You can use this arrow to edit the rotation of your PDF file because you finally compress it.

If you're happy with the rotation, now you can choose between three different compression levels offered by Tweak – to help you get the compression and quality you want.

The three levels of compression offered by Tweak are as follows:

  • Extreme compression – less quality, higher compression.
  • Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.
  • Less compression – high quality, less compression.

You can choose between any of the three options, or even re-upload your original file more than once to try all of the features just to make sure that you get the compression quality that you want!

When you're happy with the compression level you've selected, you can click on the 'compress' button.

Now, depending on your web browser and computer, your newly compressed PDF file might download automatically. If now, select the 'download PDF' button.

Once this is done, you can return back to the Tweak PDF Manager and use any of the other six features!

With our tool, you can merge, split, convert, rotate and add page numbers and watermarks to your PDF files for free, as many times as you need.