Real Estate Advertisement Ideas

Easy & Effective Real Estate Advertisement Ideas

It is no secret that nowadays competition is intense across every business type – including real estate agencies. It is more important than ever to have a quirky and eye-catching marketing campaign to help you get your properties out there and give them the attention they deserve.

Any of the advertising ideas that you implement are bound to have a positive impact on your business that will help you to take your impact to the next level.

That's why in this article we've put together some of the most effective real estate advertisement ideas that are easy to execute. Check this out to see what you can do the revitalize your business!

Real Estate Advertisement Ideas

When it comes to advertisement and marketing, it's important to think outside the box and give your potential vendors a new and stimulating way to see your message and just what sets you apart from your competitors.

With an open-mind, you can cut ahead of all of the rest and give your real estate agency a real head-start.

Create an Online Persona

It is no surprise to anyone reading this that online marketing is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to marketing and moreover, increasingly effective. However, there is no point just uploading your listing without thought to how it looks to your customers.

With every upload you make online, you are subconsciously curving how your potential vendors see you – and how seriously they take your business.

That's why building a successful online persona is a useful way of making sure that the associations people have about your business are positive.

Take time to design a profile that can be viewed across all mobile devices, as well as laptops and think carefully about your color scheme, theme and fonts that you want to use.

With every decision ask yourself – how does this represent me?

Don't Underestimate Social Media

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that the person who is sitting on their couch scrolling Facebook on their phone is not the customer you are looking for. Well, you never know who needs a property and when.

That's why it is important to target customers where they spend the bulk of their time. While in person this might be the local library or supermarket, online the answer is most certainly social media.

Take time to consider the social media platforms you want to advertise on – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular.

Often the best advertisement on any social media is having your own profile that you carefully grow and post on with care – aiming, always, to add value to a person's time on that particular platform. If you post just for the sake of it, people will be able to tell.

Invest in Photography

Your whole business as a real estate agency is built around visuals. If a client doesn't like the appearance of a particular property, the likelihood is that they won't buy or rent it – no matter how well it might scrub up after a little bit of love.

That's why photography matters. Invest in quality photos of the properties you are listing, and your will see engagement sore.

We're always taught not to judge a book by its cover, but with housing, it's most certainly a common practice. Hire a photographer or at the very least, invest in a quality camera, and take your photos when the properties have been appropriately cleaned.

Invest in Design

Marketing materials – both online and offline – can be a real selling point for your business. Give your business a print and digital appearance that matches your office front and your website by keeping your color scheme and fonts consistent.

With Tweak Cloud, you can keep your brand integrity by using our online safe platform, with 24/7 access to your designs that you and your team can edit.

After you've designed your marketing brochures and leaflets from over a million templates, you will have live reporting of the printing process.

Check out our homepage to sign up for Tweak Cloud, and get a free demo! Our sales team are more than happy to help. 

Automation Branding for Realtors

Why Automation Branding for Realtors Matters

Nowadays, real estate is just getting more and more competitive so your brand needs to be even more instinctive.

To keep your brand out there in the public eye, your content needs to be consistently distributed with equally as consistent brand features.

Without your recognizable color scheme, typography, slogans and quality posts online or in print marketing, your brand is at a disadvantage.

Branding automation can make the process of consistent and stylistic marketing faster and more effective.

That’s why in this article, I've put together an article of all you need to know about automation branding for realtors!

What is Branding Automation?

In short, branding automation is a category of cloud software that is used by branding specialists. Branding automation streamlines everyday marketing and branding operations.

Branding automation forms to brings together many different tools for branding into a single channel.

Not all branding automation tools are the same. Some tools will streamline a business's emails and website. Others, will focus on social media and marketing.

Real Estate Automated Branding Ideas

When it comes to automated branding for real estate agencies and realtors, the key way in which automation can make life easier is through digital asset management (DAM).

Bynder, for example, has a great DAM system, that streamlines how marketers and designers find their products. When it comes to real estate, the need is the same.

You need quality templates for marketing materials as fast as possible. Tweak Cloud is also an ideal DAM solution for real estate branding.

Tweak Cloud offers a new way to manage all of your creative files by offering a safe online platform for all of your digital assets.

On top of this, Tweak Cloud has thousands of real estate templates, fitted with professionally written copy, to choose from.

If you already have designs from your graphic designer that you want to continue using, you can upload these directly to Tweak Cloud and continue making edits, without having the hassle of time waiting between communications with your graphic designer.

For real estate, Tweak Cloud is also, particularly relevant. Due to Tweak's dynamic publishing technology, full property details can be immediately populated into the templates with a single housing code.

If you want a free demo and to give Tweak Cloud technology a go, then visit our homepage to sign up.

Why You Need Real Estate Marketing Flyers to Promote Your Business

Winning a property listing is only one step in the long process of securing a sale. Advertising is a vital next step to gain interested buyers and flyers is an ideal means of doing this.

There are countless benefits to using flyers for advertisements, particularly in real estate.

First Impressions

Real Estate flyers will help you to create an impactful first impression – but also a lasting impression moving forward.

Your flyers will help you to tell your buyers that your real estate agency is professional, and the right choice for them to either list their property with, or buy through.

Bringing Your Brand to Life

Your flyers will serve as an embodiment of what your business stands for. No matter if you decide to hire a designer or use an online template, your flyers need represent your brand accurately by the use of brand images, logos and color palette. Flyers create a uniformity between your brand, giving your customers an agency they can trust.

If you are struggling to find the right online templates for you, check out Tweak Cloud where you can choose from over a million. Edit your design online in a secure platform, giving your team 24/7 access to your brand assets.

This helps your designers to focus on perfecting the ideal original design, while allowing you to make the small, everyday edits within seconds. Check out our homepage for more information.

Competition Comparison

With brand assets such as flyers, you are easily identifiable from your competition through your color schemes, fonts and quality imagery. If you have any reservations about the quality of your competition's flyers, you should consider targeting those areas in your own flyer campaign.

You can also do the opposite of what your competition is doing. If your competition is using only classic style designs, try minimalist ideas.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Flyers are undoubtedly, a fantastic way to keep your customers engaged with your content, because you will have selected the most important pieces of information to share. You will have to think hard as to what are the most important marketing messages for your business and how best to condense your message to mirror your brand's beliefs.

Most people don’t have all day to hear what you need to say, so you should focus just on the key points.

You should also remember that flyers are a great way of making sure that your clients know how to find you – make sure to include your contact details, phone numbers and addresses.

Premium Photography

As your real estate business relies upon the quality of the images you use to advertise your properties, flyers are a fantastic means of using your premium photography.

If you invest in photography, you should consider using the best of your photographs in your flyers. Photographs also take less time for your customers to digest and understand, then text.

So, if you maximize your quality photography, people will learn to have a level of trust in your brand as equating it with quality.

Photography also helps your customers, current and prospective, to establish a level of consistency with your brand. If you design flyers that are consistent in color scheme, style and logo use, then your brand will become recognizable in your target region.

real estate marketing strategies

Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Business

As every real estate agent or broker will know, competition can be fierce when it comes to leasing properties, and a good real estate marketing strategy is essential to gaining vendors.

Exposure is key. If your agency or realtors are front and center is people's eyeline, you are more likely to be people's first port of call when they need a real estate agent.

That's why in this article, we've put together some of the real estate marketing strategies and tactics that you can implement in your business, to help you gain more vendors and ultimately, income.

Online Real Estate Marketing Strategies that Actually Work

Photography Matters

Your business is based on your ability to impress with photography. You need to showcase your properties in the best possible light.

Even if the homes you are representing are visually stunning, if your online and print photos don’t show this, then you've lost a good chunk of your captive audience.

Invest in a quality photography to shoot the houses of your vendors, and the number of bookings you will have for viewings and people interested will grow exponentially.

Make sure to only photograph the houses in when they have been professionally cleaned are in the best possible condition they can be.

This will help your future buyers to imagine their lives within the house itself.

Use Social Media

You've probably heard this piece of advice before, but that doesn't make it any less important. Social media is a whole new form of advertising that doesn't just stop when someone turns off their TV to get away from ads.

With every scroll, your real estate agency has the opportunity to be noticed by a whole new group of people.

Posting your listings on sites other than your main website might feel unnatural in the beginning, but using visual social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram will help you to use those professional photos you've taken.

Using sponsored ads to reach the Facebook newsfeed of people who are already searching for houses in a particular locality can be a great use of a very small portion of your marketing budget.

Use Videos

This point perhaps links most closely with the idea of using social medias, but can also be a useful way of boosting your own website. Through images alone it can be hard for people to get a fully comprehensive, 360-degree view of the property.

By investing in a quality camera and videographer, you can post full walkthroughs of your properties to a YouTube account, social medias, but also on your own website under a property listing.

By doing this, you are automatically answering a lot of people's questions about the property, without having to answer a dozen emails.

Offer Your Knowledge

You might think that with your business all you have to offer is the properties you are listing. However, this is far from true. Think of all of the knowledge and expertise you have to offer through your experience at your job.

Why not offer that knowledge in order to gain traction and footfall of potential vendors?

If you host a webinar explaining some of the tips and tricks to watch out for when looking for a particular property, you will directly target the people who are looking for what you have to offer.

Not only this, they will also learn to trust you when you offer up your own time and help, for free or a very minimal cost.

Upgrade Your Marketing Materials

Online marketing is on the climb, but that does not mean that print marketing is necessarily on a decline. In fact, print marketing has never been more important – particularly for realtors.

By designing a professional looking flyer, leaflet, business card or brochure, your business information and contact details will land into the hands of those who needed it the most.

By being in someone's hand instead of on a screen, you will gain considerable touch closeness through a consumer's subconscious.

If you want to design quality marketing assets, without breaking the bank or upping your marketing budget, consider Tweak Cloud. Head to our homepage to find our free templates for thousands of business-specific marketing materials, complete with professionally written copy - all in one safe online platform.

Access your marketing materials at any time, from any web browser - edit, create and design in conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign).

For more information, check out our homepage and sign up for a free demo.


marketing ideas for realtors

Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Realtors

In today's marketplace, having the attention of buyers can be hard. There is so much competition and space for distraction. Which means that everything you do has have the potential to pique their interest.

Content is vital because of what it does for SEO – your realtors is more likely to rank in a Google search if you have quality content mixed with the right use of keywords, then you can really count on it that more people will find your website.

Content marketing is also very important because the content can be reused and recycled into your social media pages and emails.

Without further ado, here are our top five tips for content marketing ideas for realtors, designed to help you attract new traffic.

Top 5 Marketing Tips for Realtors

Use Your Social Media Accounts

The likelihood is that you have some accounts for your social media businesses that you haven't used in a long time. That is a fatal mistake. Social media accounts that are active and posting regular, quality photos of the properties you have to offer are guaranteed to pull in more traction for your business.

Try Instagram, which is a photo-centric social media and watching your following grow. You can reuse content from your website into your social media posts to save you time.

Offer an eBook

eBooks are perfect because they are specifically designed to be downloaded and read on our phones and tablets. They are unique, however, because they are a multi-purpose tool. You can generate a small revenue, typically from your book, but you can also attract new customers by offering expertise and tips into the real estate world.

Active Email Campaigns

In content marketing, humanizing your brand is vital. So, your email campaigns need to help you to emotionally connect with your clients.

If your email campaign focus on story-telling the individual joys and histories of each specific location, your customers will be more inclined to check out your listings. At the end of the month, you could curate your stories and listings into a single newsletter to be distributed to your subscribers.

Find Your Customers

Perhaps the most obvious content marketing strategy to find your audience. If you know where your audience spends time, then you can leave behind marketing materials like brochures, flyers and business cards with expert content written there.

This is going to take a little effort, but it will pay off when your begin to target customers who are undoubtedly looking for you.

If you want you professionally written templates specific to realtors, you can check out our homepage at Tweak where you can choose between 100,000 templates for free.

Invest in Visuals

As a realtor, your visuals are your business. Visual content is just as important as written content and can be used across a number of platforms. If you invest in having quality photos being taken of your properties, your customers first impressions of not only the properties but also you, will be changed entirely.

You should consider investing in one safe place for all of your marketing materials. Tweak Cloud is an online server that will help your team have round-the-clock access to your brochures, flyers, and other brand assets where you can make the small edits, at any time.

For more information, check out our home page.

Good luck marketing your real estate agency with these tips! 

marketing for realtors

10 Valuable Marketing Ideas for Realtors

The internet and in local publications is the first place prospective buyers or renters are looking. That's why you need to make sure that your realtors and real estate agents stand out as much as possible.

Marketing has never been more important, as the competition is all the more present now with what the internet offers in terms of advertising.

If you are looking for ways to breathe life into your real estate agents, then this post is for you. Without further ado, here is our list of ten valuable marketing ideas for realtors!

Up Your Social Media Skills

Boosting your social media skills with undoubtedly help give your agency a boost. With the nature of social media, you can use Instagram and Twitter to share excellently taken photographs of your properties, that you have to rent or sell.

Facebook groups have also become incredibly popular in recent times because of the nature that multiple people can comment and tag each other in different property posts.

Know Your Competition

You will only gain customers if you give some time to understanding your competition and what moves they are exercising in marketing. Where can you find them? How accessible is their website?

If you find their information easier to find in comparison to your own, then that is a sign that you need to change a pattern of your marketing. So, put some time aside to begin to understand what your competition's reach and if your target audiences overlap.

Walk-Through YouTube Videos

It can often be hard to begin to understand how a property looks just from images – especially if they are poorly taken. One of the best ways to combat this, is by using video. Video will always be a more comprehensive view of a property.

Consider setting up a YouTube channel that is linked to your website, offering property walk-through videos.

Email Campaigns

Having some type of call-to-action on your website that looks for email addresses can be a useful way of finding prospective buyers.

At the end of every month and quarter, you could consider sending your customers or just those subscripted, a newsletter about the recent properties that were made available and tips on how to buy in the current market.

Social Ads

Social ads are such a uniquely wonderful way of finding those people who are Google searching what you might have to offer. If you place Google ads, then you will likely appear on the Facebook and Twitter timelines of those who need to find a home to buy.

Build a Good Blog

This idea can link in directly with the 'email campaign' suggestion. If you want, you can curate all of your blog posts that might offer tips about how best to find a home to buy or sell. This is a great way to use all of your expert knowledge.

Invest in SEO

Without having your website made ready for search engines, there is no point having a good design layout or a brilliant blog.

We recommend that you either get yourself trained in search engine optimization (SEO) or pay someone to monitor your websites and blogs to make sure that you are ranking in your Google searches.

Imagery is King

When it comes to selling something, be it a carton of milk or a large property, imagery is necessary when marketing.

Those images need to be professional-looking and of a high quality. Invest in a good photographer to take quality images of your properties before you advertise them and put the images online.

Never underestimate the importance of our snapshot judgements.

Build Up Testimonials

If you have previously had happy customers who were satisfied not only with how their property was sold or the new one they bought but also your service, you should most certainly utilize their testimonials.

Prospective customers will trust what your past customers have said a lot easier than anything your marketing materials say.

Use Killer Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing is far from dead. With the tangibility of a photo of a property on a flyer, brochure or leaflet, people are more likely to make connections with properties than through social media.

Print marketing materials are also harder to outright avoid – but only if they are of a top quality.

At Tweak, we believe that designers should only have to focus their creative energy on the original design, and you can have control over the small, changeable details.

Tweak Cloud, you can use over one million creative marketing templates for free which can be specifically edited to suit your business.

Our templates also include pre-written copy that will save you time and expertise.

All of your digital assets will be in one safe platform, with 24/7 access. You won’t need expensive Adobe licenses, and your team leader can set your editing, sharing and PDF rights.

Share your real estate designs with your team at any time and make changes quickly - without contacting your designer.

For more information check out our website homepage.