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Direct Marketing Techniques for Realtors

If you are a real estate agent or a realtor then you will know all too well the challenges that your business can face with the wealth of stiff competition out there. Regardless of the competition, marketing has to be your answer. By getting your message out there about what you can offer clients, then your list of contacts will grow more and more.

Having regularly changing but well thought-out, direct marketing plan can be beneficial to  finding new clients and prospective clients.

Coming up with new marketing ideas for realtors can be simple, with brand new ideas cropping up left and right. That’s what we’ve aspired to do today, for you – give you direct marketing techniques for realtors.

We’re going to give you some tips for the challenging world of direct marketing for realtors with the goal of helping you to increase your client list and boost your profits by showcasing the natural quality of your real estate business!

Advantages of Direct Marketing

High-quality direct marketing campaigns focus on promoting a unique products or services and call on your customers to act - to receive further information, visit your website, or make a purchase.

Direct marketing also gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services directly to the customers who need them with great urgency. A good direct marketing campaign will build relationships with new customers and tell you which marketing approaches are appropriate for your target market.

Direct marketing campaigns need careful planning and a clear understanding of the goals of the marketing campaign. Being aware of the challenges of direct marketing will help you use direct marketing effectively.

Direct Marketing Techniques

1. Direct Mail:

Direct mail works by the company sending an email or a physical letter to a customer informing him of its offers with an implicit or explicit request to make a purchase. A key factor that determines the success of direct mail is the quality of the mailing list. List houses supply list on rental or purchase basis, which can be easily rented as these can go out of date easily.

2. Direct selling:

Telemarketing is used to reach and service a customer, when the sales potential of the customer does not warrant a face-to-face interaction with a salesperson. In an outbound telephone call, a marketer enquires about a reordering possibility. Such a transaction of the marketer taking a customer’s order, does not require face- to-face interaction. In an inbound telephone call, a customer places an order in response to a direct mail.

3. Supporting role to other promotional activities:

Face to face contact may be required for closing the sale, but selective buyer-seller interactions can be accomplished by telemarketers. These activities include establishing initial contact, taking orders and handling reorders. Implementation of a telemarketing support effort requires close co-ordination of field and telemarketing salespeople.

4. Advertise Locally

Think for a long time about your target audience. Design brochure, flyers and printed marketing materials that are ideal for targeting their attention and showcasing the properties you have on show – and the service you offer through consultation.

Design thought-provoking, eye-catching brand assets with the help of a streamlined automation system that can be changed and updated constantly with new asking prices and images.

You can check out Tweak Cloud – a dynamic design solution that offers you over a million different design templates for business types such as real estate. Input images, prices and information swiftly and easily while locking down your brand colors and fonts.

Create, edit and design in a portal where your team leader can decide what features of a brand asset can be changed and what needs to be preserved.

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great marketing ideas for realtors

Great Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Have you ever wondered how you can grow your client list in new and inventive ways – but found the idea of searching for different marketing tips for realtors intimidating? If so, you’re not alone, and thankfully, there's a solution here to help.

When talking about new marketing ventures for realtors and real estate agents, there are always new tools and supposed solutions on the market promising to bring your business to the next level. 

However, with all of this choice, it can be challenging to know which tools are the best and which may work in the short-term but ultimately be useless. 

That’s why in this article we’re going to talk you through some of the best and often free marketing tools for realtors that can be implemented easily. 

Read on to find some new marketing tips for your real estate agency to try out – without breaking the bank on your marketing budget!

Tips & Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Live on Social Media

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can receive regarding your real estate agency and boosting your client list, is to use the free promotion of social media. Treat all social media accounts with the same quality and message you do your agency’s website. Offer value and inform as best you can. 

Translate your website theme and brand identity to your social media accounts. Having a consistent theme, gives your brand identity a streamlined impression on your prospective customers and makes you easily recognisable in comparison to your clients. 

Advertise your listings on social media. Facebook in particular is a useful method of advertising, whilst being cost-effective, as is Twitter.

Use Your Expertise

Most likely, you’ve been in this business awhile and you know what you are doing as a realtor. Because of this you can try your hand at offering your expertise for free through an online webinar or in-person Q&A sessions which can be filmed and later uploaded to YouTube.

If you choose to offer your expertise for free, your business will gain an excellent reputation as being a credible source of information on all things real estate. 

Search for Referrals

Referrals and testimonials are some of the most important methods of gaining the trust of new clients - often customers will believe each other, over a brand. It’s important to realize how effective they can be when harnessed correctly. 

Upload testimonials on your website and social media accounts as often as clients are willing to share them with you. Most likely, they’ll be happy to help you out after the incredible service you gave them. Include video and image testimonials that are shot professionally. These will speak volumes for your work ethic. 

Watermarked Images

Images are emotive and inspiring and it is no secret that properties need high-quality images to sell. Invest in a high-standard of photography where possible and make both your properties and your brand look as good as possible. This will help your clients to begin imagining themselves within the properties. 

By watermarking images with your logo in the bottom corner of the images, you can impact your brand upon clients, without being forceful.

Tweak Cloud

Tweak Cloud aids you in protecting your real estate brand by offering professionally designed templates for brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, leaflets and more – specific to real estate.

Advertise your represented properties to the best of your ability with Tweak’s templates.

Tweak Cloud also has the additional benefit of being an online safe place for all of your brand files – with admin controls.

If you are worried that your agents might accidentally edit the color palette of your templates or change the brand-wide font, then you can set limitations, allowing them the ability to change the information.

When it comes to real estate, updating asking prices and property details can be a real hassle. That’s why Tweak Cloud uses dynamic publishing to update information.

With a single listing code, all of a property’s information will update into the template without seconds.

If you already have a template that you think represents your brand well, then you can simply upload it straight to Tweak Cloud and make edits instantly.

At our homepage, you can sign up for a free demo of Tweak Cloud with one of our sales ambassadors. We would be happy to help you.

Rental Property Marketing Ideas

7 Rental Property Marketing Ideas

It is no secret that the rental property market is full of ups and downs, which businesses can struggle to strive through and overcome.

Housing crises come and go, but rental property businesses need to survive. What's the best step to help aid this?

Well, revitalizing your marketing ideas and campaigns are a great way to start. Right now, you might do a little bit of print marketing and a touch of social media. Well, nowadays, you need much, much more to outlast your competitors, which is extremely possible thanks to the number of new and easy tools realtors have to choose from.

With this in mind, we've put together our top seven rental property marketing ideas to help boost business and grow your client list in a sustainable manner!

Our Top 7 Rental Property Marketing Ideas to Boost Business

1. Kickstart Your Social

Having a healthy online presence isn't exactly a revolutionary suggestion in a world in which most of our consumers are deeply affected by what they see online.

Instead, you should tackle your social media campaigns with a combination of high-quality images of the properties on offer and adverts. Advertising your properties through Facebook or Instagram is an inexpensive means of reaching the right target audience.

Your images and photos ought to represent a clean, streamlined view of your properties. This is especially important as they reflect on your business. If your properties are well represented, your prospective clients will feel like they will be too.

2. Invest in Business Cards

When clients are investing in your business to represent them or their property, they are doing this largely because of who you are.

A capable and professional representative is exactly what people want to experience when entrusting a real estate agent with their dreams of renting a property. A business card is an easy and relatively inexpensive means of showcasing your capabilities.

If someone expresses interest in your services, having a business card that will represent what you believe will offer your clients a great first impression. You can design agency-standard, high-quality business cards with Tweak Cloud in keeping with your business logo and color palette. Visit our homepage for more information.

3. Invest in Video & Share It

While having high-quality images of your rental properties is hugely beneficial and can work wonders for the impression your business offers, it is not the only avenue to explore. Giving the video a chance to showcase your business to its highest standard will give clients a more inclusive feel for the property.

This can be easily uploaded to your company's YouTube channel and shared across different social media channels without much hassle.

4. Have a Clear Value Proposition

This may not sound like this is particularly related to marketing but having the right value proposition will trickle into the general running of the business as this value proposition becomes your ethos.

What does your business stand for? If you know this clearly, display this message on your website, social media channels and printed marketing materials.

5. Revisit Clients

You might have heard from your clients. Are they still looking to rent or have they changed their minds and need help buying? The only way you'll know the answer is if you stay in touch with your clients.

Reach out and contact your clients and find out where they stand. With this, you may well learn how you can improve your service for the future.

6. Define a Brand

Your brand is what potential clients will begin to associate with you and needs to be designed carefully. Think hard about the color palette, typography, and copy-writing that reflects accurately on your business.

If possible, try your best not to change this once it is decided.

7. Advertise Local

Advertising online is great, but printed marketing within the locality of your business is also essential to grab the attention of locals who want to relocate to an area they know.

Think hard about where your prospective clients spend their time. Everywhere from coffee shops and supermarkets are ideal spots to hang up posters and leave brochures of your current properties on the countertop.

Using your new brand awareness, create marketing materials that pack a punch when they are first seen. Once again, this is possible with Tweak Cloud, which gives users access to over a million different design templates.

Good luck and happy marketing!

marketing to realtors

Marketing for Realtors - Unique Ideas

If you are a real estate agent or a realtor then you will know all too well the challenges that your business can face with the wealth of stiff competition out there.

Having a defined, but regularly changing, marketing campaign can be incredibly beneficial to change up your targets for marketing and finding new clients and prospective clients.

Coming up with new marketing ideas for realtors can be simple, with brand new ideas cropping up left and right. That's what we've aspired to do today, for you.

We're going to give you some tips for the complex world of marketing for realtors with the goal of helping you to increase your client list and boost your profits by showcasing the natural quality of your business!

Why Marketing Matters So Much

It would be the most groundbreaking fact that you will read today to realize that marketing is one of the most important ventures your business can take. Marketing builds brand awareness and has the direct result of increasing sales and engaging customers – when done correctly.

Marketing is primarily essential because it has never been easier than it is now. Social media has equalized the businesses that can market online in the most finance-friendly way. Regardless of business size, marketing is now on an even playing field.

There is no doubt that sales of anything – including properties and services – that is not based on the maintenance of healthy, happy relationships with customers and clients. Customer engagement in the realtor business is so exceptionally important. Marketing is a medium of keeping customers and clients engaged with relevant content – beyond the hours of work.

Marketing also has the potential to continue growing upon itself in a large way. Marketing successfully targets current clients – while also targeting new clients at the same time. Little efforts such as social media can help existing or past clients to pass on the knowledge of the quality of your service.

In short, marketing grows your business's future while maintaining the business's present health.

Creative Advice Marketing for Realtors

In this competitive marketing environment for realtors, defining creative advice is hard to come by. Here are our unique ideas to help boost your real estate business:

Boost Your Image Quality

When it comes to selling properties by any means, photo quality is everything. Any client can look an image on a website or in a printed marketing material and know if the image used is of high or low quality. 

Chances are if your image quality is low, your first impression will be damaged with your clients. Invest, where possible, in a professional photographer who will make your potential homeowners stop and take notice.

Become Active Online

Pretty much everyone who is looking for a home is active online – either on social media or scouring websites of local realtors and real estate agents. Well, just like a garden, nurturing an online presence can truly have fruitful results.

Post online about more than just properties listings and your valuable content will gain traffic and qualified engagements from potential customers.

Speak with Past Clients

One of the most untapped sources of quality marketing comes in the form of our past clients. Having positive referrals as testimonials on your website and marketing materials can truly benefit your business.

People will always trust the recommendation from their friends and family over all of the other marketing formats that come directly from a business.

Advertise Locally

Think long and hard about your target audience. Where do they spend time? Design brochure, flyers and printed marketing materials that are ideal for targeting their attention and showcasing the properties you have on show – and the service you offer through consultation.

Design thought-provoking, eye-catching brand assets with the help of a streamlined automation system that can be changed and updated constantly with new asking prices and images.

You can check out Tweak Cloud – a dynamic design solution that offers you over a million different design templates for business types such as real estate. Input images, prices and information swiftly and easily while locking down your brand colors and fonts.

Create, edit and design in a portal where your team leader can decide what features of a brand asset can be changed and what needs to be preserved.

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Cheap Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Cheap Marketing Ideas for Realtors

As we live in an age of increased technology, it has become increasingly important for businesses to consistently revive their marketing techniques. Having powerful marketing techniques can work wonders for real estate agents and their client list.

However, no one wants their new marketing techniques to entirely break the bank on their marketing budgets. Your overall goal should be to choose marketing strategies that are inexpensive that expose you to more clients that you can work with – achieving a happy outcome for both.

By getting your message out to a larger audience, you can be sure that a portion of people who see your marketing materials will contact you for further information.
Read on and find some tips on how to marketing your real estate agency for success against your stiff competition!

Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Embrace Social Media

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you regarding your real estate agency is to use the free promotion of social media – it's cheap but effective. Treat all social media accounts with the same quality and message you do your agency’s website.
If your website has a minimalistic style, then you should translate that theme to your social media accounts. Having a consistent theme gives your brand a streamlined impression on your prospective customers.
Advertise your listings on social media. Facebook, in particular, is a useful method of advertising, whilst being cost-effective.

Optimize Your Website

On your website, the use of keywords can be a fantastic means of giving your agency a boost in the Google ranks.
Consider working with an SEO specialist who will help you to use keywords, professional headlines, and back-linking to optimize your website. By using local-orientated keywords, you will be able to attract buyers in your area.

Don’t Forget Testimonials

With every client who has a positive experience with your agency, is a testimonial and review waiting to be written and used on your website.
For your website, reviews are necessary to instill confidence in your future clients. Ask your past client to explain how they decided to use your agency’s talents and exactly how easy and streamline the process for them too.


An MLS or Multiple Listing Service is an organization that gathers and hands out information about homes listed for sale by different real estate agents or brokers.
This is an incredibly powerful tool for real estate agents to visit.

Automate Your Marketing

Marketing automation is an extremely useful way for a real estate agent and broker to grow their business. Undoubtedly, you have so much to do in any one day that marketing can sometimes be left by the wayside.
Automated marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, leaflets and more, that accurately reflect your brand can be exceptionally helpful your workflow and minimize the cost of printing.
That is primarily what people use Tweak Cloud for. This is an online automation tool that works from any web browser. Design your marketing materials from a choice of over a million professionally designed templates, pre-fitted with content and excellent imagery.
Access your designs 24/7 and send them to a printer and receive live updates on the whereabouts of your designs.
For more information, check out our homepage and sign up for a free demo.

The Very Best Marketing for Realtors

Marketing for Realtors - What Works

Nowadays, there is no shortage of creative ideas out there for all kinds of marketing. From content marketing to online marketing, there are always new ways to get your potential clients engaged and hopefully, gain future referrals.

In the age of the internet, it can also be very easy to assume that everything you need to do for marketing requires a Wi-Fi connection. Well, actually, there are many different ways to target clients on a local and expanded base.

With the increasing number of real estate marketing tools out there, it is more important than ever to target what the marketing techniques that suit your real estate business.

That's why we've compiled a list of some of the best marketing ideas for realtors that you likely haven't tried yet.

Perfect Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Content Marketing for Realtors

Well, with this suggestion, you do need a Wi-Fi connection to spread around the message of what your real estate agency offers over your competitors.

Content marketing is an eternally improving method of marketing that aims to get the unique features of your business out there to an expanded, online audience. There an abundance of features for content marketing that might suit your business over others.

Think about your business and how best you can service your features and in what form. With content marketing, you can take part in many varieties of passing information to others.

For example, you can create infographics of your real estate business. Viewers and potential clients retain information more fully when it's visual and easy to understand. Consider who is your target market and it is worth it for you to make your service digestible in a form other than web content or radio and TV advertisements.

Another option is for you to consider running a blog, offering your expertise for free to your clients and potential clients. Run an FAQ format blog targeting different aspects of the buying or selling process weekly or rotate this with a webinar. By offering your hard-earned expertise for free, you will gain the respect of your target audience.

Other options include writing an eBook, shooting and promoting videos and social media outlets.

External Presence on Websites

No realtor or real estate agent should underestimate the value of marketing their business through external websites.

For example, aim to feature your real estate agency on Google My Business. Google My Business is a Google-powered platform that allows businesses to manage their online presence.

Thankfully, it is exceptionally easy to set-up a GMB account. Your profile and full business details will begin to appear in the search results. Your customer outreach will blossom – particularly for mobile searchers.

You can also market on Zillow, which allows your full range of properties to be accessible from your web browser. Your users can also gain a 'Zestimate' for the price of their prospective properties.

Marketing Materials

Having said all of the above, the importance of marketing materials for offline distribution has not dropped. Nowadays, marketers need to deploy both offline and online marketing at the same time in order to cover all of their bases of their target audience.

Having flyers, leaflets, brochures and posters representing your business are hugely beneficial. You can place these marketing materials directly into the hands of your business's target audience by dropping your flyers into local coffee shops or restaurants.

However, because this is a targeted form of direct mail, your design needs to be perfect. With the correct logo, color palette and typography, your marketing materials can transform your business.

Tweak Cloud aims to assist in this, by functioning as one platform for all of your digital assets that are available 24/7. Users don't need Adobe licenses to access over a million design templates and edit them from a web browser in conjunction with Adobe InDesign.

Take your pick from leaflets, flyers, brochures, posters and business cards to input your information to. Tweak Cloud's designs are specific to 350 different business types, include real estate. They contain premium photography and professionally pre-written copy.

You can check out our homepage for more information in Tweak Cloud and sign up for a free demo – our sales team would be more than happy to help you.

On behalf of Tweak, we wish you and your real estate agency the best of luck with marketing!

Rental property marketing ideas

Top Rental Property Marketing Ideas for Business Success

As a realtor, you've most likely thought about how you can give your marketing techniques a boost, and ultimately gain more clients.

Marketing is a game that is constantly changing and with that, your techniques need to be constantly updated to keep your customers interested – and to attract new ones.

In today's changing market with the internet competing with print media, it can be hard to think of how you can turn traditional marketing techniques into a unique selling point for your business.

That's why in this article we've put together a list of our best rental property marketing ideas to boost business success and help you gain clients and vendors.

Build an Online Persona

As a real estate agent, you more than likely have a website that helps to give people information about the properties that you represent. 

However, that doesn't have to be where you stop. Instead, you can work on building an online persona through your website and social media profiles.

By having a consistent tone in any of the content you upload, along with brand integrity through your fonts, color palettes, and typography.

Offer Your Expertise

Think about it – as a realtor, you have likely gathered a huge amount of information about tips and pitfalls to avoid when you are looking into buying or renting a property.

Well, a useful means of gaining traffic might be to offer your expertise to help others. By hosting a webinar or writing a blog linked to your website, answering some vital questions first time buyers or sellers you will gain traction to your brand.

By offering your information for free, you will unwittingly gain a positive reputation with your other prospective clients that can travel through word of mouth to future costumers.

Use Video with Social Media

Social media is the kind of marketing tool that needs no explanation. There is such a variety of sites that you can showcase your properties to anyone at any time – once they're scrolling on their phones!

However, with apps like Instagram and YouTube utilizing video can be all a handy trick to set your agency aside from your competitors.

Photography is brilliant, but when it comes to buying or renting a property, people need to see the whole product.

When a prospective customer sees that they can view a whole house at its best, they will be more like to click on your website and social media accounts, over your competitors.

Hire a Photographer

While videos are brilliant and definitely worth implementing, photography is still a factor of real estate agencies that we cannot ignore.

However, if you're going to have photos on your website, you should take care to invest in a quality photographer.

Photograph your properties when they have been cleaned and are looking their best and you will be surprised at how easily your clients will be able to imagine themselves in that home.

In-expensive Brand Assets

It's no secret that having the right business cards, leaflets, brochures, flyers and other marketing materials can truly make the difference between whether or not someone takes your real estate agency seriously.

When you combine your premium photography with quality templates for marketing materials they are sure to be eye-catching. But that doesn't mean you have to spend all of your marketing budget on printing costs.

For example, you can choose between thousands of templates for postcards, business cards, posters, brochures, leaflets and more with Tweak. You can edit them online for free and design great rental property assets. Check out our homepage for more information or to just get designing straight away.

We hope you've found some of these tips useful and will use them to guide your real estate business to success!

Postcard ideas for realtors

Unique Postcard Ideas for Realtors

Direct mail marketing campaigns are still among some of the most popular and effective marketing campaigns out there. Not only that, they're also incredibly cost-effective.

For realtors, postcards are a great way to display a snapshot of what your business stands for – and the properties that potentials vendors might be interested in.

But there are some tips and tricks that are essential to know before you run your marketing campaign and print your postcards. Here is a list of our best advice to help you boost your business and gain clients!

Know Your Audience

Knowing who you are trying to reach with your campaign is the most effective means of sending postcards. Think of who your potential clients might be. Are they families with young children needing to move to a bigger space or are they young graduates looking to move out to an apartment share?

It makes much more sense in terms of effectiveness to send out your postcards to specific people rather than mass areas and localities in the hopes of reaching someone who needed a good realtor. This method will also save you a lot of postcards that are better used for targeted clients.

Get to the Point

Postcards have a considerably smaller space than some other marketing materials, like leaflets. That's why postcards need to be short and to the point. Keep your message brief and remember to explain to just how your customers can benefit from your services as a realtor.

Make it hard for your prospective clients to avoid what you have to offer. You'll be surprised by how many people might end up using your contact details.

Use Visuals

Your whole real estate agency business is entirely dependent on the appearance of the properties you are representing for other people. When beginning a postcard campaign, your visuals will be what grabs people's attention, not your words.

Invest in a good photographer, and capture your properties in the best light. This will undoubtedly help your customers to begin to imagine themselves in their new homes. Make sure to use both sides of the postcard to your advantage, leaving plenty of space for visuals.

Bold Headlines

What will attract people to your business postcard in the first place will be, alongside your visuals, your eye-catching headline that summarizes exactly what your realtors can do for potential clients.

This is worth spending a lot of time thinking about because in an ideal situation, your tagline can be used across the board on your brand. This is great for helping people to create associations with your brand.

Just like we all know the McDonalds tagline ('I'm lovin' it') or Tesco's famous phrase ('every little helps') - wouldn't it be ideal if people could create the same associations with your real estate brand. From just a phrase, people can tell a great deal about your business and what you stand for.

Don't Break the Bank

While postcard campaigns can be incredibly effective when carried out correctly, there is no need to blow all of your marketing budget. Especially because of the great number of postcard providers that offer free or inexpensive templates that have great, simple design.

That's why the templates we've listed are perfectly designed to leave you space for your visuals and text. Send your template to your chosen printers, and you are all set to begin a successful postcard campaign.

Design incredible realtor postcards with Tweak Cloud - an online platform that gives you and your team 24/7 access to your designs.

Let your designers focus on perfecting the original design and leave the small detail changes to you, saving you time and optimizing your workflow.

Check out our homepage for more information.

Real Estate Advertisement Ideas

Easy & Effective Real Estate Advertisement Ideas

It is no secret that nowadays competition is intense across every business type – including real estate agencies. It is more important than ever to have a quirky and eye-catching marketing campaign to help you get your properties out there and give them the attention they deserve.

Any of the advertising ideas that you implement are bound to have a positive impact on your business that will help you to take your impact to the next level.

That's why in this article we've put together some of the most effective real estate advertisement ideas that are easy to execute. Check this out to see what you can do the revitalize your business!

Real Estate Advertisement Ideas

When it comes to advertisement and marketing, it's important to think outside the box and give your potential vendors a new and stimulating way to see your message and just what sets you apart from your competitors.

With an open mind, you can cut ahead of all of the rest and give your real estate agency a real head-start.

Create an Online Persona

It is no surprise to anyone reading this that online marketing is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to marketing and moreover, increasingly effective. However, there is no point just uploading your listing without thought to how it looks to your customers.

With every upload you make online, you are subconsciously curving how your potential vendors see you – and how seriously they take your business.

That's why building a successful online persona is a useful way of making sure that the associations people have about your business are positive.

Take time to design a profile that can be viewed across all mobile devices, as well as laptops and think carefully about your color scheme, theme and fonts that you want to use.

With every decision ask yourself – how does this represent me?

Invest in Photography

Your whole business as a real estate agency is built around visuals. If a client doesn't like the appearance of a particular property, the likelihood is that they won't buy or rent it – no matter how well it might scrub up after a little bit of love.

That's why photography matters. Invest in quality photos of the properties you are listing, and your will see increased engagement.

We're always taught not to judge a book by its cover, but with housing, it's most certainly a common practice. Hire a photographer or at the very least, invest in a quality camera, and take your photos when the properties have been appropriately cleaned.

Sales Enablement Solution Examples

Don't Underestimate Social Media

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that the person who is sitting on their couch scrolling Facebook on their phone is not the customer you are looking for. Well, you never know who needs a property and when.

That's why it is important to target customers where they spend the bulk of their time. While in person this might be the local library or supermarket, online the answer is most certainly social media.

Take time to consider the social media platforms you want to advertise on – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular.

Often the best advertisement on any social media is having your own profile that you carefully grow and post on with care – aiming, always, to add value to a person's time on that particular platform. If you post just for the sake of it, people will be able to tell.

Invest in Design

Marketing materials – both online and offline – can be a real selling point for your business. Give your business a print and digital appearance that matches your office front and your website by keeping your color scheme and fonts consistent.

With Tweak Cloud, you can keep your brand integrity by using our online safe platform, with 24/7 access to your designs that you and your team can edit.

After you've designed your marketing brochures and leaflets from over a million templates, you will have live reporting of the printing process.

How to Design a Tri-Fold Brochure

Check out our homepage to sign up for Tweak Cloud, and get a free demo! Our sales team are more than happy to help. 

Automation Branding for Realtors

Why Automation Branding for Realtors Matters

Nowadays, real estate is just getting more and more competitive so your brand needs to be even more instinctive.

To keep your brand out there in the public eye, your content needs to be consistently distributed with equally as consistent brand features.

Without your recognizable color scheme, typography, slogans and quality posts online or in print marketing, your brand is at a disadvantage.

Branding automation can make the process of consistent and stylistic marketing faster and more effective.

That’s why in this article, I've put together an article of all you need to know about automation branding for realtors!

What is Branding Automation?

In short, branding automation is a category of cloud software that is used by branding specialists. Branding automation streamlines everyday marketing and branding operations.

Branding automation forms to bring together many different tools for branding into a single channel.

Not all branding automation tools are the same. Some tools will streamline a business's emails and website. Others will focus on social media and marketing.

Real Estate Automated Branding Ideas

When it comes to automated branding for real estate agencies and realtors, the key way in which automation can make life easier is through digital asset management (DAM).

Bynder, for example, has a great DAM system, that streamlines how marketers and designers find their products. When it comes to real estate, the need is the same.

You need quality templates for marketing materials as fast as possible. Tweak Cloud is also an ideal DAM solution for real estate branding.

Tweak Cloud offers a new way to manage all of your creative files by offering a safe online platform for all of your digital assets.

On top of this, Tweak Cloud has thousands of real estate templates, fitted with professionally written copy, to choose from.

If you already have designs from your graphic designer that you want to continue using, you can upload these directly to Tweak Cloud and continue making edits, without having the hassle of time waiting between communications with your graphic designer.

For real estate, Tweak Cloud is also, particularly relevant. Due to Tweak's dynamic publishing technology, full property details can be immediately populated into the templates with a single housing code.

If you want a free demo and to give Tweak Cloud technology a go, then visit our homepage to sign up.