Retail Business Development

Ideas for Retail Business Development

It is no big secret that the main way in which retail businesses develop, is by increasing their customer. In short, more customers and clients mean more traffic and profit. More profit, in turn, means that the company has more money to be used for business expansion. 

So, the ultimate question is: how do you increase your customer base?

With the right ideas for retail business development, you can recharge your retail business and achieve all of the expansions you wish within your sector. That's what we're aiming to help you with today – we're going to explain our favorite tips and ideas for retail business development and how you can apply them for your business.

Keep reading to find out how to take your retail business to the next level. We're going to begin with one of the key ares for expanding your customer base: marketing. 

Why Marketing Matters

Marketing is routine in business - it is a necessary technique that has to happen for success, right? However, we never quite think about the exact reasons we rely on marketing to boost our businesses and bolster our profits.

Nowadays, marketing is about building relationships and satisfying needs for customers. Everything from online marketing, social media, printed marketing materials and PR need to be about recognizing what makes your business different from your key competitors. 

Marketing is an extremely practical way of making sure that your business has a clear end-goal and your customer knows of your past successes – and how they can be a part of your future ones.

Marketing is all about getting the message out there – without the knowledge, your customers can't possibly know what you have on offer for them to purchase.

What to Know Before You Start

It's important to start in your marketing plan with the knowledge that you need a strategic plan to help take your retail business to the next level. Without clear goals, your money will be poorly spent. 

If your based relationship-building techniques have not been working the past, then it might be time to revitalize what you have been doing. Change your message, how you're communicating the benefits of your business and find new advice and experts.

Before you begin, be clear on the goals of your retail business. What success do you want to see? Create measurable goals with direct and you will produce the desired results.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of marketing to remember, the customer will make or break your success. Sounds basic, right? Well, it can be easy to forget that your customers are giving money for your products or service and are not obligated to.

Everything you do, needs to be geared towards your customers. After all, customers can really easily say that what you're offering is not to their taste – and then you're stuck.

Marketing Ideas for Retail Business Success

Encourage Shoppers to Return

Marketing is also much about encouraging your old customer to return, as it is about bringing in new foot traffic. However, excellent customer service might not be enough to get your customers to return – or refer your business onto their friends – especially if an online competitor exists.

One of the best things that can be done is to make an effort with your storefront and instore experience as much as possible – along with adding little touches to thank your customers for their loyalty.

These can come in the form of loyalty cards in return for vouchers or discounts.

Advertise Locally

Even if you have a booming online business, you can never afford to ignore your locality. People need to feel like your business is beneficial to their community and if you blend in seamlessly with their home, then you will attract respect and attention.

Use flyers, brochures, posters and business cards where your target audience spends time. If there is a local coffee shop or supermarket that you can advertise in, then we encourage you to take the opportunity.

You can advertise through marketing materials with Tweak Cloud – which has over a million different agency-standard templates that can be edited, designed and sent to print all from your web browser! In tight conjunction with Adobe InDesign, you can make your designs perfect – in seconds.

You can visit our homepage to sign up for more information and for a free demo!

Host Free Events

This idea might sound like you are setting yourself up for making a loss – a free event will undoubtedly cost money to run. However, this will be made back and more through the increased foot traffic into your retail business after the event.

Depending on your business you could run a cooking class, a fashion show, a national workshop or a beauty and pamper evening. There is an endless number of ideas out there for successful events in a retail business.

By showcasing what you have on offer and asking for nothing in return from the customer (initially, of course), you will increase awareness about your business and encourage word-of-mouth from between members of the public. 

Use Videos Creatively

There is no real better way of getting information out about your product than through a fun video. In a video, there is so much room to create an expressive story showcasing your products or services.

With an informative video, your chances of going viral are higher and the number of people who know about your products is higher.


Encourage a sense of urgency into every marketing message you do, and your audience will feel a pressure to give in and buy your product or service.

Offer discounts and vouchers with expiration dates and see how the shoppers react – after all, no one wants to pay full price.

Supermarket Marketing Budget Cost Savers

Are you beginning to think about your marketing budget for the new quarter? Perhaps you are considering how you can reduce your budget or better manage it.

Whether it’s your first time creating a marketing budget or if you’re looking for some advice on the obvious marketing expenses and how to determine which ones you should keep, or reduce, we’re here to help. 

In this post, we’re going to assist you in how to come up with a reasonable and sustainable marketing budget that helps you map out your marketing plan for your supermarket and make sure that your marketing expenses give you the results that you desire. 

Supermarkets are among some of the most popular retail stores in any country and use a lot of their budgets on marketing. We're going to help answer the question – is all of this budget strictly necessary?

Tips for Saving Marketing Budget for Supermarket

Build Core Values 

Unnecessary spending usually hits marketers who fail to focus on the optimization of their marketing techniques with regard to their budgets.

By focusing on inbound marketing, however, this is less likely to be a problem. Inbound build values from its activities, encouraging customers to find their way to your supermarket.

Instead of using outbound marketing techniques such as cold calling, inbound marketers go with the methods that help them build the businesses’ values through the eyes of their respective audiences.  

Inbound marketing focuses more on how to delight audiences and offers the things that will draw them to your business. That is why it is incredibly important to understand your business persona before you begin your new marketing campaign.  

Know What is Working 

How many campaigns have you run successfully? Do you know the answer to that?  

If not, you should.  

You should pay a lot of attention to those campaigns that worked very successfully. If a particular digital marketing technique was working in the past, do not leave it behind and try running it again. If content was able to convert leads, then try to run a similar campaign or repurpose an older, successful campaign into a new, better one.     

Ads are expensive to produce and expensive to run. But there are ways to get your advertising message in your prospect's hands at a fraction of the cost of space advertising – such as inexpensive social media marketing ads. Twitter and Facebook ads are hugely effective and inexpensive to run. After all, social media is accessible by your target audience at all times.  

Expand your reach where possible, helping you to overcome any barriers of distance. You can market your goods in any part of the country, without hassle. This is very helpful if your supermarket is part of a franchise. What you market in one, is present in the other helping the entire franchise to gain foot traffic. 

Invest in Marketing Materials  

Every business wants to reduce brochure printing costs of their marketing materials, it's often a very critical goal of the marketing department. It is a major marketing expense and can quickly erode a marketing budget. However, many businesses are under the impression that, in order to reduce brochure printing costs, you have to order your brochures in bulk.  

Using services like Tweak or Flyeralarm, it is possible to select from hundreds of attractive pre-designed brochures, which include premium quality photography, professionally written copy, which can be customized to the needs of the business.  

This design and the creative assets associated with it will be included in the cost of printing the brochures which substantially reduces the cost of ‘starting from scratch’ with a blank page and paying for every minute of time which is being spent on the project. 

This may not seem like the ideal answer for some business owners, who may not favor the designs available or who feel the need for a professional designer to create something unique for their brand. But for them, there’s the option of using the kind of savings that the global coffee brand achieves. 

Online Retail Business Ideas That Leave an Impact

If you want to start a business where you offer finished products directly to consumers, then retail is definitely the direction you should be looking. There are plenty of different types of retail businesses. But some are more expensive than others to get up and running.

Regardless of your type of retail business, marketing is an essential skill that a business must employ.

Due to this, we've decided to put together a list of online marketing ideals for retail business that will aid any digital marketing manager or brand manager.

In this consumer-driven world we live in, where relationships are vital, there are messages always trying to convince us to buy one product or another or try out some service. This is what makes retail marketing so extremely challenging. Retailers are often fighting for attention to get prospects to hit the 'check-out' button or come to their storefront eagerly and swipe their cards. 

No matter the goal, online marketing is an exceptional asset that a business can benefit from hugely.

Write a Blog

Blog posts provide a powerful addition to a retail businesses website and help establish two things with relative ease; relationship building and Search Engine Optimization.

In short, Search Engine Optimization increases the likelihood of a customer reaching your site through organic search - as your business improves in search engine rankings. The more you write, the greater the likelihood of being found. Like social media, blogging is a form of advertising that is entirely free and hugely beneficial.

Set Clear Goals

Even the marketing professional will tell you that placing a deadline on garnering a specific amount of followers and generating a profit from that is almost impossible. The internet is vast and your efforts can easily be lost in the shuffle of other businesses.

Today it could be smooth sailing and the next it could bring choppy winds and high waves. Even if you don’t meet the numbers you were expecting, that doesn’t mean you failed, it just means you need to compensate for where you fell short in your other markting efforts. Find your niche that suits your business and attack it like you would your problems.

Search Engine Optimization

As we've previously mention, having a great looking website is all well and good. Creating useful, compelling, actionable content is also beneficial for improving your brand awareness. You might also have some amazing products or services on your site that people really need and love.

However, none of those triumphs matter if no one can find it.

Here’s a website marketing strategy you can’t ignore. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short - improve your search engine rankings and improve your visibility. 

Social Media Marketing

Using social media is a basic piece of advice, but you'd be surprised how often businesses ignore this key area of advice. 

You can’t really ignore social media in this digital age -  it’s not going to go anywhere fast soon and you can probably remember a handful of ads you've seen scrolling your own Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline. Social media is here to stay for a very long time.

And, as more people flock to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you need to start thinking of new ways to get your business noticed, and in front of your target audience, using social media.

The key aim with social media is choose and focus your efforts on the platforms that give you the most level of interaction.

Direct Sales Ideas to Attract Attention

Direct Sales Ideas to Attract Attention

In this day and age of competitive business, having the right marketing techniques can make a huge impact on a business's success. But in order for this to happen, we need to consistently find new and exciting direct sales ideas to attract the attention of potential customers.

Customers and clients make or break businesses daily. To understand what they need, we have to know exactly how to reach them.

In this article, we're going to explain some of the best direct sales ideas for marketing your business in the best light. Get ready to be eye-catching, exciting and stimulating in comparison to your competitors.

But first, let's talk about what exactly direct sales are – and why they're a priority.

What is Direct Sales?

As a business person, the likelihood is that if you don't know what direct sales are, you're not doing your job very well. Or selling your product or service as effectively as possible for maximum profit.

Direct sales or the process of direct selling is the means of selling a product or service to a customer without the medium of a retail environment. In short, sales can take place in work, online or at home – just anywhere that isn't a shop-like environment.

Generally, the products sold in direct sales transactions are not typically found in a retail environment. After all, if they were customers would simply find them at their local shopping center.

Many businesses that sell to other businesses practice direct selling (B2B). For example, advertising or marketing solutions are often sold from companies to sales and marketing representatives in other businesses, without the presence of a retail setting.

In direct sales, individuals reach out to customers directly and can be the bread and butter of many businesses when it comes to tallying up their end of year profit.

Types of Direct Sales

There are different types of direct selling which suit some situations more than others, undoubtedly. Typically, there are three different types of direct sales.

These include:

Party Plan – This kind of sales is done in a group setting in which a representative might work with others in a fixed location.

Multilevel Marketing – Direct selling in multi-level marketing can be done in a variety of ways, including single or party presentations. This is often called network marketing too. This type of direct selling can include online stores and catalogs.

Single-Level – Single-level direct sales is one-on-one through in-person or door-to-door sales. Sales can also be done online too.

Direct Sales Ideas & Advice

There are a variety of different options for direct sales marketing that you can do to get attention to your business.

  • Set up an online party or host an event in which you can share the link to your Facebook and network with your customer list. Share any advice you have and receive advice from others.
  • Appear at events to showcase your talents and what you can do for businesses. Look up vendor events and meet people and market your business.
  • Hold a fundraiser event locally. This will help you to gain customers who can work off of sales commission.

Top 10 Supermarket Marketing Techniques

Top 10 Supermarket Marketing Techniques

As customers, we’ve become accustomed to experiencing the best when we enter a supermarket to do our weekly shop or pick up some groceries for dinner. And rightly so – but that also means that supermarkets have to market very differently than they once did.

Customers must have their needs met and the information about your offers has to find its way into the laps of customers in new and exciting ways.

There are a variety of different approaches possible for improving your supermarket marketing techniques that can inform customers – without being pushy.

Here are some of our best-loved ways of attracting customers' attention and maintaining it, with minimal effort.

Maintain Customer Attention with These Supermarket Marketing Techniques

Host In-Store Events

top 10 supermarket marketing solution

Most likely, these events will center around food more often than not, so why not host some in-store tasting events?

This kind of event is brilliant to restore loyalty in some of your existing customers but also spark interest in those who might simply be wandering through your store.

Have regular events that people can schedule their shopping trips around. Showcase products that go well together.

For example, if you are taste-testing some hummus, use some Doritos or crackers with them and have a special offer that day on the two items when bought together.

Create a Website

One of the best ways that a supermarket marketing teams can do is invest in online shopping through well-designed, high-quality website.

However, for smaller supermarkets having a business website for online shopping is not the most feasible means marketing plan. One way around this is to display your products offered in-store, online.

Link your website to your loyalty and reward system. Run a survey with your customers and offer rewards, when they visit the online website. This is an inventive means of getting traffic and inspiring loyalty at the same time.

Have Related Offers

top 10 supermarket marketing solution

Whilst having any offers are extremely useful, having related offers can be even more effective by being a compelling price point.

For example, discounting the price of both carrot sticks and hummus is the perfect excuse to have a featured section offering them together. By using products that have a natural connection to the others will give the perfect chance for co-promotion.


We all have to agree on this one - it is a delightful change when doing your weekly shopping to come across a stand offering free samples of a new yoghurt, juice or drink. It's refreshing, inventive and different.

Not only that, this breaks up the natural habits of the weekly shopper who can grow accustom to the layout of the shop. By having the sample items on display near the stand, possibly on offer, you can increase sales and encourage future sales in otherwise 'safe' shoppers.

Use Social Media to the Max

top 10 supermarket marketing solution

I know, I know – you’ve heard it all before. Social media is a winner, nothing new, right? You don’t have to be an online retailer to use social media to market your business. Market and promote your merchandise online and to your local audience.

Identify the social media channel most suited to your product or service. For example, Instagram is much better for visual promotion, whereas Twitter is best for promotion through words and contacts.

Promote your business on social media channels by having competitions and special offers for your followers.

Sponsor Local Sports Teams

This tip works extremely well for larger supermarkets that are well known. By sponsoring local sports teams, not only is your supermarket's name and logo present on the jerseys of the team, your large-scale supermarket will lose its larger-than-life sense and feel closer to the customers.

Consider which teams you can sponsor and if you can go above and beyond. Are you able to set up a food samples stall at the local games which broadcasts both your support of local interests and your products that your customers might not be aware of right now.

Tweak Cloud

Edit InDesign Files Online for Free
Edit InDesign Files Online for Free

Tweak Cloud is hugely helpful for designing online (and print) marketing materials in an automated platform.

When it comes to designing your social media posts, or brochures to attach to your email, Tweak Cloud will help to design professionally – and quickly.

It can be annoying and frustrating to have to ring your graphic designer to edit an infographic with an up-to-date listing price, over and over again.

With Tweak Cloud, you can update all of your listing details in your online marketing materials with a single listing number.

For more information and to sign up for a free demo, visit our homepage!

Sell Local Goods

There is nothing that shoppers love more than a supermarket that tends to all of their needs under one roof, by selling local goods. By incorporating local farmers' vegetables, milk and eggs you will gain the good will of your customers.

You can contact local bakers and consider featuring their products. This will give your supermarket a niche feel, regardless of whether or not it is a franchise.

Take PR Opportunities

top 10 supermarket marketing solution

Having the right comments made about your business can make all of the difference. That's why it can be very important to take opportunities for good PR. This can link with some of the suggestions made avoid.

If you have chosen to sponsor a local sports team, being photographed at their events or hosting one of your own in the supermarket can do wonders for foot traffic coming into the store.

Invite press to your hosted event and display your logo proudly, helping your customers to create recognition with your brand.

Help the Public Know Your Staff

Your staff are your bread-and-butter, without them your business wouldn't survive. From every worker behind the fish counter to every sales person on the supermarket floor, helping your customers get to know your staff will only have the benefit of humanising your business.

Have a place online or in your store, where your staff's pictures are displayed (wearing the uniform, of course) and their title given which helps your customers to get to know the people they will be directly asking for help.

Good luck with marketing your supermarket with these top 10 supermarket marketing techniques! 

Retail Business Ideas to Increase Sales

Retail Business Ideas to Increase Sales

It's no secret that every business needs marketing to improve their business and uses some form of promotion every day in order to increase traffic and profit. After all, we can't really imagine walking down a shopping district without being bombarded by posters on shop windows - it's the norm for us as consumers.

Marketing comes in many different forms and each, is just as profitable as the last – depending on the business type in front of us.

Different marketing techniques for retail businesses can help you to retain your audience and gain more traffic, whether foot traffic or online traffic.

There are so many ways to promote your retail business. Find the right tactics for your business on our list of some of the best marketing ideas to promote your retail business in new and exciting ways.

Host Events


Depending on your business on your respective target audience, plan an event to host with cleverly placed print marketing materials like flyers.

For example, if your business is a small supermarket, you should consider hosting a local cooking personality to hold a cooking class.

By offering free quality events, your business will not only gain notability, but also a positive association and reputation within your community.

Use a Rewards System

One of the biggest concerns of small businesses is that competition will sweep away your existing customers.

Consider what rewards systems your competition is using and try to make yours more appealing.

Get the Right Digital Marketing Materials

How you present your business outside the actual location matters immensely - especially when most of your business traffic may come from online. Having professional looking flyers, brochures, logos and posters can really impact the level of business your small business gets online, if these are viewable from your website or in social media posts.

However, at Tweak we recognize that this can often be very expensive and time-consuming with frustration over and back discussions with designers. That's why Tweak Cloud offers access to over a million professionally designed templates. Tweak's templates contain pre-written text, specifically for 350 business types - and can be edited straight from your web browser at any time.

This cuts out any frustrating over and back conversations between your designers and optimizes your team’s time.

For more information, check out our homepage.

Email Marketing


Email marketing has the potential to be a very effective way to get new visitors to notice what your business has to offer.

If you use your website as a means of offering a free newsletter with content and articles, you will slowly build confident relationships with your customers.

Become Social Media Savvy

Try to create business accounts in all of the big social medias – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. It is true that this will take time to run, especially if your business is photo-orientated, but the benefits are entirely worth it.

If you use your accounts to showcase your products or services and offer promotional deals, you will be sure to make a big impact.

Sponsor Local

 Nothing encourages an authentic increases in sales quite like a retail stores community engagement. Considering sponsoring a local sports team. With your logo on their jerseys, your community is much more likely to remember your brand and be encouraged to visit your store and consider your products and services.

At local sports events, go and showcase your brand at its highest quality.

Sell Local

Communities - whether it's a town or a city - enjoy seeing local products represented in retail stores. Whether this is including local baked goods in your shop or representing local designers, it will do wonders for your reputation within the community. Not everything in your store has to be locally sourced, but incorporating more local goods can be extremely beneficial for your business and are often cheaper to source.


Give Time to PR


Business and profits come directly from the number of people who come into your store - who need to hear about your business from sources other than just direct marketing from you. Investing some time in PR can be incredibly beneficial for a business who need to have a credible representation of what they offer, in the public eye.

When you host an event, invite the press and enjoy the rewards of that free coverage.

Revamp Your Website

In many ways, your website is like your first impression. What you put out there, makes an impact that informs your prospective customers of what your retail business stands for. Identifying your brand identity online can be a challenge and a time investment. However, it will pay off ten-fold when your can clearly link to an informative, fun website on your social media channels and in your printed ad campaigns.
Invest in a quality website designer and it will certainly pay off.

Collaborate with Brands

One major possibility for retail businesses is to  collaborate without other, complimentary brands. If another business in your locality or online compliments your product or service, it might be worth trying to collaborate for increased exposure for both parties. With this, you can advertise as a group and increase your traffic and exposure and ultimately profit on the bottom line.


Printed Marketing Materials

Tweak Print tool

After all of the joys and success of social media, you still need to have a traditional marketing materials in order to attract everyone of your target audience. These marketing materials can include brochures, flyers, posters, business cards and much, much more. Depending on your business some can work more for others.

In the past, designing, printing was not cost effective. Nowadays, the system can be streamlined entirely - especially with Tweak Cloud. Tweak Cloud has over a million templates for a marketing materials that can be edited, created and designed in a web browser in conjunction with Adobe InDesign.

This gives team leaders control and sales representatives access to edits that can be sent to a printer, with live reporting.

Visit our homepage for more information and to sign up for a free demo.



supermarket ideas

Supermarket Marketing Techniques to Wow

Nowadays, customers expect nothing short of incredible customer service and unique marketing ideas – and so they should. But as a retailer, you should also never accept anything less than the best, as good customer service and marketing techniques are what makes a retail business thrive.

Customers need to have their needs met and you need to do that in a way that sets you apart from your competition.

When it comes to improving your supermarket marketing techniques, there are a variety of different approaches you can take that will make your customers feel enlightened about a product, rather than harassed.

So here are some of our best techniques to attract your customers’ attention and most importantly, keep it.

How to Keep Your Supermarket Customers' Attention

Host In-Store Events

Most likely, these events will center around food more often than not, so why not host some in-store tasting events?

This kind of event is brilliant to restore loyalty in some of your existing customers but also spark interest in those who might simply be wandering through your store.

Have regular events that people can schedule their shopping trips around. Showcase products that go well together.

For example, if you are taste-testing some hummus, use some Doritos or crackers with them and have a special offer that day on the two items when bought together.

Emphasize Fresh

Nowadays, there is an ever-increasing emphasis on freshness in supermarkets and we can see why. People love to know that their fruit, vegetables and farm-sourced products are of the freshest quality possible.

Make sure to work with the best farmers and organic suppliers possible and underline this in how you decorate your business and this section of your shop. By using earthy tones and farm-style décor, you can underline where your produce comes from.

Support Local

Even if your supermarket is part of a large franchise that is known nationally, it is most certainly work your while to support your local small businesses and sports. This gives your locality an impression that you have a vested interest in their community's success.

Offer sponsorships of local sports clubs and make your support known through your décor of the supermarket. This can help curb your customers' views from that of an emotionless franchise to a supportive, local business.

Product Placement

Sometimes the biggest bits of help are the simplest solutions. Product placement has a huge effect on the journey of your buyers as they navigate through your store.

By placing more commonly bought products at the back of the store, such as bread and milk, customers have to travel further into the store to find products they want and are more likely to find additional purchases to make.

It is a very rare but strong customer that can resist the strong smell of a bakery as they shop!

Market In-Store

There is a lot to be said for having a member of staff standing in the doorway to your supermarket and handing out flyers. These flyers might detail the discounts available in the store at this time or have a discount code that customers can use at the checkout.

These flyers are also a handy time to date the in-store events you are hosting.

These flyers can be made with Tweak Cloud, in a web browser, with Adobe InDesign. This is done without any expensive licensing fees maintains your supermarkets brand integrity.

Edit and create from over a million different templates and perfect your color palette and typography. Visit our homepage for more information and sign up for a free demo. Our sales team would be more than happy to help you market your supermarket to its' highest potential.

retail design collateral examples

Perfect Retail Design Collateral Examples

No matter the size of the business you will most certainly need some kind of marketing materials, even if it is just business cards for networking at events. When it comes to retailers, this is all the more important.

Retail businesses rely on their reputation and marketing materials. That's why we've put together some of the best retail design collateral examples Tweak has to offer.

Our solution aims to make retailers lives a whole lot easier, by showcasing the very best of their business at all times. So, the second that your flyer leaves your hand and into that of a potential customer you can feel confident in the quality of your representation.

Why Marketing Materials Matter

When it comes to business, you have complete autonomy over what gets put out there to the environment about your business and its reputation.

Marketing materials can include but are not limited to, leaflets, brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards and, posters. Thankfully, this wide variety of choice gives us tons of different options on how we can approach marketing our own business and everything special we have to offer.

Marketing materials are like window shopping for your business and help people to have snapshot view of why they should pick you, over your competitors.

Brand assets that involve images also make life much easier by showing what you have to offer, without you having to explain.

Ultimately, marketing materials are not even close to becoming extinct. They are not on the way out and because of that, they're a must. It's not worth risking your business success by not using marketing materials – either web or print.

Retail Design Collateral with Tweak Cloud

Tweak Cloud is a service that aims to improve the workflow of retailers and reduce their marketing budgets – while increasing their sales.

There is a repository of over a million different design templates specific to 350 different business types. Users don't have to fork out for expensive licensing with Adobe, as they can simply edit, create new designs straight from their web browser.

For retailers, this is an ideal solution that works equally well for franchises.

Designs are professionally made and fitted with premium photography and copy, that works perfectly for so many different types of retailers.

Every detail of a design can be edited and saved in a Tweak Cloud account, reading for approval by a team leader.

For more information on Tweak Cloud, you can visit our homepage and sign up for a free demo. Our sales team would love to hear from you and discuss how Tweak Cloud can help you by delivering quality.


Supermarket Marketing Tactics

Supermarket Marketing Tactics for Success

In-store and external marketing for supermarkets is an exceptionally important step in the success of a business. It's both necessary and effective for attracting new customers and rewarding returning customers.

To learn how to gain penetration within your supermarket target audience, keep reading our lives of the most effective supermarket marketing tactics.

You're sure to find something to suit your particular franchise and to help boost your sales and returning customers. Satisfy your customers' needs and increase your profit in no time and all.

Keep reading to discover our top supermarket marketing tactics.

Top Marketing Tactics for Supermarket

When it comes to supermarkets, marketing is essential for a few different reasons. Namely, marketing is effective in selling more of your produce – once you are clear on your strategy. Without any kind of chaotic marketing strategy and minimalistic marketing, your customers associate your supermarket with cleanliness, clarity, and marketing.

And after all, the customer defines the success your supermarket achieves – so here are some tips to help you along the way.

Organize Your Store Layout

The layout of your store greatly impacts in what order your customers see your products. Think of the most successful chains around – the fruit and veg is generally to the front, right?

Well, that's the give customers a sense that this shopping trip is good for their health and that the brand cares.

If your customers smell freshly baked bread upon entering, then they will be more likely to be lenient with their expenditure whilst salivating at the glorious smell.

In addition to this, by having your customers most frequently purchased items at the rear of the shop, your customers have to pass a whole array of other appealing items on the way to the milk aisle.

Consider your current store layout and, if necessary, change it up.

Refresh Your Marketing Materials

Sometimes print marketing is one of the most useful techniques to make sure that your customers are informed about the all new offers, products, and discounts. This can be in the form of newspaper inserts or in-store hand-outs.

However, designing new marketing materials can sometimes be an expensive affair. That's why an automation service that doesn't require expensive over-and-back conversations with a designer.

That is what Tweak Cloud achieves, by helping marketers to access their designs at any time and edit them from a web browser in tight conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign) so that a separate, expensive license with Adobe isn't necessary.

If your designs need to be updated with the most recent prices and marketing, then use Tweak Cloud's dynamic publishing feature that helps you to input prices, images and other information about your products with a single SKU code.

Have Related Offers

Whilst having any offers are extremely useful, having related offers can be even more effective by being a compelling price point.

For example, discounting the price of both carrot sticks and hummus is the perfect excuse to have a featured section offering them together. By using products that have a natural connection to the others will give the perfect chance for co-promotions.

retail storefront ideas

Retail Storefront Ideas for Perfect Design

Even though we're told from a young age not to judge a book by its cover, most of us fail entirely when we're out shopping.

Whether we like it or not, as customers, we tend to rely on our first impression of businesses before deciding if the shop is somewhere that deserves our custom.

If you're a business owner or runner, you will know this too – you can visibly see your customers engage with your products (or fail to) as they approach the outside of your store.

Therefore, it's more important than ever for your business to put some love and attention into your storefront. Your storefront can be a useful weapon in your marketing arsenal, even if you don't have that much space to play with.

Window spaces can also be incredibly useful if you know the right tricks to make people give your business a second glance.

So, regardless of what you sell, whether it's books or houses, you can revolutionize your captive audience's attention by simple design tips.

Tips and Tricks for Designing Your New Storefront

Understand Your Customer

In every aspect of marketing, knowing who it is you're trying to attract is endlessly helpful. This can be surface knowledge such as age and income bracket, but also includes understanding your customers' behaviors.

By knowing your customers down to the last detail, you can understand how best to place your products on your storefront. If your key audience is interested in vintage books, your display could involve some vintage seating and throws, emphasizing coziness.

Don't Overfill

Sometimes, you just have to rely on the power of the product or service that you are offering, so the worst thing you could do is overfill your storefront or window space.

Not only is this unwise from an aesthetic point of view, it can also be very overwhelming as a customer. Often, when you see too many products at once, it can be the same as seeing none at all.

Make sure to pick important, key pieces to impact your customers but not overwhelm them.

Don't put all of your eggs in the one basket – don't place all of your key pieces on the window, make sure that there are still some standalone pieces inside of the shop. Offer intrigue but don't answer every question a customer is thinking.

Maintain Your Brand

There is no point putting an impression storefront or window display together if it isn’t in keeping with your brand and content within the store.

Your display needs to appropriately represent your business's manifesto. If you are genuine with what your brand stands for, then you can gain recognition from your customers who will begin to remember you - what your business represents.

Striking Typography

By using a variety of well-thought-out typographies, you can infer a quality to your customers. Additionally, the typography of your signage, flyers, and posters also need to be easily digestible and understood.

For example, if your business is a rock-and-roll clothing boutique, using spiked, bold fonts and typographies can represent your business accurately.

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We hope you've found some perfect tips and tricks to keep your business storefront looking authentic to your business.