Anne-Marie Concepción's Advice for Designers and Writers

“The designers are seldom writing the content right and the writers are seldom laying it out but we need to work together” - Ann Marie Concepión

InDesign Secrets podcast co-host and renowned InDesign thought leader Anne Marie Concepción believes that solutions for designers and editors to collaborate are a hot topic.

Indesign Magazine Co-Founder David Blatner

“Designers are tired of making changes” – David Blatner

David Blatner shares his insights into the mind of the designer saying they want to spend their time being creative, not making mundane changes.

Advice From Top Adobe Author Chad Chelius

“It’s really going to take a lot of the burden off the designer” - Chad Chelius

Chad Chelius, who trains design teams at some of the largest ad agencies and brands in the US loves the idea that clients can go in and make type changes to InDesign documents online.

Typography & UK Designer Nigel French

Passionate about type, renowned author and graphic designer Nigel French thinks that designers need to show type more love and think about the size of body copy


How To Get The Most Out Of Tweak Cloud

Beautiful design is awesome, but sometimes you just want to make simple edits to artwork quickly. With our Tweak® Cloud, you can store all of your designs online and give 24/7 access to your wider team so they can edit and make high resolution PDFs themselves in a flash, because, as they say, time is money.

Minutes, not hours

No more will your employees wait on trivially small edits to existing artwork, just get the job done super-fast. With Tweak® Cloud, you and your team can update brand compliant materials and create high resolution PDFs ready for printing within seconds. Simple.

Picture the scene. It’s 11pm, you’re the head of sales, you don’t have access to InDesign® but you have a conference in the morning and need to tweak (no pun intended!) an element of last year’s pop up display graphic. 9 times out of 10, as head of sales, you don’t work with InDesign® or worse still, maybe you don’t even know what InDesign® is or does. Suffice it to say, you’re up some creek without a paddle – time to make a late night call to the Design team!

Now, picture the same scene but with Tweak® Cloud. This scenario would be alleviated instantaneously. You have access to last year’s pop up display in the cloud, you can make the necessary design amendments yourself and be ready for that conference tomorrow…all without having to annoy the Design team late at night….again!

Always print-ready

As a non-designer, the inner workings of how your document is edited isn’t really your concern as long as the designs come out the other side looking great. Detailed design and printing techniques can be highly specialised. With Tweak® Cloud you don’t need to know every single detail about bleed, colour profiles or CMYK images. Once your design files and images are in the cloud you’ll be good to go. We worry about all the technical requirements so you don’t have to.

Easy to use

The really neat feature about Tweak® Cloud is that literally no design experience is necessary. The cloud platform is built specifically for non-designers, meaning you can sign up today and be confident you’ll get the job done whenever artwork needs to be updated.

Making designs freely available to your staff is a tough process and seems like its been this way forever. Thankfully Tweak® Cloud is here to consign this needless torture to history by housing all your company’s design files in the cloud so everyone can access and make quick edits, whenever they want, in their own time. Talk about optimising your design workflow!

Click here to find out more about what Tweak® Cloud can do for your business.

Evolution of a product – the story behind Tweak Cloud

Ever since my team and I started on the Tweak mission in 2007, we had a burning desire to make it easier to access great design and print. We believe that print is far from dead – a powerful and tactile medium that is flexible and accessible to all sizes of business. It’s a means of growing business at a fair price without having to bid against your competition as is the case in online advertising.

We’ve worked hard with the pioneers of online printing like Thorsten Fischer and Tanja Hammerling, founders of Flyeralarm where we power their online stores in eight countries – with our 1.5 million designs across 140 products in six languages.

The result? Real democracy in design and print for the small businesses who use the service that we both provide on their successful online business. Great design for print at a fair price. That’s something we’re really proud of. We work with many other European, US and South American partners – who are disrupting this industry with quality and value.

However, we were constantly being asked to consider creating a platform for print buyers to get online access to their own designs – like we’ve done on the Tweak platform. We started tackling that challenge in 2015 and we demonstrated a full working model of a brand new SAAS application called Tweak Cloud at Drupa the world’s largest printing fair, in Düsseldorf this week. We had listened carefully to what the requirements were and our core objective was to create an application that made it really easy to make Adobe® InDesign® editable through a web browser. The InDesign® document is pre-flighted and colour and PDF settings created before it’s made available to users – ensuring that every PDF that’s made is first class, just like those we make on Tweak Print every day.

Through our InDesign® plug-in, Uploaders can decide what elements of the document can be edited, thus ensuring conformity to brand guidelines. Then the document can be shared to individual users or private brand portals, allowing the editing rights the Uploader granted – including low or high resolution PDF creation – and even ordering print directly within our application.

Our engineering and UI team have done an amazing job – and the reaction at Drupa has been a heart-warming endorsement of their passion and skill. So far, customers from more than 20 countries have committed to building Tweak Cloud into their workflow.

We’re not seeking to replace designers, but have relieved them of the drudgery of endless cycles of amendments – allowing them to focus on their real talent – creating original design. Many designers I know have told me that months after they’ve completed a design, they’ll be asked to drop what they’re working on to make minor changes to a project they’d almost forgotten about, at a moment’s notice. Impossible in a normal studio workflow. Frustrating from a client’s perspective. Not a problem with Tweak Cloud enabled.

We know that marketing professionals – whether they use Tweak Cloud for themselves or though their print partners – will be relieved to know that they can access their InDesign® document 24/7 – and make amendments and print-ready PDFs whenever they want at a low cost. We met one printer who loses money on every single business card order from a major corporate account to hold on to the business. The copy for business cards arrives randomly by email, resulting in multiple mistakes and corrections. He’s putting all of his corporate account material on Tweak Cloud. Now he’ll make money, even on those small orders. His customers will enjoy self-service too.

One Dubai based printer is creating portals for all his brand and ad agency materials to allow self-service and 24-7 ordering. And then there’s the UK midlands based printer whose print and design business is focused on clients in the education sector. “We’re going to put every one of their documents in the Tweak Cloud – and they can make a new version whenever they want – without knowing how to use Adobe® InDesign®, just a web browser – this is great!” this print entrepreneur told us.

We’re proud to have created another game-changing innovation that liberates the users of print – allowing easier customisation and ordering of print – and delighted with the warm welcome it has received from the global printing community.

Watch this space – we’ve got even more surprises coming!

Jerry Kennelly, Founder & CEO, Tweak.

Tweak Cloud is available from July 4th.

Simon Eccles & Key Trends at Drupa 2016

Simon Eccles is a highly respected Print Technology journalist, based in the UK who has been covering print for more years than he cares to remember. He followed his father into the printing business and studied at the London Printing School before embarking on a career which included editing and reporting roles in a wide variety of publications including MacWeek, Digit, Digital Printer and PrintWeek in the United Kingdom. He’s covered an astounding NINE Drupas and told Jerry Kennelly about his impressions of Drupa 2016.


It’s been a very impressive, informative show so far and I’ve counted this is my 9th Drupa so I’m feeling like I’m an industry veteran right now! As every, for the last 20 years digital has been the primary moving force behind what’s happening in the printing industry. I’ve seen it go from microcomputers being the next big thing, through to digital cameras and now it’s digital printing, and now we’re seeing digital printing move into the mainstream and I think that’s probably one of the most important trends here and we’re also seeing people do more and more automation and what they can be turning the printing process into a true process where it is as much hands off; they’re calling it touch free or touchless jargon, along those lines!


There’s two areas that are possibly very innovative and very important; one is corrugated production, carton production using digital printing has been very slow to take off, much slower than what people thought, as opposed to label printing which has been going digital for the last 10 years and has become a very important part of the label sector. Folding carton production has not yet taken off, despite the prediction of it being the big thing, so in the meantime corrugated packaging is being seen as an intermediate step in the meantime. Corrugated production is very specialized and involves very large machines. There are some very impressive and large machines here at the show (Drupa).

What’s exciting me at the moment is something called “direct to shape” which is using primarily UV inkjet technology to print directly onto objects, as opposed to flat pieces of paper or transfers which then go on to something like an iPad or a phone case. It’s getting to be increasingly possible to print directly onto something that is a complex shape. One example is Heidelberg with their Omnifire which is basically a robotic are that grabs soccer balls and sprays an image onto it so you can buy in Germany, Switzerland personalized soccer balls and indeed in Heidelberg town you can buy personalized Muesli packs which are printed by these robots. Heidelberg in particular is talking about being able to print directly onto aircraft wings, vehicles and fridges and white goods in the future. Heidelberg is not the only one. It is quite a trend this idea of being able to print onto objects as opposed to printing onto transfers or shrink-wraps and using that as an intermediate process. I think eventually we’ll see it go onto ceramic tableware. We’re already seeing printing onto floor tiles. The industry for printed tiles has gone digital remarkably fast in the last 3 or 4 years. I think it’s something like 80 or 90% of all tiles printed worldwide are now digital. However, that’s not print and paper, which Drupa is about! Drupa meaning “druck und papier”!


Probably from my point of view, as primarily writing about digital printing, the most impressive aspect is the high-speed web printers are getting much, much better. You’ve had high-speed web for 8 years. They are solving the problems of printing on uncoated papers, or papers not primarily coated for inkjets which have been too expensive, so until recently you’ve had the option of either printing the very fast cheaply on low grade paper where you couldn’t get good quality or you could pay a fortune for the good paper and get good quality. Now you can get the bit of both and I think that’s probably the most important aspect of Drupa, that inkjet is getting faster, cheaper and better on more affordable papers.


I’ve been in the business for all my life. My father was in printing. I went to printing college. I’ve been writing about printing for 35 years and in all that time print has been dying according to pundits. Absolute rubbish! Look yourself. Look around you. You go into a pub or a shop or a supermarket – everything is printed. Signage is going to be with us forever. Packaging – you’re not going to wrap up your Corn Flakes in an Internet page. People are going to have promotional products, promotional goods, shirts, printed tableware, printed soft furnishing. Everything is printed. Print on paper for publishing may be affected as we talked earlier with newspapers not knowing what to do about the Internet revolution. Same for the magazines I work for. Books in a way are bouncing back where the idea of print on demand means a book need never go out of print anymore. In a way the volumes are going down, but the fact that you’ve got more jobs, more titles being printed in books than ever before as far as I know.

Hans Decuyper & Time-Effective Design

One of our ideas when we launched Tweak Cloud was to allow design agencies to manage their time better – Hans Decuyper, Creative Director of Belgian design agency talked to us about how Tweak Cloud could mean more effective use of time for his team, who don’t want to be spending their time doing minor changes, but real design.

Tweak Cloud – Hans Decuyper, Creative Director


I just saw a presentation of the Tweak Cloud software and it seemed to me that it’s very easy to use for our client’s to edit their files in a cloud-based application.


What I saw in the Tweak solution I think it’s possible that we can make or that our clients can make their own versions from the source files so they can make changes for different kinds of translations, i.e. English version, Hungarian version, maybe Chinese version!


I think that workflows can be faster because we don’t want to spend our time for corrections, for doing corrections. Most of our customers want to make their corrections on their own. We are too expensive for making corrections. We just have a design task for making new documents and new designs, but not for repetitive stuff like versioning or something!


This would be a nice solution for combining many clients into one cloud where they can do their own editing.

Do you think this is something that could be profitable, that is something your clients would be willing to pay for?

Yes, I think this software would be a great service for our clients and for us. We can make more money by not doing all those repetitive kind of jobs.

Bernd Zipper & the Future of the Printing Industry

Bernd Zipper, CEO, Zipcon Consulting GmbH, a renowned blogger and online print consultant shared his views on the way forward for the printing industry with Tweak at Drupa 2016, the world printing fair in Düsseldorf, Germany today. Bernd is also the author of a highly respected blog, and a founder of the Online Print Symposium.



The signal from Drupa 2016 is that the world goes online and even print goes online and even the print industry goes online and so we see a lot of online services over here like Tweak for example or other vendors presenting their solutions and in my option it’s the right way because the printing industry has to change and they have to be where the customers are. These customers, the new customers are mobile and online and this is what we can see here at Drupa 2016.



A lot of customers are expecting the universal recipe to be a successful online print business, but this is nothing you can reach in a trade show. This is nothing you can reach in a business either. It is up to you to make your own personal recipe to set up your business in the future. What you can get at Drupa, what you can get from all the vendors at Drupa is an idea in what direction you can move your business, in what direction your business can grow, but it’s still in the beginning and it’s up to you to develop the right recipe.



Print is not dead. Print has to be where the customers are. If the customers are online, you have to move online. If your business is growing more and more in the direction of connectivity to your customer via ERP systems via online activity, you have to move in that direction, but it’s also very important that you automate your production, you automate all of the different approaches in your company, but you’re really going online. One email address is not enough for the whole company; you have to transform your business.



Automation is a goal we all have to reach. That means you have to automate your organization. You automate invoicing, automate payment, automate production and even automate layout production. So it’s very important that if you give your customer the right platform for that, you really have to realize that if you don’t automate your production, your print, you’re lost.



You know, any cloud service gives the freedom to develop your business. That means if you set up a business with a cloud service together, you’re open to concentrate on your main business and step by step grow into an online business. If you start over with your own application, maybe with your own web server, you have such a huge investment, so starting over with a cloud service, or cloud services, it’s not only about Tweak, it’s all about all these applications we have on the web, it’s very important that you can really can concentrate on your main business and grow with their cloud services. It’s the best, and also reasonable, and most affordable solution to start over an online business.



I think for Tweak it’s very important that Tweak get it’s nose a little bit more in the wind than others. Tweak did understand very early that we can automate graphic design, that we can automate creativity, a little bit, not all. So bringing up all these new services, Tweak has a very good chance of being up the race for these cloud solutions.

Yves Roussange & Tweak's Power

Yves Roussange, Founder and Director of Soltect Pty Ltd (formerly ColourProcess Pty Ltd) shared his views on the benefits solutions like Tweak give the printing industry with us at Drupa 2016, the world printing fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.



My name is Yves. I am the owner of the business named Soltect, concerting the (print) industry and based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve got some customers who want to move into the market of direct, i.e. consumer-direct-to-print where I am looking for tech like Tweak at Drupa to help them to go and be disruptive in that environment. I found the concept of Tweak very interesting. Having 1.5m templates for all types of end user or end consumer who could order online a brochure, flyers, a business card to get the information directly printed back from the provider of the interface with the website. The second interesting thing is the second product (Tweak Cloud) with the online template builder using InDesign is for the client to prepare for its existing base customer some templates to dynamically give them the tools to change the address, to add multi-store etc.



At the moment, two of my customers, because they have been looking for an easy integration of InDesign artwork for existing customers who have got omnichops across Australia who want to customize the pricing, customize the promotion, or give the shop direct interaction with the artwork so they can deliver direct the final print, point of sales exactly, to them, to make one-to-one promotion and I think this is something today which exists already with other technology, but which higher price tag and bigger complexity to integrate.



Tweak Cloud is good because it gives the customer the opportunity without too big an investment to get in that template customization business on a dynamic label and by doing so they can build slowly the market and see how they can increase that market by getting new end users.