Compress PDF Files without Losing Quality

It can be hard to find the perfect way to save space on your disc drive. Sure, we could always compress our PDF files, but what about quality?

What’s the point in having PDF files if they’re such bad quality that we can’t even read them?

Well, now there is a way to compress and reduce your PDF files without losing quality, straight from your web browser.

Tweak PDF Manager is an online PDF editing tool with seven different features for PDF management and thankfully, it has a PDF compressor!

One of the main benefits of Tweak’s PDF compressor is that it allows you to choose the level of compression that you want – never making the choice for you.

Entirely safe and free to use, keep reading to find out how to compress PDF files without losing quality with Tweak!

Reduce PDF Files without Losing Quality: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tweak PDF Manager’s homepage will show you all seven different options of tools available to use. You can begin compressing your PDF files by clicking on the ‘Compress’ button!

This tool is pretty handy because it allows you to use a very handy drag and drop service that uploads your PDF documents straight from your desktop.

If you’d prefer you can upload your files manually by clicking on the PDF page icon, or you can upload straight from Dropbox.

When your file is uploaded, you can hover your mouse over the uploaded file and a curved arrow icon will appear in the top right-hand icon of the document. You can use this arrow to edit the rotation of your PDF file because you finally compress it.

If you’re happy with the rotation, now you can choose between three different compression levels offered by Tweak – to help you get the compression and quality you want.

The three levels of compression offered by Tweak are as follows:

  • Extreme compression – less quality, higher compression.
  • Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.
  • Less compression – high quality, less compression.

You can choose between any of the three options, or even re-upload your original file more than once to try all of the features just to make sure that you get the compression quality that you want!

When you’re happy with the compression level you’ve selected, you can click on the ‘compress’ button.

Now, depending on your web browser and computer, your newly compressed PDF file might download automatically. If now, select the ‘download PDF’ button.

Once this is done, you can return back to the Tweak PDF Manager and use any of the other six features!

With our tool, you can merge, split, convert, rotate and add page numbers and watermarks to your PDF files for free, as many times as you need.