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Drive Down Printed Flyers Costs

Drive Down Printed Flyers Costs

How often have you needed to market an all-new product or service and been worried about the impact on your marketing budget? Nowadays, the costs of printing flyers are far from dropping, and people wonder if it’s worth it – to invest in marketing materials such as flyers. Well, they most certainly are – but they don’t have to break your marketing budget anymore.

Flyers reach your audience in a variety of ways. For example, flyers can be used in door-to-door mail drops, newspaper inserts, or instore distributions.

Flyers function as something tangible for your business to use to connect with its clients. This makes flyers uniquely different from digital marketing and well worth doing, especially when combined with a discount or coupon incentive.

Today, we’re going to share with you why online design services can help you save money on the costs of printing flyers – with minimal hassle.

Why You Need Flyers


Brochures are among the most versatile of all marketing materials because of the information they contain. Brochures cut to the chase – you get the core of a business’s marketing messages and exactly what they do without searching for it.

Supermarkets are no exception to this. With brochures, you can clearly display certain products you have on offer, or a new discount you’ll be running for a month. Your information is easily digestible by having brochures ready to grab from the second someone enters your store.


Without a doubt, brochures are cheaper than some other forms of advertising such as TV or radio adverts or taking out an ad in the newspaper. When you mass-produce brochures, the cost of your printing reduces by a lot.

With brochures, you’re also pretty likely to reach your target audience because of the high volume of brochures that you will hand out or people can take from a stand, perhaps with a sample of your food available.

Using Tweak For Flyer Design

Online design services can revolutionize the design of marketing materials across different platforms. These will save you money on your business flyers by allowing you to design and edit from your web browser, with 24/7 access.

Users don’t need expensive Adobe licenses to access over a huge number of professionally crafted templates – including thousands of flyer templates specific to many different business types.

Set editing, sharing, and approval settings so that nothing is changed by a team member that the team leader does not strictly approve. This ensures the maintenance of brand integrity and uniformity across all of your businesses.

With one click printing and live reporting on production progress, you will never lose track of your flyer production.

Overall, the online design aims to save you money by tying in every design aspect into one platform, entirely optimized.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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