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In this growing digital age, marketers are often concerned that the days of printed marketing materials is past when that is not at all true.

There will always be a consistent need for in-store marketing and printed marketing materials. The most popular of which is undoubtedly, the flyer.

Having flyers as a representation of one’s business can be hugely beneficial to boost foot traffic and gain interest and local enthusiasm. However, printing flyers can be expensive if businesses are not careful to modernize their design and print methods.

Generally, here are some of the key reasons that flyer distribution works and continues to stand the test of time.

Why Flyer Design Templates are Still Effective

The core reason is undoubtedly price. Flyer marketing is a low-expense method of advertising in comparison to marketing methods such as radio and TV marketing.

Flyers can also be handed directly to your prospective leads, meaning for swifter lead generation that in other methods.

Flyers also give your business the opportunity to be naturally creative. You don’t have limitations on design, color palette or slogans. This is one of the main reasons that people persist to love the flyers – you can easily convey any message you want – with little extra cost for printing.

As a customer, it’s hard to deny that there is a certain charm with flyers. Old school can be cool with flyers, and they feel more personal than seeing a Facebook advert or receiving an email with advertising material.

Regardless of the reason, flyers are popular which means your business needs them. We’re here to show you how you can create and design flyers, without breaking the bank.

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Design Flyer Templates with Tweak 

Tweak Cloud is a powerful tool as one platform for all of your digital assets. This includes choosing from over one million design templates for flyers and other marketing materials.

With this tool, you can access your designs 24/7 in conjunction with Adobe InDesign – without any of the expensive license.

You can edit your flyers fully, upload your own logos or make entirely new ones. Flyers are suited for 350 different business types and are professionally designed. These flyers also contain premium photography and excellent copy writing, that can also be edited.

Tweak Cloud prides itself on being a multi-lingual user interface, by supporting seven different languages.

With one click printing and live reporting on the progress, your flyers will always be in your grasp.

Choose from millions of flyer templates and market your business to the best of its ability with professional looking design.

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