Have you ever wondered how you can grow your client list in new and inventive ways – but found the idea of searching for different marketing tips for realtors intimidating? If so, you’re not alone, and thankfully, there’s a solution here to help.

When talking about new marketing ventures for realtors and real estate agents, there are always new tools and supposed solutions on the market promising to bring your business to the next level. 

However, with all of this choice, it can be challenging to know which tools are the best and which may work in the short-term but ultimately be useless. 

That’s why in this article we’re going to talk you through some of the best and often free marketing tools for realtors that can be implemented easily. 

Read on to find some new marketing tips for your real estate agency to try out – without breaking the bank on your marketing budget!

Tips & Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Live on Social Media

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can receive regarding your real estate agency and boosting your client list, is to use the free promotion of social media. Treat all social media accounts with the same quality and message you do your agency’s website. Offer value and inform as best you can. 

Translate your website theme and brand identity to your social media accounts. Having a consistent theme, gives your brand identity a streamlined impression on your prospective customers and makes you easily recognisable in comparison to your clients. 

Advertise your listings on social media. Facebook in particular is a useful method of advertising, whilst being cost-effective, as is Twitter.

Use Your Expertise

Most likely, you’ve been in this business awhile and you know what you are doing as a realtor. Because of this you can try your hand at offering your expertise for free through an online webinar or in-person Q&A sessions which can be filmed and later uploaded to YouTube.

If you choose to offer your expertise for free, your business will gain an excellent reputation as being a credible source of information on all things real estate. 

Search for Referrals

Referrals and testimonials are some of the most important methods of gaining the trust of new clients – often customers will believe each other, over a brand. It’s important to realize how effective they can be when harnessed correctly. 

Upload testimonials on your website and social media accounts as often as clients are willing to share them with you. Most likely, they’ll be happy to help you out after the incredible service you gave them. Include video and image testimonials that are shot professionally. These will speak volumes for your work ethic. 

Watermarked Images

Images are emotive and inspiring and it is no secret that properties need high-quality images to sell. Invest in a high-standard of photography where possible and make both your properties and your brand look as good as possible. This will help your clients to begin imagining themselves within the properties. 

By watermarking images with your logo in the bottom corner of the images, you can impact your brand upon clients, without being forceful.

Tweak Cloud

Tweak Cloud aids you in protecting your real estate brand by offering professionally designed templates for brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, leaflets and more – specific to real estate.

Advertise your represented properties to the best of your ability with Tweak’s templates.

Tweak Cloud also has the additional benefit of being an online safe place for all of your brand files – with admin controls.

If you are worried that your agents might accidentally edit the color palette of your templates or change the brand-wide font, then you can set limitations, allowing them the ability to change the information.

When it comes to real estate, updating asking prices and property details can be a real hassle. That’s why Tweak Cloud uses dynamic publishing to update information.

With a single listing code, all of a property’s information will update into the template without seconds.

If you already have a template that you think represents your brand well, then you can simply upload it straight to Tweak Cloud and make edits instantly.

At our homepage, you can sign up for a free demo of Tweak Cloud with one of our sales ambassadors. We would be happy to help you.