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How Does PDF Signing Work?

How Does PDF Signing Work?

This question is asked very often and thankfully, the answer is easy! PDF signing is not too complicated, once you understand the type of signature you would like to have on your PDF.

There are two types of PDF signatures, which are easy to understand. There is digital and electronic signing.

Digital signing is a security feature that tells the receiver of the document about the person who wrote it. This is done to make sure that your PDF cannot be taken by anyone else or shared without your permission.

On the other hand, electronic signatures are simply a way of adding your signature to a pdf document, by layering your signature on top of an already completed PDF document.

Keep reading to find out just how PDF signing works!

How PDF Signing Works

Many people wonder how signing PDF files can be possible without scanning or printing them first. Lucky for us, it’s very simple! 

Electronic signatures simply require an image of your signature to be put on top of the PDF document.

Digital signatures can also be done in a matter of simple steps, where you can feel safer that your work can’t be shared without your knowledge.

How Electronic PDF Signing Works

There are lots of apps that are available to help you add your electronic signature to your PDF documents.

If you’d rather not use apps, you can always use Adobe Reader. It’s a fantastic program with multiple features helping you to create, edit, print and manage your PDF files.

Immediately after opening Adobe Reader, you will see the ‘Fill & Sign’ button along the right-hand side column.

Once you’ve clicked to add your signature, you can either type or draw your signature or apply an image of your signature.

Even though typing your signature is handy because Adobe then adds a signature ‘filter’ with your name, it is probably not perfect because it will not look like your real signature.

Drawing your signature with your mouse might work, even though it will probably take a few goes to get right.

Applying an image of your signature requires you to simply use a photo of your signature you’ve already taken. Then, you will have to scan your signature.

The easiest way to do this is to use your smartphone and use an app like Scanbot, which automatically uploads your chosen pictures to your computer through a program like Google Drive or One Drive as a scanned image.

After this, you can simply add your signature onto your PDF, and you’ve got the electronic signature on your PDF file that you wanted!

How Digital PDF Signing Works

Digital signing is slightly different. This is because your digital signature is entirely unique to everyone else’s – just like a fingerprint.

To create these signatures, you will need an e-signature provider that make it very easy to sign documents digitally.

Just like applications and online word converters, there are a great number of these out there to choose from, most of which are free and online.

For this, it is best to read the conditions of the provider carefully before you use it, to make sure that the provider does not retain any of your personal information gathered from your document.

Now that you understand electronic and digital signing, and you know the applications that will help you to add your signature to a PDF document, there is nothing stopping you from signing your PDF files in the future!

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