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How to Create Postcards

How to Create Postcards

Postcards might just be one of the most misunderstood pieces of marketing materials. After all, when do you think of postcards being used the most?

Postcards might just be one of the most misunderstood pieces of marketing materials. After all, when do you think of postcards being used the most? As a cute memory of a holiday away, right? Well, whilst that may be true, one of the best uses of postcards are as a promotional direct-mail tool. But how do you go about designing the perfect postcard? What are the tips and tricks? That’s what we’re here to answer today. We’re going to share some of the best design tips for postcards. Keep reading to finding out how best to design unique and eye-catching postcards. Maintain Clear Headlines. Having clear headlines will certainly improve your return on investment. You have to make it clear what you’re offering right away and a clear and concise postcard headline will make sure that it stays in your customer’s mental sphere. It’s best not to overthink your design. Minimize the number of text boxes you are using. It can be harder for customers to retain information if the layout alone is cluttered. Display eye-catching information larger than other relevant text to the fore of the postcard, and easy to read. The space on a postcard is limited but images can be important when used wisely and when necessary. When choosing images to use, you should use professional images, which reflect your quality products or services. When using images, you are creating a visual interest in your brand which is important to show that your messages are consistent – even when showcasing what’s on offer. When it comes to direct mail, there are so many brands out there using postcards to create interest in what they offer. It’s essential to be unique, original and thought-provoking in your designs and what you offer. Include some features that are not entirely standard, such as special textures or rounded corners. Be as creative as you can manage, within your budget. Don’t break the bank whilst postcards and other marketing materials are perfectly incredible in how they function, they might not be worth breaking the bank for – especially if your marketing budget is already strained.

It can be worth it to explore other options out there for different marketing material providers. If you find that you have a consistent use of postcards or other marketing materials, it would be worth checking out Tweak. Tweak exists as a source of over a million agency-standard designs that are extremely useful. As a Brand Manager, you can decide if users can make changes to marketing material templates just by giving them restricted access or whether approval is required from head office, before a print-ready PDF or digital design file is produced. It is possible to send customized files to a printer, automatically with Tweak’s integrated interface. Using Tweak’s allows marketing material templates, including postcards, to be customized with the user’s information, logo or images, simplifying the process all the easier. It’s a real evolution of the marketing template, to be able to customize professional marketing materials that are already kitted with professional copy and premium photography. Check out our homepage for a free demo on how to access over a million marketing material templates and design with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign) – without any of the highly expensive licensing fees.

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