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How to Cut Marketing Expenses with Social Media

How to Cut Marketing Expenses with Social Media

Small Business owners need not spend large sum of money employing a social media marketer or graphic designer, they can do it all themselves using the internet!

Small Business owners need not spend large sum of money employing a social media marketer or graphic designer, they can do it all themselves using the internet! Social media allows you to easily become a content creator, share pictures of people eating at your cafe, upload videos of the chefs making lovely food to Instagram/Facebook and hashtag it. Collect people’s email addresses so that you can offer them coupons and discounts to come back later. Using cheap professional online services such as Canva and Tweak, as business owner with no design experience can quickly make beautiful promotions for online or print. If you need help, there are multiple free online social media courses available to help you utilize opportunities like Facebook ads, which are both inexpensive and effective. To check out Tweak’s professional social media templates, click to sidebar to sign up for a free demo! How to Reduce Printer Waste The internet is undoubtedly the leading cause of printing waste. This might sound odd. We’re reading online, after all -right? Yet the internet has increased out ability to print whatever we want, whenever we want. We are familiar with printing off a 30-page document to find that 20 of those pages consisted of ads and empty space that could have been cut out earlier. You can cut waste by previewing documents from the Web before you print them and using the relevant content only. If you don’t want to sift through each Web page yourself, download software that eliminates Internet print waste. GreenPrint analyzes every page of every Web document you send to the printer and gets rid of ads, logos and empty pages for you. If the space is available, use it! On most software default setting, such as Microsoft word, print margins are far too generous. Trimming back those page margins will save you a surprising amount of paper.(One report by Penn State University found that the university could save 72 acres (291,373 square kilometers) of forest and more than $120,000 a year just by reducing margin settings throughout the campus source: UC Davis.) You may not realize it, but most fonts are big ink wasters. Ecofont is a new type of font that conserves ink by omitting parts of each letter. The slightly holier font doesn’t affect readability, but it can cut back how much you spend on ink. Arial, for example, uses less ink than do serif fonts like Century Schoolbook. Set defaults. Set computer and copier settings to automatically print double-sided and in black and white – don’t just assume people will remember to do it. You’ll find the settings right in the computer’s print dialogue box Printing in ‘draft mode’ will not only use less ink, but it will also print more quickly. You won’t even notice the difference in quality. Printing in draft mode reduces ink usage by printing in a slightly lighter shade which is still legible. Avoid having bins under each office desk station as paper often ends up in these instead of the paper recycling bin. We hope that these tips and advice helped you to save money on your marketing and printing costs!

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