How to Merge PDF and JPG Files

Have you ever wanted to combine your text and images into one easy-to-read document that could be shared with your friends and coworkers? If the answer is yes, you might also have struggled to find a way of doing this for free!

That is just what Tweak PDF Manger offers you – the chance to join your PDF files and JPG files while maintaining quality.

If you want to combine your PDF and JPG files follow our simple instructions down below to be able to download a single file with your merged text and images.

Merge PDF and JPG Files with Tweak

Merging files with Tweak PDF Manager is easy-peasy! With just a few simple steps, your job will be done and ready for downloading.

Before you use Tweak’s PDF merger, it’s important to make sure that both of your files are in the same format. Of course, if you begin with files as both PDF documents and JPG images they are different file types.

If you use Tweak’s PDF converter, you can choose to convert your JPG images into PDF files. There are many benefits to doing this but the most important one is quality.

JPG images can be deceiving to print. What you see is not always what you get when printing JPG images because the pixels in your image when on screen and on paper look very different.

But converting your JPG images straight to PDF files is just like freezing what you see on screen. This gets rid of any big surprises when you choose to print! JPG images are also not ideal for images with text content. So, once again, PDF seems like the best file format!

Convert JPG Files to PDF

From the PDF Manager homepage, you can click on the ‘convert’ button.

Now, it’s time to upload the JPG files you wish to convert! You can convert as many as you want at a time to PDF files with no delay. To upload, drag and drop your files into the center of the screen.

When your files are uploaded, you can edit the PDF file’s orientation and margins if you want. 

Select the ‘Convert to PDF’ button.

Now your newly converted PDF files are ready to download! They might download automatically depending on your computer type.

Combine PDF and JPG files

Return to the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, but this time, click on the ‘Merge’ button.

Just like last time, this time you can select the PDF and JPG files you want to join into one PDF document.

Once your files are uploaded, you can hover the mouse over each file and edit the rotation if you want.

Click on the ‘Merge PDF’ button.

Within seconds, your files are ready to download. Select the ‘Download PDF’ button or your documents may download automatically from your web browser depending upon your computer.

You’ve done it! Your PDF and JPG files are now merged into one, easy to read file – entirely ready for sharing with your friends, coworkers and boss!