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Sales Enablement Definition and Information

Sales Enablement Definition and Information

If you work in sales, chances are you’ve recently heard the term sales enablement lately – it’s everywhere! Although it’s a popular topic, there seems to be some uncertainty around whether it’s just another vague buzzword or a specific field of practice that’s delivering real benefits to sales organizations.With that in mind, we set out to answer basic questions about sales enablement:

What is sales enablement? Why is it important?

Sales enablement managers strive to bring the consumer to the fore of every action that the sales team takes.If you want to take on a new sales enablement manager, you should consider these top tips and tricks before beginning a sales enablement definition and strategy.

Increase Sales Quotas

A sales enablement manager can make sure that your sales team are well trained to deal with any customers needs and are consistently up-to-date with all of the tools within the business.

Individual Performance

A sales enablement manager can easily keep track of an individual sales representative’s progress and provide any extra assistance and training that may be required.

Content Management

Oftentimes, content is put on the backburner when it comes to sales because people don’t always recognize the value of quality content, be it online or otherwise.

A sales enablement manager can encourage the increased use of content throughout trainings of the sales representatives.

How to Apply Sales Enablement for Companies

If you’re in marketing or business, you have most likely heard of sales enablement. It’s the current buzzword around the block that seems to have everyone excited – and rightly so.

Companies have come a long way in terms of marketing, but sometimes there is still a huge amount of stress surrounding the workflow of sales and marketing. Every minute matters with leads and if your workflow is not moving seamlessly, then that can be a considerable challenge.

That’s exactly where sales enablement comes in.

Sales enablement aims to ease and strengthen the relationship which sales and marketing teams have. For example, if there is no understandable and logical decision for different members of the teams to be working separately, then a sales enablement solution might be necessary.

So, how exactly do you go about securing an intelligent sales enablement solution when there is so much on offer?

We’re here to help walk you through it. Here are our five best sales enablement tips and solutions for companies to try.


Tellwise is a sales acceleration technology that empowers sellers and buyers to collaborate in real-time and can be used with any device.

Tellwise can be integrated with email for collaboration with potential leads and customers and allows you to make custom email and chat templates.

You can also sync Tellwise with Salesforce to ensure all rep and customer activity is recorded.


Tweak serves as a single platform for all of your digital assets and aids to streamline the workflow of an organization’s marketing department.

With Tweak, you have access to over a million professionally design, agency-standard templates for different print and digital marketing materials.

From a web browser, marketing teams can access their designs and make edits 24/7, without having to contact a design for every small edit.

The main benefit of Tweak is that images, prices and all product information can be populated into designs through Dynamic Design with a single SKU code.

For more information, check out our homepage to sign up for a free demo.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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