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Reduce Waste on Printing with These Tips

Reduce Waste on Printing with These Tips

It can feel trivial when you are rushing to make it to your last meeting of the day with your newly printed report in hand, to think of the amount of paper used in a workplace.

Sillier still, it can feel foolish to scrimp on printing your fully-colored marketing materials if it means saving paper. Before you conclude that there is nothing you can do, think about the number of ways you can help reduce waste on printing within your environment. After all, reducing your printing waste can also save you big money in the round of a year – money that can, in turn, be used to market your business. In this article, we will show you how you can reduce your printing waste to both save yourself money and help the environment.

The Best Advice on Reducing Print Waste to Try;

Printers with a Bang

It might not seem like your personal printer in the office is a huge drain on energy or resources – not in the grand scheme of things. However, when you multiply that drain by the number of people in the office who are all printing at will, the cost is high. It’s always worth considering an investment in an energy-efficient printer with power save features rather than staying consistently in standby mode.

Ink & toner

Nowadays, we are fortunate to live in a world with such a diverse range of recycled ink and toner options. Refill your cartridges rather than buying all new ones and can lower your impact on the environment. In addition to this, use recycled paper, and your company’s impact on the environment will be entirely minimized.

Print the Marketing Materials You Need

I don’t know about you, but when I think of office spaces, I consider the number of boxes lying under desks or in storage that are never used – stuffed full of brochures, leaflets, posters, and flyers that were never shown to the public. One of the best ways to negate this in your office is by printing only the marketing materials you need. Sounds easy, right? Well, what if you can’t afford the over-and-back conversations with your designer that come when trying to order new marketing materials? It’s always been thought of as easier to order more than you need to be on the safe side.

Well, a solution is in hand. Using Tweak, you can work in a safe, online platform straight from your web browser where you can edit, create, and design new marketing materials as often as you want. With live printing, you will know exactly where your materials are at all times. A single click, and you’ve ordered the marketing materials you need right now, rather than enough for an inevitable future that may or may not come. Tweak makes it simple to reorder more of your print marketing materials.

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