Marketing Cost Management

Marketing Cost Optimization

Marketing Cost Optimization

Optimizing your marketing costs can help your business budgets and bottom line – in a number of different departments, but primarily in a marketing and purchasing department.

The aim of marketing savings is to reduce costs relating to marketing and sales, improve one’s supply chain management, and reduce product pricing. To help you decide how your business can reduce procurement costs, we have curated a list of tips and advice to help you make decisions within your purchasing department. While it can be useful to reduce your expenditure in any department, compromising on quality may not be the wisest method to maintain your business's moral position. At the end of the day, you need to save money without sacrificing the products' quality.

Automation is the name of the game these days, especially with marketing. One of the main benefits of automation in marketing is saving money on your budget and helping you have money to spend in other areas of your business – without losing out on quality. That’s what Tweak aims to do. As a marketing automation solution, Tweak will help lower your marketing budgets and costs by helping you print exactly what you need – whenever you need them.

Tweak’s main feature is as an online, secure platform for all of a business’s marketing materials – with a huge selection of templates to choose from. You can choose your preferred marketing materials from your web browser and edit them in tight conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign). Edit and perfect your styles to reflect your business ideals easily. Choose from thousands and thousands of designs, perfect them, and edit them whenever you need them. A product price update? Well, no need to contact your designer; you can make any changes you need to. This absolute control over your designs can let you choose the designs you need to print as you need them. Send your designs to a commercial printer or print them yourself as you need them – saving you considerable budgeting money with every single reprint.

Tips for Managing Marketing Materials

Business owners face a lot of financial challenges, with budgeting being one of the biggest concerns. Here are some handy ways to cut your marketing budget and manage your marketing:

Social Media is a free marketing channel

When it comes to digital marketing, relying on free platforms such as social media is a wise move to save money. Posting to social media is a free service that can help you reach many people. The only investment that your business will have to make is time – and gain qualified traffic.

Use Your Expertise for Free

It is likely that your business knowledge is vast, built up after years and years. After all, it usually takes years to learn what is necessary to run a successful business. You can turn your expertise into a marketing focus by writing a piece on your website offering advice. Another possibility for you is that you can host a webinar, offering advice. By giving away your knowledge for free, you will begin to build a positive relationship with your clients and customers. This will do wonders for your business and your reputation.

Run One Campaign at a Time

One of the easiest ways to lose track of where your budget is being spent is by becoming distracted and running more than one campaign at a time. By focusing on one marketing campaign at a time, you will be able to narrow in on the marketing materials you need to design. By gradually running one marketing campaign at a time, you will also be able to keep track of each individual marketing plan's success.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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