Unique PDF Editor with Font Choices

PDF files are an extremely common file type and one that is undoubtedly incredibly popular for businesses and organizations. The fundamental reasoning for this is because PDF files are very difficult to edit, so if you send information to another person, you can be sure that they cannot edit your original document.

However, that being said, every now and then you need to edit a PDF file. This can be pretty tricky to do without Adobe Acrobat or the equivalent – especially if you want to edit your fonts.

Fonts are not necessarily universal. Oftentimes, we open PDF files in different applications than they were originally created. These different applications have different versions of fonts to others and this can affect the overall appearance of the file.

Font types are also very important when attempting to add in page numbers, watermarks, and other additional features.

That’s where Tweak PDF Manager comes in to save the day – as this is fitted with different font and typography choices.

Tweak PDF Manager and Different Font Choices

To cut straight to the chase – Tweak PDF Manager is a free, online PDF managing suite. Usable from your web browser, entirely for free and with seven different tools, this is the ideal PDF manager.

Where editing fonts comes into the picture, is when you want to add features to your document.

The features that are free to use with Tweak PDF Manager include merging, splitting, compressing, adding page number, adding watermarks, converting and rotating.

However, when you are adding features such as adding a page number or watermark, you can personalize your watermarks and page numbers with specific fonts that you choose.

You can fully personalize your typography fonts and positioning to suit your own needs and anything else you might require.

Add Watermark

Tweak PDF Manager knows that security is extremely important when it comes to sharing your PDF files via email or internet. One way to know that your document is visibly secure is to add a watermark with your own specifications.

You can add an image as a watermark or a text-based watermark too, to your file.

You can also choose just how visible you want your watermark to be by choosing the opacity, position, typography, page layering and rotation.

Add Page Numbers

Page numbers are a simple, yet effective way of maintaining organization over your document. However, PDFs were not designed to be edited so adding page numbers is a challenge.

Tweak PDF Manager helps you to add the page numbers you want by giving you a choice of positioning, typography and format.