High-Quality PDF Editor – for Free

Free software for editing PDF files can be a challenge to find, but incredibly useful. Nowadays paid PDF editing tools can be expensive for one-off and recreational users, so finding the right free tool is vital.

We have exactly that tool.

PDF files are designed to look the exact same on any web browser or device. They are uniform and perfectly uneditable at times – which is ideal for sharing. However, there are times when you need to make big edits to your document and fast.

There aren’t many PDF editing tools for free and even less that don’t leave watermarks on your documents, which is why we’ve created a tool that doesn’t leave your design with any unwanted extras.

Keep reading to find out how to use Tweak PDF Manager for free, in no time at all.

The Features You Need to Know About

Tweak PDF Manager is a single suite of features for all of your PDF editing needs. For example, you can merge, split, compress and covert with this PDF manager.

Alongside this, you can also rotate your PDF files and add page numbers and watermarks to files – personalizing them even further.

Read about all of the features here.

Merge and Combine PDF Files

With Tweak PDF Manager, you can upload your files easily and merge them.

The easiest way to do this is to use the handy drag-and-drop feature and simply pull in your files to the web page, where they will upload straight away.

You can also upload directly from Dropbox. With a single click of a button, you can download your merged files.

Split and Separate PDF Files

Splitting PDF files is the exact same as merging, you can easily upload your files and choose how to split.

Would you like to split your files by range or into individual pages? Whichever you prefer, you can do.

Compress and Reduce PDF Files

Compressing PDF files has any number of excellent benefits, besides simply taking up less space and making your information easier to send. The best ways to do this with Tweak PDF Manager is to upload your files and choose your compression type.

We understand that through compression, you can sometimes lose out on quality. We want you to avoid this entirely and choose from three different compression types; extreme compression, recommended compression, less compression.

Each compression type has a different level of quality attached to it, making your file compression personalized.

Add Page Number

Adding page numbers to your PDF files is extremely useful for organizations but also a vital component of personalization.

Choosing the position and type of page number you want is a real advantage and with Tweak PDF Manager, you can do just that.

Add Watermarks to PDF Files

Adding watermarks with Tweak is entirely customizable. If you’d prefer to have a watermark that’s an image or text, you can choose.

With text watermarks, you can choose your font type and size, completing your personalized typography. You can also rotate your watermark and choose its exact position.

Convert Files to PDF

PDF files are the perfectly secure document. If you send a Word document to a colleague and they make edits you didn’t approve, then you’ll wish you had a PDF file.

Upload your Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and images to Tweak and download a fully converted PDF file.

Rotate PDF

Often, when you convert a Word document to a PDF file it can be a real challenge if your documents are rotated incorrectly.

You can fix this with Tweak by rotated your document to four different angles.

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