Free PDF Editor without Login – Free, Secure & Online

Finding the perfect PDF editor that has a complete suite of editing and creative tools can be a challenge in this day and age of online programs that are cropping up online!

However, finding a PDF editor without a login that does not require you to hand over personal information you may not want to give is even trickier. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for you, at Tweak! Our PDF Manager will allow you to make those last-minute changes you need to – from the rotation and merging to splitting and add page numbers.

Imagine you need to send a PDF file to a work colleague last minute – but you forgot to add the company watermark. No, that’s no longer an issue. Tweak PDF Manager is a PDF editor without login that is easily accessible from any web browser – better still, it’s for free!

Why PDF Files Are Hard to Edit

It often seems as if there is no way to get around having desktop software to edit PDF files. Unfortunately, desktop programmes are expensive and hard to use with complex layouts and are often not considered user-friendly.

PDF files are often hard to edit because of their ‘flattened’ nature, where all objects are on a single layer. Desktop PDF editing programs can struggle to tell the difference between the objects in the PDF file.

Online PDF editors work by editing objects on top of an existing PDF, rather than editing direct objects. Many PDF files are beneficial for carrying out direct tasks, such as merging, rotating, splitting, converting or adding page numbers and watermarks.

It is key when using online PDF managers to check the safety regulations of the tool being offered to you. If you are converting, rotating, or compressing private files for work or legal matters, it may be in your interest to make sure that your information is not retained, without your knowledge.

By checking the safety regulations of the online PDF tool before use, you can ensure safety of your information!

Tweak PDF Manager – A PDF Editor without Login

Tweak PDF Manager strives to include every PDF editing tool that you could need, for free and without any required login. These features include tools to help you merge, split, compress, rotate, convert and add page numbers and watermarks to PDF files. Here are some of the features for you to check out and use for free.

PDF Merging and Splitting

Tweak PDF Manager aims to do exactly what you need. You can split and merge PDF files and documents without logging into to any website. What makes this different other PDF mergers and splitters, is that Tweak makes sure you choose how you want your pages split. You can choose a range of pages that you would like to split your pages by, or you can extract all of your pages individually. When merging, you can upload multiple files at a time and can be rotated before you finally download your files.

PDF Rotating

Have you ever needed just a simple PDF rotating system? Upload your files, click in the right-hand corner of the file and you can rotate your files as you need.

Add Page Numbers and Watermarks

Adding page numbers and watermarks to PDF files are a really handy feature to be able to introduce to your PDF files. This gives you a new level of personalization, with specific formatting for each feature. When adding page numbers, you can edit the position, font size, typography and layout of your page numbers. Watermarking with Tweak is no different. Take the page number features and add page layering, opacity, and rotation, and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Compressing and Converting

Sometimes, it’s all about the space that matters on our disc spaces. To do that, compressing your PDF files can be entirely beneficial. With three different options to choose from, you can perfect your compressed file to fit your available disc space and your quality needs.

Converting your files is no joke – often it’s tedious, difficult and boring.

At Tweak, we wanted to make this necessary task all the easier for you, by helping you to convert multiple files of different formats at the same time. Convert Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents into PDF files within seconds!

Visit our sidebar to try out our PDF Manager and PDF editor without login, today. Your information is secure and automatically deleted after use, so you never have to worry about your private information.