How to Use a PDF Size Reducer

Have you ever had a last-minute Skype meeting with your boss who has just asked you for all too important PDF files – only to discover that they are too large to send?

If the answer is yes, then you need to look into compressing your PDF files!

Learning how to use a PDF size reducer can help you greatly reduce the space taken up by documents on your desktop. PDF compression also helps to make your PDF documents easier to send via email.

Tweak PDF Manager is a PDF editing tool that is both free and online. With Tweak, there are seven different features – including a PDF compressor.

If you want to optimize a PDF file, you should condense the file size of PDF document with either an online or offline PDF compressor.

How to Use an Online PDF Compressor for Quality

There are many great PDF compressors out there. We have many to choose that will help us to reduce the files we need to.

The key question we need to ask ourselves is what kind of compressor we are looking for.

Many people are very concerned with the quality we might be sacrificing when compressing PDF files.

That is where Tweak PDF Manager comes in. With our compression tool you can choose different levels of compression and because we know how important quality is, we recommend that people search for a PDF compressing tool that will allow them to customize their own level of quality.

 Tweak PDF Manager’s Compressor

From the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, you can select the ‘Compress’ button.

From this point, you are free to upload your PDF files.

Tweak uses a really useful drag and drop feature that will help you to upload within seconds. If you need to, you can upload manually by clicking on the PDF page icon.

You can also directly link your PDF files to be compressed from Dropbox.

Once your PDF is uploaded, you can choose between three different levels of compression and quality.

  • Extreme compression – less quality, high compression.
  • Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.
  • Less compression – high quality, less compression.

With a huge amount of speed, you can compress your file to the level you want.

All that’s left is for you to click on the ‘Download PDF’ button or wait for it to download automatically, depending on your web browser.

So, there you have it, now you know how to use an online PDF reducer!