Photography Brochure to Capture Attention

Perhaps it’s time you realized it’s time to add a new marketing piece to your company’s repertoire. Perhaps you’ve considered multiple options, a brochure being one of them. Having worked in the advertising business for many years, we are strong supporters of the good old-fashioned brochure. They have stood the test of time as a go-to marketing tool—and for good reason.

Compared to postcards and other forms of print materials, brochures can be mailed, used in-person or placed on location, or handed out at events. They are multi-functional and ideal for an on-the-go profession like photography. 

These multi-purpose features makes the decision to print a larger number of brochures fairly simple, since you know you will be able to use them in a wide variety of ways in the future for repeat occasions.

Whether it’s at a large event or distributing them in-person or at people’s doors, another one of the advantages of a brochure is that they are a simple but effective way to target a specific group of people. This method is especially useful for local businesses or small franchises.

Get Control Over Marketing Material Templates with Tweak Cloud

Tweak Cloud is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, which allows users to have complete control of marketing material templates in an online environment – straight from a web browser.

Users don’t need to have a previous software knowledge or licenses for Adobe applications – just a web browser. Using Tweak Cloud, Brand Managers can decide if users can make changes to marketing material templates just by giving them restricted access or whether approval is required from head office before a print ready PDF or digital design file is produced.

Every version of a design is saved and can be seen to the Tweak Cloud team manager.

It’s possible to automatically send customized files to the appropriate printer, using Tweak Cloud’s simple interface. Printers can use the technology to share progress on the production and delivery of marketing collateral and provide tracking links to courier companies.

Using Tweak Cloud’s automated personalization allows marketing material templates to be customized with the user’s information, logo or images on the fly, making the process even simpler. It’s a real evolution of the marketing template, which has had huge positive benefits for brands, and end users of design assets throughout the world.