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Real Estate Flyer Templates

Real Estate Flyer Templates

Even with real estate flyer templates, producing real estate flyers isn’t as easy as it may first seem. What is a real estate flyer, you may ask, but some pictures of properties, details and your web address?

This very much underestimates the aesthetic of real estate agents throughout the world. Every real estate agent is competing for the attention of buyers’ eyeballs in a world where we each receive perhaps a hundred ‘cries for attention’ online every day. The one critical advantage that a well-designed template offers is pure beauty. It is the reason that smartphones from Apple and Samsung have become hugely successful, even though they cost multiples of their cheaper competitors. Everyone appreciates great design, even if they don’t articulate it. We all aspire to things that are beautifully presented, thus better-designed real estate flyer templates will grab attention, while poorly designed templates are easy to discard.

Rumors of Print´s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

It’s a common misperception that ‘print is dead’. It is one of the few media today that, when combined with great design, can continue to grab our attention. No amount of pinching, scrolling or clicking makes it go away. If it’s sitting on your kitchen counter, it’s there until you decide to bin it. Tactile and powerful, well-designed flyers have a surprisingly long lifetime. If it’s even marginally of interest to the reader, they are likely to keep it to peruse again and again. Well-designed real estate flyer templates can keep dozens or hundreds of buyers in play to feed the funnel that will eventually lead to the highest price being achieved for a property. Competitive buyers maximize the value in a successful property transaction. We all want to ensure we achieve the highest possible price when selling a property, and this simple piece of collateral plays a vital role in that value realization.

What Makes a Good (Printed) Real Estate Flyer

A well-designed and printed flyer offers the real estate agent and seller a distinct advantage over a slot in an online gallery of properties of similar price, location and size. So, what are the key components of well-designed real estate flyer templates? Design structure with key pieces of information presented in the appropriate size and style to reflect their importance is really important. Typography needs to be disciplined – one, two or maximum three type styles, ideally different weights of the same font family. This is not a place for fancy display fonts. A good choice we favor at Tweak would be ic fonts like Guardian Egyptian or Guardian Sans. Unlike many bland and boring ‘generic’ fonts, these handmade typographic masterpieces are highly readable. They are available in dozens of different weights to provide emphasis through the pure power of typography – rather than through bright colors, underlines or other effects which can jar with the orderly presentation of information. A headline indicating the type and location of the property should be the biggest type on the page, followed by important qualifying information, like the number of bedrooms and square footage. When creating a great real estate flyer, it’s important not to create text blocks that are longer than 150 words. The buyer must be able to qualify their interest and must be ‘teased’ into getting more information and viewing the property. However, it is vital that they find out what they need to know and can easily find the website where they can get details and have the name and contact number for the negotiator. It’s been found to be very helpful to have the negotiator’s headshot included. This provides comfort to the buyer that they have a connection with the real estate professional and makes it easier to pick up the phone.

Key to Well-Designed Real Estate Flyer Templates

Photography is, of course, the most powerful asset that can ‘sell’ a property. The front of a good real estate flyer should include a ‘hero photo’, which should dominate the page. Whether this is a ground level view, an aerial photo or a sumptuous interior, this must be the ‘money shot’ to seduce a buyer into reading on. The flyer may include other smaller photos or a map if the location isn’t obvious to buyers at first hand, but it is the hero photo which does the selling. At Tweak, we take care to ensure to avoid the temptation to inset those smaller photos on the hero photo, because while it may work in some instances, in others those small photos may block a vital ingredient of that bigger photo. Color can be an important asset, but it is our experience at Tweak, that apart from posters and attention grabbing onsite hoardings that actual flyers need to reserve the use of color for the images themselves. Black type on white paper is also easily read and has much higher credibility than colored type. Last, but not least is the logo for the real estate agent. Always positioned in the same corner and big enough for brand recognition, but not too big to dominate the page. A carefully designed logo with stylish but not extravagant typography and clearly understood iconography (if it is required at all) speaks volumes about the quality of agency that has brought the property to market. When well-designed, real estate flyer templates say ‘these are professionals who are to be trusted’. Badly executed, the fliers can give a shoddy impression reflecting the worst caricatures of unprofessional real estate agents.

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