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Popular Retail Promotional Ideas to Try Out Today

Popular Retail Promotional Ideas to Try Out Today

Quirky Retail Promotional Ideas To Try Out Today

Retailers know better than most how hard it can be to bring in the foot traffic needed in order to be a successful business. The current retail atmosphere is full of competition, especially in the world of online shopping.

However, businesses can still be incredibly successful with in-store businesses – with the right retail promotional ideas. Provide consistency with the customer experience, and pique the interest of new customers with sensational promotional offers, displayed clearly for every passing customer to see. So, without further ado, we’re going to talk you through some of the best – and often quirky – retail promotional ideas!

Boost Foot Traffic with These Retail Promotional Ideas

Offer Reductions & Markdowns

This is likely something you’ve tried before or that you were reluctant to try in the first place. However, the fact remains that people love to get something for less. How many of us can say we’ve waited to buy something until it went on sale? With any items selling for a while and perhaps due to a change in pop culture or season, have become less relevant, you should consider selling these items for less. If you have items that aren’t selling as much as you had hoped – don’t worry, just reduce! Couple great offers with great customer service, and someone’s association with your business is only positive!

Use Social Media to the Max

I know, I know – you’ve heard it all before. Social media is a winner, nothing new, right? You don’t have to be an online retailer to use social media for marketing your business. Market and promote your merchandise online and your local audience. Identify the social media channel most suited to your product or service. For example, Instagram is much better for visual promotion, whereas Twitter is best for promotion through words and contacts. Promote your business on social media channels by having competitions and special offers for your followers.

Perfect Your Window Display

To increase foot traffic, you need to increase interest in your storefront. If you have promotions running in-store, then you need to consider running a window display campaign. Create and design eye-catching posters to show what you have going on inside your retail store. You can do this through Tweak – as a single platform for all of your digital assets, you can access over a million design templates and create professionally, at a meager cost. This includes posters – which are perfect for your shop window! Check out our homepage for more information.

Run an Event

To bring literal foot traffic into your store, you could consider running a promotional event. From informative events and talks to tutorials, if you have customers in your retail store, you will likely bring sales over the line all the easier. Showcase your products or service opportunities clearly on the day of the event and if they’re a success, consider making them a regular thing!

Good luck marketing your retail store through promotional events and ideas. These creative ideas are sure to boost your foot traffic and sales!

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