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Sales Enablement Framework

Sales Enablement Framework

Sales enablement has been a somewhat recent buzzword floating around the marketing world. But is there more to it than just a simple buzzword ?

The short answer: Yes, there is more to sales enablement than first meets the eye.

Marketing executives are always on the lookout for different ways to streamline the marketing process and ultimately get more sales. Sales enablement is a uniquely effective means of achieving this.

What is the sales enablement framework, you dare ask?

Sales enablement is an ongoing process that makes all sales employees equally capable of having a conversation that leads to increased sales.

In addition to this, sales enablement aims to make employees capable of solving customers' common problems, resulting in increased investment in products or services the employees offer.

The framework of sales enablement is the systematic solution applied to all customer interactions by employees.

Often, organizations will employ a sales enablement manager, whose job is to train employees in the steps necessary to increase their customer interactions' success.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the sales enablement framework's core ideals for designing effective marketing plans.

Sales Enablement Framework & Marketing Automation

At its core, marketing automation is a sales enablement framework.

Marketing automation refers to any software that exists to automate any kind of marketing actions. For example, automation software to prioritize an organization’s emails or website analytics is regularly used as a sales enablement framework.

Automating the emails or analytics of a marketing department is the simplest example of a sales enablement framework.

The ultimate goal of marketing automation is for a team to buy and sell quickly and effectively, with customer satisfaction on both sides. The only way to do this with an effective sales enablement framework is the nurture an organization’s leads enough to watch them become returning customers.

It’s that simple, really. Streamline your workflow, nurture your leads through automation, and your sales are enabled to grow in profit.

Online Steps Towards Sales Enablement Framework

Several steps can be taken as part of a sales enablement framework that results in an effective marketing plan design.

The possible steps that can be taken are not limited to what is listed below, but these are among the most common.

No real sales enablement campaign can begin in a business without an agreement that sales enablement is necessary by every senior member of the marketing staff. Clear the decision for sales enablement with your whole team.

Outline the areas necessary for change and sales enablement within your organization. Take a hard look at areas of the company’s marketing department that could run smoother.

Perhaps the most important of all the steps, choose what solutions your organization needs to implement. Consider the vendors available online and all of their different tools, and choose what is most important for your sales representative’s success.

Measure your success of the new solutions, once implemented, and consider if they need to be adjusted or refined – or allowed to stay in place as they are. Over time, you should be able to see your profit margin growth. Marketing Automation with Tweak If you find that you waste countless days through over and back emails with your designer when working on your print or digital marketing assets, Tweak has a marketing automation solution for you.

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