It is no secret that supermarkets have long since been pouring large quantities of money into marketing their businesses in the hopes of increasing their customer expenditure.

By taking into account customer behavior and social behaviors, you can build a successful marketing plan that will increase your sales.

So, in this article we’ve decided to put together our top 10 simple, yet effective supermarket marketing strategies to help you come up with some of the most creative ways possible to attract your customers.

Our Top 10 Approaches for Supermarket Marketing

Seasonal Campaigns

Supermarket owners might be under the impression that seasonal campaigns can only happen when moving from fall into winter. Well – you no longer have to wait in-between seasons for Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving to come around for your supermarket to cash in.

Creating marketing campaigns around Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day can help you to earn year-round, with much smaller interims between seasonal days.

Unfortunately, people tend to see larger supermarket chains with often negative connotations. While this is not always true, you might still need to work hard to change your clients’ opinions.

Focusing on your country’s national holidays and local region’s key events can help you to gain a positive reputation with your customer as less of the standoff-ish personality of large corporations. For example, as an Irish supermarket chain, you can equally focus on marketing your products around St. Patrick’s Day – but also county-specific events such as sports championships.

Advertise Multi-Use Products

Often supermarkets will make the majority of their revenue from existing customers, who already know the quality of the shop and the brands they offer. Because of this, the majority of new sales and increase in sales will come from convincing existing customers to spend more – rather than attracting new customers. 

If you advertise a product as having more than one purpose, you will give people an extra incentive to buy. This can be as simple as advertising carrots as a great dinner side, but also as a snack when sliced to have with hummus.

Promotional Prices

There’s no denying that everyone loves a good discount. Even though it’s far from subtle. One of the best marketing techniques for supermarket is to offer promotional discounts when you can.

If your supermarket offers discounts for a limited time only, people will likely buy in bulk.

Free Samples

How often have you walked into a supermarket and found that around a certain isle, there was a small stall offering free samples?

If sacrifice a small amount of produce in the name of free samples, you will inspire people to invest in that product.

Personalized In-Store Advertisement

By the use of in-store advertisements and announcements you can inform your customers of any promotional offers in the specific areas of the store that they need to find things. If you use a handwritten chalkboard sign in a section for local produce, it offers a sense of locality – and represents that you care about the personal touches that your local farmers offer.

Charity Work

If you work hard to affiliate your business with your prominent charities, this will help you to gain a positive reputation as a supermarket that cares not only about sales – but also your local community.

Offering charity events such as coffee mornings, helps not only the charity, but also your business as you draw in existing and prospective customers with events and the kindness your supermarket has shown.

Social Media Campaigns

It’s no secret that the world is the social media crazy, and as a result, businesses have to be. Social media campaigns have been a whole new source of revenue for businesses in the past few years and there’s no reason supermarkets cannot have a Facebook page, or Instagram and Twitter account.

Cooking Classes

Every locality has a chef personality, or someone with a cooking book out that they need to promote. Why not have them host a cooking class where they use your supermarket’s ingredients in their recipes?

Afterwards, if they post about it on social media – all the better!

Work with Brands

It’s likely that your supermarket, like most nowadays, will have a card where your customers can gain points in exchange for deals and discounts. Why not make some of those deals products from fashionable brands?

Finding a brand that designs beautiful kitchen utensils or plates can really entice your customers to return to your store for the smallest things, which on a mass counts a lot.

Online Print Marketing Materials

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