Tom Kiernan & What Tweak Has to Offer

Tom Kiernan, Managing Director, Topic Newspapers, Ireland, shared his views on the benefits of Tweak for the publishing industry with us at Drupa 2016, the world printing fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.


I’m Tom Kiernan, MD of Topic Newspapers in Mullingar in the Rep. of Ireland. We are the publishers of a number of local newspapers in the area and we’ve had a look at the Tweak advertising solution recently and I have to say, having looked at some various options and some other competitive solutions, we find that this is a very interesting solution. In our opinion this would be a great asset for anyone with no background our technical expertise in terms of producing advertising for their business.


For the advertiser who wants to produce a compelling ad, they have the answer with Tweak advertising as there is a vast range and a vast amount of advertising solutions there for all kinds of businesses. They can produce very quickly, in a matter of minutes, that they can get to their newspaper or whatever media they decide to go with.