Yves Roussange & Tweak’s Power

Yves Roussange, Founder and Director of Soltect Pty Ltd (formerly ColourProcess Pty Ltd) shared his views on the benefits solutions like Tweak give the printing industry with us at Drupa 2016, the world printing fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.



My name is Yves. I am the owner of the business named Soltect, concerting the (print) industry and based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve got some customers who want to move into the market of direct, i.e. consumer-direct-to-print where I am looking for tech like Tweak at Drupa to help them to go and be disruptive in that environment. I found the concept of Tweak very interesting. Having 1.5m templates for all types of end user or end consumer who could order online a brochure, flyers, a business card to get the information directly printed back from the provider of the interface with the website. The second interesting thing is the second product (Tweak Cloud) with the online template builder using InDesign is for the client to prepare for its existing base customer some templates to dynamically give them the tools to change the address, to add multi-store etc.



At the moment, two of my customers, because they have been looking for an easy integration of InDesign artwork for existing customers who have got omnichops across Australia who want to customize the pricing, customize the promotion, or give the shop direct interaction with the artwork so they can deliver direct the final print, point of sales exactly, to them, to make one-to-one promotion and I think this is something today which exists already with other technology, but which higher price tag and bigger complexity to integrate.



Tweak Cloud is good because it gives the customer the opportunity without too big an investment to get in that template customization business on a dynamic label and by doing so they can build slowly the market and see how they can increase that market by getting new end users.