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Everyone knows that everything on the internet needs to be eye-catching and exciting- the more visual the better! That's why JPG images are widely used, you've probably seen them on every webpage you've ever been on.

But what most people don’t know that converting JPG images into PDF files actually has many more advantages than storing the image itself as an individual JPG file!

When you store your JPG images on your computer, they are stored most effectively by compressing them. This means that your images file sizes are made to be much, much smaller than the original image when it's opened up!

So, when you try to print your JPG image, you might discover that what you have on screen doesn't match up with what's on paper! This applies even more so if your image has text on it or is smaller in size.

That's why converting your JPG image to a PDF File is more versatile and has a higher quality, especially for printing ads or publishing documents.

Thankfully, our PDF editor and converter, Tweak PDF Manager makes it easy for you. So just sit back, follow our guidelines and you will have your PDF image in no time!

How to Convert JPG to PDF with Tweak

At the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, make sure to click on the 'Convert' button.

Here you can upload your JPG images and convert them to PDF files with just a single touch of the button. Uploading as many as you want all at once, and wait less than five seconds for them to load!

Once your JPG images are loaded, you can personalize the PDF file you will finish up with by choosing a rotation you want for your PDF. You choose what's best for you!

If you're happy with your PDF files features, click on the 'Convert to PDF' page and watch your file come together!

Download your PDF file to your desktop, or wait as your files automatically download, depending on your computer!

And just like that, faster than you could blink, you have converted your JPG images to PDF files!

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