Have you ever had an image that you needed to send to a friend of a colleague but you were worried that they might make accidental changes?

If you can understand that fear, then converting your JPG to PDF might be the perfect conversion for you.

There are many reasons you should consider converting your JPG to PDF, the least of which is safety.

JPG images can often change their formatting slightly when they are sent from one place to another, whereas PDF files are fixed. If you intend to open your JPG on a different computer or device, a PDF file can be a really handy way for you to keep your image looking exactly as you intended.

JPG images are also stored on your computer in lesser bytes, meaning that when you open your images, they are not in their original size. JPG images are also poor in quality when used in high compressions that you don’t always have the chance to choose.

It can also be hard to know what quality of an image you will receive after printing, because the print quality of an image depends upon it’s pixels dimensions, which changes depending on the device you are viewing the image on.

PDF files, however, remove those challenges by being all-around easier to use.

How to Convert JPG to PDF

At Tweak we have our own tool to help you to convert your JPG to PDF files. Tweak PDF Manager is entirely free, accessible and secure to use.

Our conversion tool works by taking helping you to upload your JPG files through a handy drag-and-drop tool. With this tool, you can pull your files in directly from your desktop.

If you’d prefer, you are also free to upload your files manually by searching your computer, or directly from Dropbox.

When your file is uploaded, you can then continue to click the ‘convert’ button – and just that quickly, your task is complete!

Now, you have converted your JPG to a PDF file, you can now download your new document.

Thankfully, you are now free to send them to anyone and no matter what computer they open the PDF file on, you can count on the formatting remaining the same.

With Tweak’s PDF Manager, you can also merge, split, compress and rotate your PDF files. You can also add watermarks and page numbers!

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