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Tweak PDF Manager understands the importance of being able to create PDF files from many different formats. That's why our PDF Converter helps you to create PDF files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images. Even better – it's free!

This tool is an online software that runs straight from your web browser saving you any frustrating downloads or lengthy installation times.

With a simple few clicks, you will be able to convert your file into a whole new PDF format! Keep reading to find out how to create PDF files within seconds!

Create PDF Files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Images

Creating PDF files from other file formats is surprisingly easy with Tweak PDF Manager. Follow these next few steps and you will have your PDF file within moments!

Once you have landed on the Tweak PDF Manager home page, you can click on the 'Convert' button to be directed to upload your files.

Create PDF File

Before uploading your files for conversion, you have to choose these files.

Once they are in the right format as a Word document, Excel document, PowerPoint presentation or image, you can use Tweak PDF Manager's drag-and-drop feature.

If you drag your documents into the center of the page over the circular icon, your files will be uploaded straight away! If you'd rather not use this, you can always click on the center of the page and manually upload your files or upload straight from Dropbox.

Create PDF File

Once you've done this, your document should upload within a matter of seconds.

Tweak PDF Manager wants you to be able to customize your document to have whatever specifications you would like. That's why we knew it was important to give you the chance to choose if what kind of rotation you would prefer your PDF document to have.

Just hover your mouse over the uploaded files, and you can use the arrow icon in the right-hand corner to edit rotation.

Create PDF File

As a final step, just click 'Convert to PDF' and your job is nearly done!

Download Your Created PDF File

Depending on your web browser, once your file has been uploaded, it may download straight away once you have selected the 'Convert' button. If it doesn't, you can always click on the 'Download PDF' button and your new PDF file should download straight away into the bottom left-hand corner of your web browser.

Create PDF File

And just like that, you have converted a Word document, Excel document, PowerPoint presentation or an image into a PDF file!

With Tweak PDF Manager, you are free to continue converting and downloading your files over and over again.

If you need any other PDF editing tools, you can always return to the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, where you will find many other free tools available.

On the homepage you will see that you can merge, split, compress and rotate PDF documents. On top of that, you can also personalize your documents further by adding page numbers and watermarks.

Tweak PDF Manager really strives to give your PDF every opportunity to look exactly as you desire.

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