Frequently Asked Questions

How would a DAM help me get the most out of my existing assets?

By having a single source for all your assets, you can update designs and make sure your asset library grows with your brand. Design once- update, edit and share forever.

Will my team be able to adapt? – They are not too ‘tech-savvy’!

Yes. The Tweak platform has been developed to incorporate the needs of non-design trained team members and users who are not as ‘tech-savvy’ as others. Also, our customer support and training teams are experts in showing new users how easy Tweak is to use, offering support throughout the process

Is a DAM difficult to implement?

No, you can set up everything in a single day with the help of a Tweak expert.
Some plans include free migration, where Tweak sets everything up for you.

How protected is my brand really going to be?

You have extensive control of your brand using Tweak. You can define what can or can’t be changed using our granular editing permissions, along with a workflow approvals process to guarantee brand compliance.

How does a DAM make finding assets faster?

With a Tweak DAM, you can organize your assets into custom folders and search using keywords and metadata. It also offers visual previews so browsing is much more intuitive than relying on filenames. Searching is super fast.