How to Design Professional Business Cards

How to Design Professional Business Cards

It is no secret that everything we do in business is about communication – whether we are talking to a business or a single customer, we are always sharing information about our goods or services.

Alongside that, almost everything else we do is digital. We send emails, we attend meetings through software and submit work online.

But the humble business cards are what remains in this all-digital age.

Learning how to design professional business cards is an essential skill of any business runner – no matter the size of the business.

Why Business Cards Matter

Business cards are essential to help you swap your contact information quickly and effectively. This is a form of networking that takes true communication.

By this, we mean that business cards require in-person eye-contact, with the aim of building some kind of relationship with that person, based on the information you give them.

Think about: if you email the person, you won’t gain any kind of significant impression upon their memory. By handing them a business card and shaking their hand, however, might just make an impact.

Business cards are also a handy means of showcasing a snapshot of your brand. If you make a memorable and creative business card, when that person finds it later in their pocket, they will likely remember who gave it to them and the entire encounter.

By making a memorable first impression, you’ve already won half of the war.

In addition to all of these vital reasons to have a business card, they will show just how prepared you are to your potential clients. This avoids any messiness about needing a pen to write down your contact details or asking someone to take your number into their phone.

Overall, business cards are exceptionally worth designing and working hard to perfect for all that they do for the reputation of the business.

Where You Can Design Professional Business Cards

Have you ever had that creative impulse to design something incredible – that accurately represents your brand – but struggle when it comes to the budget.

Well, that’s where we come in.

Tweak Brand has a reserve of over a million different marketing material templates, including agency-standard business cards. Create, edit and design professional business cards in tight conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign).

Approve edited designs or upload your own and give them a refresh. Without having the taxing back and forth conversations with your designer, you will have incredible access to a replenished marketing budget.

Working from your web browser, Tweak Brand makes making edits simple. You don’t need any more expensive licensing, but just your laptop and a few moments.

For more information or to sign up for a free demo, visit our homepage – we’d love to hear from you. Below are some of our examples of different business card templates that you can hone your brand in no time.

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