Tweak's Philosophy

Tweak is a digital asset management solution that removes bottlenecks between marketing requirements and creative operations. Rated as a digital asset management platform Leader by G2 and Capterra, Tweak is a brand management system that brings digital assets, design assets, and data together in an intuitive platform.

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The design problem

Designers use a suite of complex desktop applications to enable the power of color, typography, and imagery to create brand impact and memorability. Once stakeholders have signed off on the final design, the artwork becomes a design template for future campaigns.

It's common for marketers to use the same two-person design process to create new designs from that original template, which is slow and requires individuals working in the same time zone and ideally the same location. There's a constant backlog of tasks in many organizations that holds up campaigns, new business proposals, and more.

Solving the design backlog

Design templates can be shared with Tweak's cloud platform empowering editing by users. In our brand management platform, precise controls are available to determine which parts of the design can be edited, which users have access to, and the approval process required.

The result? Stakeholders who need design can create it themselves in minutes. Designers can concentrate on new creative projects without distraction, and the marketing team has full oversight and control.

Projects that might have taken days can now be completed in minutes, the frustrating 'back and forth' with designers disappears. 'Waiting for design' is removed as a reason for delayed projects or missed deadlines.

Automating Design

Brand marketing often includes information that exists in databases or spreadsheets. Retailers and real estate agents, for example, have inventory for which pricing, data, and imagery change rapidly.

By synchronizing brand design with master data and imagery, Tweak eliminates the possibility of errors. This precision enables complex marketing materials to happen in minutes rather than days - and facilitate last-minute changes.

Production time isn't the only saving. By adopting an agile approach with just-in-time marketing materials, brands can outperform competitors by growing market share and reducing production costs.

Brand assets at risk

Digital assets are critical to organizations' success but are rarely considered strategically in the way other assets are. These are the files needed to run marketing operations, including brand imagery, logos, presentations, marketing materials, video, audio, and more. In many cases, these files are stored on vulnerable shared drives, desktop, and laptop computers.

Online storage solutions like Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive are popular too. These applications were designed for backup and storage rather than a shared resource to enable easy search and download, around which businesses operate.

Smarter brand asset management

Tweak includes a fully-fledged digital asset management system (DAM). This allows the proper organization of files, permissions for users, and security controls to ensure your data is safe. Most importantly, DAM makes it possible to ensure that only the correct version of brand files are being used.

DAM (also available as a standalone application) is a self-service tool that enables users to find what they need in a second or create transformations that would typically require an application like Adobe Photoshop. Tweak logs every user action, and the risk of loss eliminated with our encrypted technology and the security of Amazon Web Services hosting and redundant storage.

The result is lower costs and faster production, empowering local teams to create, edit, and improvise on the go without compromising brand guidelines.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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