Digital Marketing for Brokers

Digital Marketing for Brokers

There is not a soul left on the planet that doesn’t know what digital marketing is – or a single business around that doesn’t use digital technologies to market in some small way.

It’s almost instinctive, right?

But why do we need to do this in the first place? And how can we revitalize digital marketing techniques for brokers?

Real estate brokers work with their agents to gather leads and help their clients buy or sell their house.

Brokers’ daily tasks can be varied and time-consuming, so streamlining the workflow involved at any point is necessary.

That’s why in this article we’ve put together all of the information about digital marketing that brokers need to make all of the marketing changes possible for success!

Why Real Estate Brokers Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a highly pervasive method of marketing. Everyone is using it. And here’s the why: digital marketing is immediate.

The days of relying on newspapers or strictly print marketing to get your message to your potential customers are gone.

Real estate brokers are no exception.

Digital marketing is a source of knowledge for broker’s clients and a tool that can be wielded for the positive as much the negative.

Brokers need digital marketing because at its core, real estate brokers need digital marketing to maintain a positive relationship with their clients.

Real estate is a communication and trust process, which digital marketing aids.

Digital marketing is also ideal for brokers because it is a cost-effective means of marketing, which suits the every-changing listings within a broker’s day-to-day clients.

Digital marketing also helps brokers to contact the exact target audience you need – wasting none of the valuable resources brokers have and need to preserve in order to gain more revenue.

Digital Marketing Tools for Brokers

Here are some of the top digital marketing tools for brokers that are sure to make a difference when it comes to attracting the interest of more potential clients.

Google My Business

In order to be visible as a real estate agency on Google Maps and to improve your chances of ranking highly on Google, you need to fill out a Google My Business profile.

This is a really easy piece of advice that genuinely works, and is so simple that any broker can do it within minutes.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a very advantageous offer when it comes to running sponsored ads. If you want to reach a lot more people, you need to advertise as much as you can.

There is a lot of engagement to be harnessed on Facebook.

Content Marketing

One of the key reasons that real estate brokers get a high level of engagement with their websites, are that they produce and promote content – not just properties.

The payoff of running healthy social media sites or blogs, is that they all lead back to your website – to your listings. More traffic means more referrals.

Dynamic Design

It goes without saying, regardless of your business, you need to design marketing materials to be shared both online. These designs will show your brand’s color palette and themes.

This can often be time consuming, as you wait for designers to reply and send on design files.

However, Tweak Brand aims to revolutionize this.

With Tweak Brand, you can choose from thousands of real estate-specific designs, and you can update your housing details with a single listing code.

Just like that, your designs will populate straight into your digital designs – dynamically.

For more information check out our homepage and sign up for a free demo!

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