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Converting Word documents to PDF files is a great way of making sure that no more changes can be made to your document. This makes your document more secure as the content is safe from being copied or pasted anywhere else.

Converting Word documents to PDF files has been challenging in the past because some formatting errors occurred in the new PDF file, because of some minor problems that happened during the conversion.

Thankfully, Tweak PDF Manager is a free, online PDF converter which allows you to change not just Word documents to PDF files, but also Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and images – without changing any of the content!

Keep reading to find out how to convert DOC to PDF with Tweak PDF Manager.

Upload and Convert DOC to PDF

If you'd like to convert your Word document to a PDF file, Tweak PDF Manager will help you with just a few simple steps.

Once you've found yourself at the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, you can click on the 'convert' button to convert DOC to PDF.

The next step is for you to identify which files you would like to change into PDF files. Tweak PDF Manager doesn't just limit you to turning your Microsoft Word documents into PDF files, but also helps you to change PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Excel documents and images!

Once you've chosen the files you'd like to convert, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to simply 'drop' your files into the center of your screen – directly over the circular feature!

If you need to search your computer for your files, click on the circular icon and you can upload your files manually! You can also upload straight from Dropbox.

Choose Your Rotation Preferences

Tweak PDF Manager wants you to be content with your PDF file, before you click to download. That's why if your files are uploaded, you will then be asked to choose your preferences for rotation.

By hovering your mouse over your uploaded files, you can use the small arrow icon in the right-hand corner to change the rotation settings.

Once you've made the decisions that suit you, you can click the 'Convert to PDF' button at the bottom of the page. It's just that easy – that's all you have to do!

Downloading Your PDF

When you have clicked to convert to PDF, you're new PDF file might download automatically. This depends on the type of computer and web browser you have.

If not, you can click on the 'Download PDF' button and your document will begin downloading into your computer's downloads folder, or you can save the file directly into the Dropbox folder!

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