Which is Best – eBook or PDF?

It is a typical belief of many people that the content in eBooks is simply in PDF file format and in some ways, this isn’t entirely wrong.

It can be hard to know the difference between eBooks and PDF files, which is why we’ve made this article as easy to follow as possible.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to understand the important bits and pieces about eBook and PDF file formats and to answer your ultimate question; what should you be using – eBook or PDF?

Know When to Use eBook or PDF Files

The easiest way to understand when to use eBooks or PDF files, is to identify what device you want to use to read the content.

If you want to use a Kindle, your eBook is going to be in MOBI format. MOBI is derived from the name mobile and is the chosen file format used when Kindles were first developed.

One the other hand, the first format an eBook is in, is usually in EPUB. This is the format preferred by nearly all eReaders other than Kindle.

Some eBooks when you choose to download them are available in MOBI, EPUB and PDF files. It just all depends on the provider.

To be honest, it almost always just depends upon the device you are viewing it the eBook on.

The Key Difference Between eBook and PDF

The vital difference of eBook and PDF files, is that eBooks will adjust how they appear to you (the reader) depending on the length of the page and screen size.

PDF files on the other hand are just an image of a page, frozen entirely. If you choose to adjust the text size on an eBook, this can be easily done just like when you use a Word document. If you do the same with a PDF, you are more or less zooming and nothing else.

You can also identify if the eBook you are reading is in a PDF format or a typical eReader format like EPUB by identifying the different characteristics of each.

If you are reading an eBook in EPUB or MOBI, and you shift the screen rotation or any other appearance characteristic, your text will readjust and look comprehensive once again. PDF files don’t have the same benefits.

EPUB file formats also tend to contain links that can take the reader out to the internet, perhaps related to explaining some of the content in the text. PDF files cannot do this because of the format base.

The general rule of thumb to remember is that eBook formats like MOBI or EPUB are typically more flexible and can be reshaped, whereas PDF files can’t.

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