Edit PDFs for Free with the Ultimate Editing Tool!

Finding the perfect PDF editing tool can be a challenge, especially with so much choice and a variety of features. With a single Google search, you can see just how many editing tools are on offer.
We're here to make your life a lot easier and to offer you an editing tool that will help you make the PDF document you desire.
With seven editing tools, Tweak PDF Manager has everything you might need to transform your PDF files – all for free!
Tweak PDF Manager strives to save you time on any annoying installations by working straight from your web browser and downloading your edited PDF files straight to your desktop.
Keep reading to find out about the seven tools that Tweak PDF Manager offers you to edit PDF for free!

The Best Tools to Edit PDF for Free

PDF Merger

Tweak PDF Manager knows that combining your PDF files is a priority. That's why our PDF merger allows you to join your PDF files for free.
You can upload multiple PDF files at once and edit your files rotations before you finally merge your documents together.

PDF Splitter

Splitting PDF files can be a challenge because not every online PDF splitter will allow you to split your files just how you like.
To save you time searching the internet, Tweak PDF Manager brings you a PDF splitting feature that allows you to choose just how you want your pages split.
If you want your pages split by range or to extract every page and download them each separately, you can.

PDF Compressor

Compressing your files can save you time and disc space on your computer.With Tweak PDF Manager you can choose between three different levels of compression, which helps you to get the PDF quality you want.
With extreme compression, recommended compression and less compression, you can personalize just how much space you'd like to save.

PDF Converter

Tweak's PDF Converter knows that sometimes you might need to make the information on your documents secure. The best way to do this can be to convert your files back to a format that isn't easily editable – like a PDF file.
That’s why we offer you the chance to convert your Microsoft Word documents, Excel documents, images and PowerPoint presentations into PDF files, securing your files from any changes being made!

Add Watermark to PDF Files

Adding a watermark to your PDF files helps you to customize your PDF files and make sure that whoever receives your documents, knows who owns the content.
Watermarks are a visible method of making your brand or ownership known.
With Tweak PDF Manager who can edit the watermark you want by choosing the typography, page layering, positioning and rotation of your watermark. You can also upload multiple PDF files at a time, saving you time.

PDF Rotator

Having your PDF files rotated to the right angle can be vital if you need to send your files to share information. Sometimes, whatever technology you used to create the PDF file can edit the rotation of your file.
Tweak PDF Manager helps you to upload multiple documents at the same time and to edit the rotation of each file individually. Afterwards your files will download into a zip file.

Add Page Numbers to PDF files

Numbering your PDF files pages can be incredibly handy for organization. Sometimes, adding page numbers can be an afterthought, but even after you've created a PDF file, you can still add page numbers.
With Tweak PDF Manager, you can add page numbers to suit your preferences. You can choose just how you want them to look and where you want them to be!
Tweak PDF Manager strives to bringing every PDF editing tool you might need right to your fingertips.