Brand Security is critical

The first step in achieving sufficient security is to know that you're consciously sharing critical business assets, which you never want to fall into the wrong hands. The cause of breaches can often be linked to a lack of a properly considered permission structure.

During a Tweak onboarding, you'll decide, 'what do these users need to have access to' and also deciding how they can download or share those assets. This granular level of control is achieved with Tweak Collections.

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Team Security

Tweak's security settings cover the fundamentals of organizational security measures, including custom passwords, single sign-on, new device alert, and SAML. One of the most apparent potential security risks is users leaving a browser window open while not in a secure location while traveling or working from home. This risk can be mitigated with a setting that controls the maximum user session length. The account owner can instantly log users out of their accounts and force password resets.

Best Practice

In the user panel, it's easy for Super Users to see which assets their users have access to, which can be changed instantly when, for instance, an employee leaves the business. These users can view a full audit trail of every user interaction with every asset by time and date. In addition to user permissions, Tweak offers the ability to password protect and expire public links.

Partnered with AWS

Tweak's infrastructure is hosted entirely on Amazon's AWS platform, and we utilize the best security features offered, including Cognito User pools, the gold standard for user authentication. We employ SSL and TLS encryption protocols during transfer and at rest. Regular PEN tests ensure that threats become visible and addressed urgently. Our computing and storage is operated from AWS SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers.

The result is lower costs and faster production, empowering local teams to create, edit, and improvise on the go without compromising brand guidelines.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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