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Using online brand templates shrinks production time & increases brand impact

Design teams have struggled to cope with increasing demands for faster turnaround of complex design changes in short timeframes. This rapid increase in the pace and scale of marketing has led to increased demand for a 'self-service' design platform, enforcing brand guidelines, and satisfying the immediate need for precise print or digital-ready artwork. 

Working with traditional design processes

Traditionally marketers use the same two-person design process to create new designs, often from an original brand template. This process is slow and requires marketers and designers to be working in the same time-zone and ideally the same location. It also means that graphic designers are often distracted from new creative projects to make small changes to existing design templates.

Integrated with Adobe Creative Suite

Tweak's online brand platform supports brand templates created by creative teams in Adobe InDesign, empowering users to edit the designs they need and generate output to PDF, FlipBook, Presentation, or social media formats.

Easy to use interface

When users log in to Tweak's brand template platform, they see the designs available to them, organized in Collections and folders ready for editing. Each design template can have brand elements locked and require admin approval if needed. Through a central dashboard, admins can see every design created and approve or collaborate with commenting. 

'One source of truth' for Brands

Connect image collections, product feeds, brand copy libraries, and external data sources to designs. This connection to pre-selected copy and imagery vastly reduces the scope for user errors and costly corrections. This 'one source of truth' principle supports brand consistency, reduces production time, and reduces the number of team members involved in design execution.

Benefits include

-Elimination of rogue brand design with 100% transparency

-Recover time wasted 'double handling' design changes

-Faster artwork production

-Reduced pressure and cost on design resources

-Elimination of manual editing & prepress errors

-Improved collaboration across teams

-Work across time-zones - 24/7 cloud platform

-100% transparency - full audit trail

-No design or software skills required

-Supports remote working on brand platform templates

Using Brand Templates

Connecting your tech stack

Synchronized with Adobe

Modern API structure

Integrated with Nielsen Brandbank

Smart Templates

Experience Design Automation with Smart Templates

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Share output instantly in DAM

Conditional algorithims eliminate manual intervention

Uploading Brand Templates

Where your digital brand assets live

Adobe files supported

Granular document editing permissions

Upload Automation in one click