Brand Template Solution Feature Overview

Using Brand Templates

Open APIs

Drag & Drop with Adobe


Use with Microsoft Apps

Integrated with Brandbank

Editable Adobe Templates

Custom Data Integration

Scheduling Social Media

Save output to DAM

Connect to Google Sheets, CSV, API

Add & Move Pages

Smart Templates

Automating Design

Data Connection Options

Manipulate Data, Pricing

Conditional Logic

Export to DAM

Inline or text box based

Search and replace

Simplified Editor option

Smart Image Logic

Uploading Brand Templates

Pre-press profiles

Setting editing permissions

Template Approvals

Connect to Automated Design

Template Permissions

Batch Template Automation

Template Description

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Using Brand Templates

Connecting your tech stack

Synchronised with Adobe

Modern API structure

Integrated with Nielsen Brandbank

Smart Templates

Experience Design Automation with Smart Templates

Fast, simple editing experience

Share output instantly in DAM

Conditional algorithims eliminate manual intervention

Uploading Brand Templates

Where your digital brand assets live

Adobe files supported

Granular document editing permissions

Upload Automation in one click