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AI Tagging

Custom Fields

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Batch Automation

Creating Folders

Advanced Metadata Controls

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Asset Management Tools

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Asset Transformation

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Advanced Metadata Controls

Finding what you need - fast

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A solution for organizing, managing, and sharing your brand’s digital files

Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables you to efficiently manage your digital brand assets and share with your teams, partners, or agencies with granular control over user permissions. Our cloud-based digital asset management platform ensures that your users have 24/7 access with state-of-the-art encrypted security. Set permission levels for users and assets – ensuring that only those who should have access do. DAM enables a systematic approach to managing and distributing brand assets and gives brand guardians a set of tools to grow the brand and ensure proper governance and control. Upload any file format to the DAM – including; video, imagery, audio, documents, presentations with file sizes of up to 100GB supported.

Benefits include

-Streamlined distribution of brand files

-Maintain brand image and governance

-Find assets in seconds with tagging, metadata & filtration tools.

-Empower self-service access to brand assets 24/7

-Eliminate usage of old or wrong versions of graphics, logos, and imagery

-End the cost of replacing lost and misplaced brand assets

-Automated file resize, eliminating manual Photoshop tasks

-Work in Adobe Creative Cloud & Microsoft applications using DAM

-Streamline third party asset contributors (i.e., photographers) into one location

-Reduce costs

-Integrate your brand imagery with brand templates

Organizing your Assets

Making brand assets easy to find, use and share across teams

Create self-service access to vital brand assets

Reduce pressure on marketing team responding to asset requests

An easy to use platform with a simple interface

Asset Management Tools

Powerful tools to manage your assets and tagging

Automation and high powered tools save you time

Easily manipulate metadata into your custom format

Custom Fields puts your needs front and center.

Finding what you need - fast

Maximizing asset 'findability'

Lightning fast searches across multiple metadata types

Create cutomized filter sets & save for future use.

Advanced search with Boolean