Best Franchise Ideas to Invest In 2018

Every year, new franchise ideas arise in relation in investment, marketing and sales that are certainly worth taking a look at for the benefit of your business.

That’s why in this article we’ve put together a great list of great ideas for marketing franchise tips and advice that will help you take your business to the next level throughout 2018.

These ideas focus on perfecting how your locality see you as well as how you appear on a national level. It is highly likely that the franchisor will have a clear marketing plan for the entire franchise, when it comes to local marketing, you can still take ideas into your own hands.

Keep reading to find out some ideas about how to put your franchise’s best foot forward with these franchise ideas.

Franchise Marketing Ideas and Tips

Check-In with Your Franchisor

You never know – your franchisor might have a lot more support available to you than you’re currently availing of. If possible, meet with a member of the marketing support team of your franchisor and consider what options are available to you.

There may be some readymade elements that are in place for you to apply for your local franchise. Even if there isn’t, they will most likely have the best tips and advice for you to implement in your business.

Media Contacts and PR

Whether you are aiming for local or national coverage – ideally both – your media contacts are vital. Naturally, if your business is worthwhile positive media contacts will arise throughout the years anyway – however, that doesn’t mean you can’t help the process.

For your locality, reach out to local newspapers and radio stations and consider where you can advertise. Even if you don’t want to place ads with these mediums, consider asking to do an interview. Local radio stations in particular are always investing in local business development.

Offer to give interviews for online medias that can be shared on social media and will reflect well on your business. Have no shame is telling people about your business – persistence is key.

Watch Competition

This probably sounds very basic, but it holds its value nonetheless. A surprising number of franchise owners do not pay close enough attention to what their competition is doing.

Consider who your biggest competition is and what they are doing for outreach and marketing. What do you consider to be your competition’s main weaknesses and strengths? Is there anything that they do that you could consider implementing into your own business.

Events and Print Marketing

By taking part in local events through sponsorship deals than you will undoubtedly be reaching a larger audience than that which you would have been previously.

This will natural create an interest around your brand through word-of-mouth on the day of the event. If people take photos featuring your brand, then you can ask permission to share these to your social media accounts.

You can also feature your brand through print marketing at the event. For example, you can do this through using your pre-defined color palette and typography by your franchisor to design new flyers, brochures and posters containing information about your products or services.

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