Franchise Marketing Tips to Save Money

Taking on the responsibility of owning a franchise and becoming your own boss can be a mixture of both exciting and daunting. However, the cost of opening up a franchising – and marketing your business – is far from exciting.

When it comes to owning a franchise, your mind is full of all of the necessities you have to cover from rent to equipment, that marketing can often fall by the wayside.

This would be a big mistake, as a marketing will be the fuel in the engine of your business and aims to push forward your profits and increase your bottom line.

It’s for that reason and that reason alone that we decided to create a piece all about franchise marketing tips to save money.

Tips for Franchise Marketing on a Budget

Build a Website

If you are looking to build an online website for your store – or have your items displayed online, you need to use website builders.

This can often become an expensive process with all of the best intentions.

To avoid this, consider using inexpensive domain servers such as Squarespace, WordPress or Wix. With these, you can run a business with an e-commerce function here. This website can be used to offer coupons and discounts through marketing.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Thankfully, Mail Chimp accounts are either free or inexpensive and can be used to harness your audience. If you have a website, you should create gated content that requires people to submit their email addresses.

When you have the email addresses of interested customers, you can effectively market your franchise offers through the easy and inexpensive of the media.

Public Relations

Public relations are often one of the most underused forms of marketing, despite its exceptional effectiveness.

By creating a press release around any exciting events that your franchise is aiming to host, you will have content that exists in a Google search for years to come.

Today, we can use social media platforms to easily launch PR campaigns that exist in each of our prospective customer’s smartphones.

Social Media

Perhaps the most inexpensive form of marketing for franchises is the ever-popular social media outlet. With social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can match with your franchise’s color palette whilst showcasing products well.

With images, you can easily gain the interest of your audience. Try out competitions and discount offers with whichever brilliant service your franchise offers you.

Print Marketing

Regardless of how popular online marketing gets, print marketing still remains to be a vital aspect of getting the message out there about your product.

To produce flyers, brochures, posters, and even business cards without breaking the budget, you need a quality tool.

Tweak Brand offers over a million templates for these marketing materials and helps you access and edit them to suit whatever it is you need.

Create, design and edit marketing materials to your perfect color palette, font, typography, and imagery. If you need images and copywriting – don’t worry. Each Tweak Brand template contains pre-written copy and premium images that can be changed for your own.

Visit our homepage to sign up for a free demo and find out more about how Tweak Brand can help to save your franchise money on both printing and procurement costs.

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