Great Franchise Opportunities for 2018

Best Available Franchise Opportunities for Advertising for 2018

Franchises often having marketing and advertising systems in place that are strong and tried and tested. Franchisors understand that for a business to thrive and succeed, marketing is essential.

For franchisors, a well-designed advertising system needs to be flawless and sometimes, the right franchise opportunities and technology needs to be put in place for this to happen.

When it comes to marketing for franchises it is important to remember the product or services you are marketing, your target audience, your price and how much resources you intend to invest in marketing. Each of these factors may impact the marketing technique which you need to explore and how successful your marketing campaign might be.

That’s why we’ve together a list of some of the best franchise opportunities for franchises to implement in 2018, when it comes to revolutionizing their marketing department.

Tips for Franchise Marketing Opportunities

Invest in Online

It’s no secret that online marketing is the most effect is fast becoming the most effective for almost every business type. The more time we spend on our phones, the more we will find that the number of advertisements we see are cropping up on a consistent basis!

For franchises, it’s important to harness this kind of online traffic with a unique brand integrity. Invest in programs that allow you to marketing online and share to your social media accounts easily and without disrupting workflow.

Tweak has a solution with over a million templates, if you wish to create high-quality marketing materials that maintain your brand integrity, across each of your franchise locations. Tweak Brand works from any web browser and can populate any information into your templates, instantly, with a single SKU code.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has numerous benefits that we need not repeat here – we’ve all seen their success. However, the likelihood is that we’ve also all seen emails in our own inboxes that irritate and annoy us. It can be tricky to find the right balance of information giving (and never pushing) for email marketing, but the results are worth it.

If your brand does not already have steps in place for a quality email marketing program, you can consider growing your marketing list by creating gated content on your website, that requires an email address to be entered. Gated content simply means having content that cannot be accessed freely.

Having an ‘opt-in’ option on your website where your customers are signing up for more quality information, through a newsletter or an eBook. Train your staff on how best to handle the email marketing program and the returns will give you some profitable leads.

Community Work

Depending on your franchise location, there may be a great opportunity for some community outreach work. For example, if your franchise was to join forces with a local non-profit then you are both giving back to the community but also creating a genuinely positive reputation.

Work as a team and advertise the benefits of the non-profit for an increased local engaged in your business. This is a great method of getting the word out there about your business, without shoving it in people’s faces.


There is no negative to using your products and services wisely. Who’s the say that these have to be sold separately? Depending on the time of year, you can use cross-promotions to your advantage.

For example, if it is Valentine’s Day, why not have vouchers available for certain types of chocolate or flowers? Or if a book by a popular author comes out, why not offer discounts on different types of merchandise?

It makes perfect sense and your marketing takes care of itself!

We hope these tips helped you. For more information on franchise marketing, check out our blog and visit our homepage to sign up for a free trial of Tweak Brand.

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